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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter, and Sailor Moon.

IMPORTANT UPDATE SECTION: October 1 or 2nd (don't know which): CHAPTER 18 is finally posted.

NOTICE: Dear artistic fans/readers of The Apple of My Eye:

I have a request for you all. I am looking for someone who would be interesting in illustrating some scenes from the story for me. Heck, I don't even care if you've read the story or not. You could just be a bored person who's bursting at the seams to express yourself!. It makes no difference to me! Though I have no means of actual payment other than my severe gratitude, I would be more than willing to write a request piece of some kind for anyone who is interested. Please email me at the below address or send me a PM if you're interested!

Fandoms: Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, and perhaps at some future point, Twilight. I have just recently begun reading fanfiction in relation to the book, and it's fairly interesting.

Ships: Primarily Draco and Ginny. Harry and Ginny (in small doses...). Serena (Usagi) and Darien (Mamoru).

I also had better warn you. I don't stick to one genre of story (that would make for a rather boring and predictable author, no?), but a good deal of my writings contain some explicit sexual content, and I can pretty much promise that all of them will contain swearing...etc. If that offends you, don't say I didn't warn you. I apologize, and kindly point out to you that the back button on your browser is there for a reason.

Of course, I put forth this ULTIMATE DISCLAIMER...I own nothing, unless otherwise noted in my stories.

Contact information: If you would like to contact me, I would absolutely love it. Flames...hhmm...flames...I just don't think they are necessary. If you really think a story that I wrote is horrible enough to recieve a bashing like that, fine. I have one condition : lay it out in a way that would benefit my writing. Do not send me emails saying "I would have made this happen in your story!" or "This story just sucked in general!". I will not tolerate this, and besides...why would you want to do that? SUGGESTIONS, COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, REQUESTS, and IDEAS FOR NEW STORIES can be sent to the below email addresses. JUST SO YOU KNOW...I personally send a Thank-You message to every single person who reviews my stories. I think it's just the right thing to do = ) I do not hold people who don't review stories highly. I review every story I read, and I expect you to do the same! I especially hate when people add a story to their favorites OR alerts, and do not leave a review comment for the author. There is no excuse for not leaving a review.

Me: Anyway. Like I put all this stuff in here, and I don't tell you a thing about me! I'm a Harry Potter Freak, I love music (I play the clarinet), I write a bit of my own lyrics and am learning how to compose too! I love BATMAN, because he's incredible like that. I guess I've been writing for 4 years now, but haven't really posted until this past summer, due to "technical difficulties". I guess I really started writing just to get away from things. Writing frees my mind, and I hope reading my stories does the same for you! I'm an easy goin' person. I love being with people I care about . I am easy to talk to, and I like making new friends, so hit me up!

Basics: My name is Em. I'm a college student, currently studying psychology with a pre-med concentration. You see, I have this crazy dream of becoming a psychiatrist even though it'll cost a bundle of money and eat up 12 years of my life...

What I Read: I really don't have a specific type of story that I go for. Ienjoy stories that make characters less than angelic, because after reading fluff bunnies for so long your patience starts to wear a little thin. I equally love angsty stories and feel good stories, but I'm really picky about angst. I'd have to say that the number one thing that catches my interest about a story is originality.

"When the only friend is the written don't grasp reality. You don't even feel reality. You couldn't care less about your world, for with the written word, you can create your own." - mine. Oh yes, pathetic? Probably. Desperate? Most likely.

xfearthebatx@ Remember...write away, right away (in the words of Nintendo Power...) _

Enough of my incessant babbling! Read, review, enjoy!


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The Apple of My Eye reviews
I'm going to be honest. He's good looking, alright? That thought doesn't scare me. But sharing a moment with him? Now THAT was scary...
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