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Well, welcome to my page of procrastination.

I'm generally fine with reading anything, as long as it's not overly stupid and the characters aren't to OOC.If you want me to read anything of yours I'd be happy to give you a review. And hey, if you just want to chat or vent, I'll be happy to listen and give the best advice I can.

Sorry to say, but I'm "retired" from writing fanfiction at the moment. It's not from lack of enthusiasm or interest, but rather due to lack of time. Growing up is never fun. College and work tend to make life a constant gerbil wheel, and thus my sanity is rather limited right now. But I'm happy to read other people's (YOUR) works and review them if you want

For the record, My Chemical Romance is the best band in the universe. Point Blank.



The Wyvern Spector from Saint Seiya. Ever since I saw the Hades Chapter I can't really get him out of my head so he stays and bugs me. He mostly helps me out with European History, writing angst fics, and thinking through some personal stuff clearly. I don't really know why I love him so much...I just do...might be the freaky unibrow. I'll never know.


Leon is somewhat of a mix between someone else and Squall/Leon from FFVIII and Kingdom Hearts. He's about 6'1'', brown hair with a silverish tint to it, and lean. He loves ska, punk rock, and playing video games. He mostly helps me out with the romance, fluff, and heartbreak parts of my stories.

Notes on Flames:

If you wish to leave me constructive criticism be my guest! Flames are only designed to make everyone hurt and angry. Personally, when I don't like a story I just exit out of it and find a new one. If you don't like the story why keep reading and waste your time writing a flame? Also...people who do not put their name/email or anything or sign it as "Like you should know!" or something else like that are only cowards who will not take responsibilty for what they say. I will not tolerate flames, but I will not delete them either so everyone can see what an idiot the flamer is. If you leave constructive criticism like "I think so and so might be a little OOC" or "There are some grammical errors, you should look it over" is perfectly fine!

Things like "Are you stupid or something?Everyone in this story is out of character? Izzy would never do something like that, Daisuke would never ignore Ken unless Ken told him to and Ken would never kill himself, that's just falling into the same, unoriginal typecast that most authors use.Also, you can't remove half a lung! What the hell were you thinking? Research anatomy or surgery or accidents or lung problems to give your story plausibility. And if you don't know what that word means, go look it up." or "Ok, at first I liked this fic, but now I can't stand it. Koushiro would NEVER do something like that, Ken isn't that weak, Daisuke would NEVER do all that crap to Ken, and who the hell would forgive somewho who murdered their parents for their own selfish needs! and again, Koushiro would NEVER do that! Everyone is completely out of character in this fic" is a bunch of cobbswallop.

Thus, flames will be ignored by me with a "Have a nice day" or something along those lines.


"Vivre la Colorado! Bang! Bang!" -The nice man who sold us Crepes at the base of the Eiffle Tower

"You know what Tennessee, when you go back home people are going to say, 'Oh I just love Tennessee!' and you'll say, 'Why thank you! I didn't know you cared about me that much!' and then they'll say, 'I wasn't talking about you loser!'" -Me talking to my new friend Byrce from Tennesee. On the France trip he was the only kid from that state so we ended up calling him Tennessee so much that it was the only name he responded to!

"Don't worry! I have Matthew Radar!" - Me on the France trip, Matthew was our Scottish Tour Guide and a really good friend of mine.

"It's a fine day here in Gothem City!" -Matthew

"Wait...when you say walk, is it a 'Matthew' walk or an American walk?" "It's only going to be half an hour!" "Then it is a Matthew walk!" -Everyone's conversation to Matthew before every walk we took after he dragged us walking around Paris for two hours and forty-five minutes. My and my "T.K." didn't mind it but everyone else did.

"I'm your non-angel of music" Dave

"A Friend is someone who knows the song in your heart...and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words." A magnet Kelsey Tohru gave me!

"I will have these...french fries." Camael, from The Fallen

"Jacob, I think you're off by a power of ten." Jeff

"No I'm not! Wait...Ms. Pepperzak!" Jacob in response to the quote above.

"Hey Patricia, nice scarf! long pause're not wearing glasses anymore..." My friend Jason the day I got my contacts.

"In Germany, they first came for the communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Catholic. Then they came for me – and by that time there was nobody left to speak up."-Martin Niemöler

"I will never be a memory."- Sephiroth, Advent Children

"would you like to make photo with me?" Random lady in Paris

"Do it Mark...she wants to make photo with you!" In response to the above quote.

See You Space Cowboy

Shura Pendragon


Walking in the Dark- Wow, it's done! Daiken, angst

CurrantlyWorking On:

Something I Always Knew

7/20/07: Whatever I had...I lost it, it's not coming back, this story is probably dead...I'm really sorry you guys. I might try to pick it back up later.

STAY AWAKE Original story. But I'm not giving away anything.

Thinking Of:

Sail Me Away- Shura's last thoughts during the Hades Chapter.

Rose Thorns- One Shot fic between Aphrodite and DeathMask from Saint Seiya.

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