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A Little About Me (If you can be bothered to read)

I'm an Asian girl studying Graphics Design. However, my personal preference/like lies on Scriptwriting, or in this case, Story Writing(I guess). I'm still schooling yes, in some University. I've been crazy for Sesshoumaru since he first came out around year 2000. It's the kind of crazy that borders obsession. I swear I was comparing guys and found them lacking because of Sesshoumaru.

That aside, recently I finally discovered the second guy that caught my obsessive, undivided attention. Itachi. Yes, the hot smexy character from Naruto. Personally, I think he's the protagonist of Naruto. After all, every event happened because of him, literally or figuratively. It's such a shame that my obsession only started after Sasuke killed him. -sighs-

Any other characters? Hmm... No I don't think so. I'm pretty neutral about most Anime characters, and judged them. I don't hate any characters in particular. Say... Sasuke has brother complex (I mean, even after all his brother did, he followed whatever Itachi told him to do, if that's not bro-com I have no idea what is). Kagome is too nice to be alive. Naruto(char) is too sad. Inuyasha is idiotic. Sango is beautiful but somehow I can't bring myself to make her a main character, it just doesn't seem to fit, she is too limited.

Azure Blue Rose

Yes, yes... I know. I have several chapters done before I went "poof". I have no idea nor plans about continuing it despite having all of it planned out. I sincerely apologize but perhaps I will finish it when my interest kicks in again.

No offense to those who really like this fic, but when I read it again... It's so... childish. It may be because of the writing style/ language (It is something I wrote when I was barely 14). However, that only means I need to improve on my thinking and planning ne? If I decided to continue this fic, I believe I will write it better.

you screamed in fear
and ran and hid
i shot the target nice and clear
let the blood flow while you cried
you were covered in blood
a massacre around you
fell with a thud
looked around for who rescued you
no one alive
no one good
who could it be
you feel misused
leave me lonely
scared and sad
you screamed to the night
as if someone would come into your sight
caught your eye
you turned and stared
a blue rose spared
clean and beautiful
you thank the rose
cause you know you should
picked up the rose
held it to your chest
who it belonged to
no one knows

- By Mickiy http://www.fanfiction.net/u/975628/

Jiang Nan

Extremely soon. Please bear with me for a bit.

The Price For Reality (Current Work)

Ah ah... and here enter my current interest. A Naruto/Inuyasha Xover with hints/reference from xxxHolic. You don't know how many sleepless nights I had just because I couldn't get the idea out of the web I called my brain. Reading xxxHolic and Naruto has changed my views on a lot of stuff. I started thinking (OMG) about... well... let's not go there.

Anyways, I'm going to work on this one. I am not sure if my writings or plotting has improved or not over the past years. I sure hope so, as writing/planning this fiction is like weaving a huge huge web.

Chapter 1: Song of Parting

It is the start of the fiction, yes. The beginning.

It was extremely difficult to write something from Itachi's point of view. As we all know, he's not exactly the social happy-go-lucky type. It was quite hard to express what he would be thinking at each stage. I am not sure if I had done a good job characterization-wise, but I sure hope so.

As for Kagome, you may think that she is out of character(OOC), but I believe there's something more to Kagome than the usual "stubborn, pure-hearted and overly kind" girl that many portray her to be.

Feel free to discuss/comment about the chapter here.

Kagome Miko207 : "But if that was the price what was the wish is what i wish to know!"

Answer : Itachi was "saved" by Kagome when he supposedly "died" from the fight with Sasuke. I apologize if the message was not clear.

kakashixangela : "hey this story is somewhat like xholic with kagome as yuko and itachi as watanuki!! :) is the pairing ita/kag?"

Answer: No, I'm afraid this story will not be like Yuuko and Watanuki. There will be something deeper. Yes I am using xxxHolic as reference for certain parts that will cause developments and changes between Kagome and Itachi, but other than that I'll have to say it's quite different from xxxHolic. Yes it is Ita/Kag. However this story will not go "I love u, I love u too" NO. -shudders-

Lovelywitch : "Wow? Where is Yuko?"

Answer: I am only using xxxHolic as reference due to its intriguing way of thought and how relevant it actually is. There will not be any Yuuko, Watanuki or Mokona in this fiction.

Kira Rose : "You have an absolutely beautiful style of writing. I didn't spot any errors spelling or grammatically wise."

Answer : Thank you very much. I would love it if you will continue reading and help me with my possible future mistakes.

Kage Hasu : "i'm so confused right now it isn't even funny...WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE?!"

Answer: If you would, please specify what you are confused about...

Chapter 2 : Akatsuki No Kuruma

Fine. I admit! I'd had this chapter up since I don't know when (this chapter was done when chapter 1 was posted). I had told myself : Update Weekly. But... I can't resist. I swear the chapter was nudging me and whispering "Update me... Update me now..." -sulks-

Anyways about the chapter. Can't say I didn't try... It is so hard to express Itachi's feeling... REALLY! -cries- The chapter sounds so hollow and blank. I don't quite like it. Hopefully, I still got my point through.

Akatsuki No Kuruma by Fiction Junction featuring YUUKA

An extremely deep song, it took me hours trying to decipher its meaning. I am not sure if I had done a good job about it but I sure hope so. You can find the lyrics and link to the song from

Location of the shop

Yes I searched and cracked my brain for the perfect location. Please refer to the Naruto Map

The Shop is located at the intersection between Ame(Rain), River and Fire Country. The 1 point between the 3 places. The market is at Border Town, which, if I'm not mistaken (PLEASE TELL ME IM NOT), is near to where Itachi battled Sasuke for the final time.

One final note. I will update the chapter on a weekly basis. I'll probably have it done a day or two before, so I'll post these kind of uhh.. summaries on this profile. I suppose you can treat this as a little preview of the chapter.

Tenshi Mioko : "it's very original, even if the references could cause copyright infringement issues..." "I'm not sure how to phrase it, cliche perhaps?"

Answer: Hence the disclaimer. I do not profit/make any money from this. Yes, I understand perfectly what you mean. I personally find it cliche too. However I need this and the one from previous chapter to develop the story the way I want it to. Hmm.. Not sure if this is considered spoilers but there won't be anymore of the xxxHolic random wish selling chapters. I only need those two. Thank you very much for pointing it out, I appreciate it. -hi 5-

TheIYobsessed : "Couldn't you just use strictly english?" "I didn't even know WHY she was giggling."

Answer: -squeals- -heart thumping- -blush- Ok. Now that I'm done with my reaction -cough-. Sorry, it must seem weird but somehow criticisms motivate me A LOT. -feeling really great now-

Anyways, Strictly English. Yes, I understand what you mean as some people might not understand the Japanese. However, what was mostly in my mind when I write was the feel of the story. Putting Japanese words to me gives the story a Japanese-like/Asian-like feeling. To me, the "feel" of the whole story is much more important than the plot or the characters. And, even if readers do know that they're supposed to speak Japanese, the image will not come to them. Simple words like "Ohayou Gozaimasu" from Kagome creates the image of her as she said the words, like in the anime (Jap dubbed of course). Although I may have used certain words excessively like "Neko", there are certain words that cannot be changed such as: "Hitsuzen" (there's no english meaning to this, the closest is 'the inevitable') "Sharingan" "Mangekyou". I will take your comment to heart that words like "Neko" are used too much that it's annoying. However other than that, I think the use of other Japanese words are quite reasonable. -bows-

As for the giggling part. I'm trying my best to create a "Sage-like" yet still a Kagome character. Living her life that way for I-don't-wanna-tell-you-how-long-but-it's-really-long, I will think that there're too few things that she can laugh(or in this case) giggles about. Maybe I've overdone it there with the giggling as different people have different perspective to what "giggling" sounds like. To me "giggling" is "hehe", but yes thank you for pointing it out to me, I'll start using different words/actions to express her amusement.

I LOVE U TheIYobsessed!! Please continue reading!! -glomps- -whispertoselfi'msuchamasochistkukukuku-

Kira Rose : "I'm curious as to Kagome's past. How did she gain this ability? Was she born with it? What about the Shikon No Tama and the rest of the Inutachi? Are any of them going to make an appearance?"

Answer: I was thinking to make a One Shot prequel about how Kagome become like that, but not yet, perhaps in a few more chapters. Hmm.. I'll just give you a little clue. TPFR is not an AU/SemiAU fanfiction, the Shikon No Tama and a little twist on the ending of Inuyasha manga -winks-. No, no other Inutachi will appear. There'll be too many people and too hard to give them a role.

XxCrescentMoonxX : "Same chapter?"

Answer: OH. MY. GOD! It was fine a few days back O.O

Chapter 3 : Hope

And here I thought writing from Itachi's POV is troublesome. Writing from Sasuke's perspective is so much worst. -blah- Maybe it's because of the sudden scene change? Hmmm, I was trying to write the chapter with a less serious/deep feel. Since there's no Kagome in this chapter, there's not much of those deep deep confusing words. Maybe it's because I don't quite like Sasuke... Hmm possible. Perhaps I should have written from Neji's or Naruto's point of view, but that will take the feeling away... After all, this chapter focuses on Sasuke. -pshh Mr I'm So Uchiha Hear me Rawr-

I'm kind of unsatisfied with the lack of actions too... But this chapter IS an introduction to "the other party" so to speak. Ahh.. I can't wait to write the next chapter, it will be so much more fun.

I'm also quite disappointed with the lack of reviews, only 17 reviews for the previous chapter and 28 for the first... -wonders if my writing is getting bad- -cries-

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