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My Reasons:

Date I wrote this: 8/14/07

Main reason for me on actually coming on this site... Well It's pretty obvious, I'm bored at home, and I got nothing better to do... Well that's half the reason. See I love escaping from reality. I'm not trying to say my life is horrible or anything... It's just... Okay, let me put it like this. Have you ever felt like you wanted to just leave where you are and go somewhere where no one can find you?

Well that's how I feel when I read these fanfics. I might not be far away physically, (Shit, I'm only in my living room or in my room.) but mentally I'm in the story. ( Yeah I know, sounds corny.) I just like to be somewhere, in which I have nothing to really worry about.

So reading these stories is my little escape from everything. It's like my fuckin' therapy or something. But mind you, I'm not crazy I just want to relax. Not to worry about college, not to worry about my future, or just not worry about anything troubling in my personal life. Seriously though, these fanfics that you people put all your time and effort in, I really admire that. If any one puts their time on anything, then thats something to be proud of, and that made me think.

"If they can do it, why not me?" So I've tried writing some stories. And well... their not all that great. ( In my opinion that is.) To this day, I still haven't finished either of my stories. See I'm what they call a... Procrastinator. I'm always leaving things, then when a month or two go by, I start up on the story again, or worst I think of writing something else. So if I was to put one of my stories on this site, lets just say if people did like my writing, that I would lose readers quickly.

Sigh It's a curse. Anyways, besides all that, I love to read these fanfics, they inspire me to try... Maybe one day I'll put one of my chapters up so people can tell me what they think... Hmmm... Maybe one day...

Gettin' a Little Personal Here:

Name: Maximo a.k.a Max ( Either which is fine with me.) Yeah, I know what your thinking. "Thats a real weird name." But everyone saids it suits me... It was my uncle's name...

Age: 19

D.O.B: September 27, 1988

Born: Manhattan. NY

Height: 6'3

Nationality: Dominican ( I know a lot of people don't actually put this or they just don't care, but I guess it's just my HISPANIC PRIDE!)

Currently Living: Starts with a V ends with an A. Also the wackest place to ever live. But I figure if you've stayed in one area far too long you would say it sucked ass too.

Hobbies: I love playing baseball and basketball, it's in my blood. Reading, playing video games, and I'm starting to try and write some Teen Titan stories... but I don't think it's all that good.

Music: Hip hop, (I can't stand the dance type music, you know the snap your fingers bullshit. I hate that shit, I like my music to talk about life, or troubles someone has.) R&B (The old stuff, you know back in the 90's. The new stuff isn't all that great, it's seems like their all talking about the same thing.)

Likes: People who I can get along with, ( Basically anyone. I can be pretty friendly.) Rainy days, ( Very peaceful moments... sigh.) PIZZA, Watching t.v, Music, and well Thinking. I tend to daydream a lot. Guess you can say I'm a philosopher... If thats what you want to call it.

Dislikes: People who think their always right, (Even when you've proven them wrong. FUCK, I HATE THAT!) Conceded people, Gangs, ( Like Bloods and Crips. I'm surrounded by that stupidness around here.) People that get picked on because of their weight, ( I used to get made fun of all the time cause of my weight back in the elementary. But now I'm in perfect fit.) and I don't like to argue. ( The only time you see me in a heated argument, is when I'm giving my opinion on something, and that person can't take it, or when I'm being accused of something I didn't do. I almost get into plenty of physical fights because of that.)

Favorite Couples & Fanfics that I've read (I'm sorry, I just got to put my opinion down.) :

Teen Titans: BB X Rae ( I don't care what anyone saids... This is the best coupling of any fics I've read. They click, the whole opposite attraction thing is their, and it just works for them. Raven is the brooding character that wants to be left alone, and no one understands her. But secretly she wants that someone that can give her what she needs. I only see Beast Boy doing that. He's the annoying, but caring jokester she needs.)

Dragon Ball Z: Gohan X Videl ( It's pretty obvious with these two characters. The moment Gohan stepped into Orange Star High, and meet Videl, everyone that watched this show knew that their was something going on between them. I just like how they play out. Videl is this hard ass tom-boy that can scare a man senseless. But around Gohan she melts to puddy, and it's vice versa for Gohan. They both just can't deny how they feel.)

Bleach: Ichigo X Rukia - Ichigo X Orihime ( This ones a confusing one. I like the whole love hate relationship that Ichigo and Rukia go through. You can put them in almost any situation, from hating each other the moment they meet, to when their making love in the ending. It's really unpredictable with them. Now for Ichigo and Orihime I like to, cause Orihime tries so desperately to get Ichigo's attention, but it just doesn't happen. She's like the under dog. Theirs a slim chance she could get em', but theirs people still cheering for her.)

The Only Couple That I DISLIKE With A PASSION: Robin and Raven- That seriously brings chills down my spine. On some very real shit, this couple is really uncomfortable. I mean Robin's like Raven's father figure to me. I mean he's seen as the authority, the leader in the whole Teen Titans. ( Like a Dad.)

Yeah your probably saying "But what about Starfire, wouldn't that mean she loves her dad?" I say No, because I see Starfire as the mother. She reminds me as one of those mom's that try to always bring peace in the house whenever a fight breaks out. And whenever I see Star and Robin together, it's just their, you know besides the fact that their obviously meet to be. ( You know with the creators making it that way.) But back to my rant.

I just hate it when I see a Robin and Raven fanfic, I feel all disturbed inside. Okay, ya'll probably saying now, "Wow, he's taking this pretty serious. I mean, It's JUST a story" I agree with you, I shouldn't get all worked up about a couple that feels like the worst kind of incest. But I'm the type of person that can sometimes over analyze things, and this is one of those things.

I mean, this couple does not click to me. And now your probably saying "Have you even tried to see how this couple interacts. You might like it." Oh, but I have tried, I've tried twice already, and I couldn't get interested in it. It was no good, I couldn't find any spark between them. In my opinion, if Raven and Robin did go out, (And I do emphasis the DID) they would both realize their mistake and quickly brake up, and pretend the whole thing never happened.

Then soon, Robin would quickly go to Star, and they can be happy ever after and all that bullshit. Then Raven would see Beast Boy in a certain light, and they would both try and work with a weird kind of relationship. Then everyone would be happy... Well except Cyborg, cause he can't just stick to one girl. But hey, that's my boy. If he wants to be a playa, then all the power to him. I can understand a guy that wants to find some jump off's. ( If you don't know what that means, just think hard on it.) Yes, their are other couples that I don't like, but this couple I just really felt like I needed to write about- Wait no, I had to rant about this.

My Future Plans: BE THE BEST DETECTIVE IN THE WORLD!!!! Just a little dream I have, nothing to big.

Well that's about all I really have to say about my self.

For the people that actually took the time to read this, I really appreciate it.

So now let me leave you guys with something.

That's Life

Your actions describe the person you are.

Your personality is what people describe you as.

People treat you by the way your seen.

So it surprises everyone when you act differently.

That's where the problem begins.

Since you changed your whole out look,

some people are confused,

maybe even others feel threaten.

After a couple of months your soon to be a outcast,

just cause you felt a change was in order.

Don't even ask. I have no idea where that came from... But I like it. This type of thing always happens to someone. Especially when you first go into high school. I knew a couple of people that have gone through this, and just cause they wanted to change something about themselves things dramatically change. I guess people just don't like change... That's Life.

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