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Author has written 5 stories for Prince of Tennis.

I love to read so I'm here to read. Too bad I was not blessed with the capability to write and I'm not good at writing so I often watch in awe at so many fabulous stories down here.

Fav anime/manga: Deathnote, Hikaru no Go, Tennis no Oujisama, Bleach, Slam Dunk, Peace Maker Kurogane, Blood, D.Gray-Man, Rurouni Kenshin, Darker than Black, Mirage of Blaze, Monster.

Any anime I've ever watched(unless the anime sucked big time), there's bound to be at least one favourite character!
Fav characters:
Yagami Raito (Deathnote), Ogata Seiji and Touya Kouyo (Hikaru no Go), Ichimaru Gin (Bleach), Tezuka Kunimitsu and Atobe Keigo (Tennis no Oujisama), Hisashi Mitsui (Slam Dunk), Okita Soujiro and Hijikata Toshizo (Peace Maker Kurogane), En-ou and Rakushun (Twelve Kingdoms), Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne (Gundam Seed series), Aion (Chrno Crusade), Hiko Seijuro and Shishio Makoto (Rurouni Kenshin), Maes Hughes and Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist), Souma Kyo and Souma Momiji (Fruits Basket), Haji and Solomon (Blood+), Arucard (Hellsing), Makabe Kazuki and Minashiro Soushi (Soukyuu no Fafner), Cho Hakkai (Sayuki), Watanuki Kimihiro, Ichihara Yuuko and Mokona Modoki (XXXholic), Syaoran and Fay (Tsubasa), Mononoke and Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha), Kohaku (Spirited Away), Howl (Howl's Moving Castle), Kyuuzou (Samurai 7), Sephiroth and Kadaj (Last Order/Advent Children), Niwa Daisuke (DNAngel), Michael Lee (Witch Hunter Robin), Tsume and Darcia (Wolf's Rain), Morita Shinobu and Mayama Takumi (Honey and Clover), Suou Tamaki (Ouran High School Club), Shinomiya Koji (Gakuen Heaven), Midou Ban, Kakei Juubei and Fuchouin Katsuki (GetBackers), Fuse Ayumu (Dear Boys), Noa, Amil Gaoul (KIBA), Crusnik (01)--Cain (Trinity Blood), Vicious, Ed and Ein (Cowboy Bebop), Oni me no Kyo and Hotaru (Samurai Deeper Kyo), Tatsumi Seiichiro and Tsuzuki Asato (Yami no Matsuei), Eve and Charden Flamberg (Black Cat), Kirihara Naoto and Kirihara Naoya (Night Head Genesis), Hei (Darker than Black), Agatsuma Soubi (Loveless), Uesugi Kagetora aka Ougi Takaya (Mirage of Blaze), Dieter (Monster).

Fav pair: RaitoxL(non-yaoi), AkiraXHikaru(non-yaoi), HikaruXAkari, RyomaXSakuno, TezukaXAtobe(non-yaoi), RukawaXSakuragi(non-yaoi), KiraXLacus, SoujiXHijikata(yaoi?), KazukiXKeita(yaoi), KatsukiXJuubei(yaoi).

Started writing in Feb 2006, stopped for 6 months when A Series of Events wrapped up in July 2006. A Series of Events is dedicated to all imaginative fans of Tennis no Oujisama!

After lying domant for 6 months, finally came back with my next fic Tenipuri Radio Show. This fic was inspired by Rajipuri and Rikkai Dai fanmail. Some truth were in it, others were just made up by me. Tenipuri Radio Show was a success, lots of response and Speadee made it a point to drop detailed and constructive reviews for every chapter, I was so touched! This story was wrapped up in December 2007 but reviews are still welcome. Oh and PLEASE flame me if you don't like my story. That'll add to the number of reviews too and give me more ideas at the same time. Tenipuri Radio Show is dedicated to all hard core solid fans of Tennis no Oujisama!

Oh, and A Series of Events II is up. I hope to maintain one review for each chapter. Cross fingers, I'm so afraid that there'll be none one day.

Suddenly started with Eiji's part time job. Something which I thought of on the train, seeing a kind soul helping others and suddenly seeing Eiji in her. Anyway, response isn't too good too so I ended it fast. Eiji's Part Time Job ended in September 2007. Eiji's Part Time Job is dedicated to all Kikumaru Eiji's fans out there!

Had a crazy thought when I saw a photo of Fuji Shuusuke with glasses and another story on a girl stealing her brother's spectacles, I decided to write a dumb story on the cross of these 2 stories. Learning Strategies, a one month only project which started in December 2007 and ended on the same month. Learning Strategies is dedicated to all Kikumaru Eiji's fans out there!

Latest News!!!

1. A Series of Events II will be ending anytime.

2. YukimuraAme will officially stop writing from now on, unless sudden inspiration for one-shots.

Sincerely thanking all who's/who'd reading/read my fics!

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