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DISCLAIMER: Everything in my stories belong to Ms. JK Rowling. Only the plot is mine.

I'm a crazy 17 year old girl that lives in beautiful Toronto, Canada.

I know I haven't updated for nearly a year. Again. Sorry, I'm a procrastinator. I guess I'm not super dedicated.

I simply adore Harry Potter. I'm a Granger and Malfoy shipper. Woo. So if you know any good DMHG stories, let me know, thanks!

I know, I'm very strange. I'm also a procrastinator. I'm sorry. (You see, I need to keep emphasizing that to make a point.)

I like Ninja Turtles. They're awesome, hence the little icon to your left. :D

R&R! And enjoy!


1. First story, "In Love with Who?", Harry Potter, Romance/Humor, HGDM - HPGW, Chapter 7 up! (Chapter 8 is due after Regents!)

Full summary: Dumbledore is dead and Hermione must persuade Harry to come back to school before he gets himself killed. Draco is alone in this cold dark world, and finds someone that he can never claim. The Golden Trio plus Ginny learns how to love and during this deadly war, Hermione falls for someone whom she may never have. (Romance story, but it gets dark.) R&R and enjoy!

2. Second Story, "Why Masquerade Balls Are Bad For You", Harry Potter, Romance/Humor, HGDM - BZGW, Chapter 7 up! ha. i love writing again.

Full Summary: One Masquerade Ball. Two mysterious strangers. Granger vs. Malfoy. Wild parties, sex scandals and falling in love certainly was not what Hermione Granger was planning. Who was that stranger at the Ball? Why has Ginny become overly excited? Where's the Golden Trio? Read inside to find out! (Romance with lots of humor.) R&R and Happy Reading!


- As of 10/01/09 16:43:39EST: Chapter 7 is up.

Character Pictures?

So obviously, the characters are already created and acted out. I just wanted to point out a few.

Draco Malfoy: Who else, other than Tom Felton? (

Hermione Granger: Emma Watson. ( And I think that dress will be perfect. :D

Ginny Weasley: Bonnie Wright .. looks SO gorgeous in this picture .. (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3578/3484351393_ace1ac8f30_o.jpg)

Blaise Zabini: My idea of Blaise? Shane West. Drool. (

(So I googled up 'Blaise Zabini' and his picture popped up. And I thought .. "YES!")

Lavender Brown: Again, another American actress. Taylor Momsen. Actually, i just liked this picture: ( :)

Ronnikins Weasely: Rupert Grint. I liked his shirt, so I chose this picture. (

Harry Potter: Classic Dan Radcliffe/Harry pic. (

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