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UPDATE: 5/24/06--Regarding Plagiarism...

I would really like to say thanks to all of those who have PM'd me about the posting of two of my stories, FanFic and Touched by an Angel by a person who posted them under two different names and also posted other good works by other talented Gravi authors. I don't know why the person persists in this, but the support you guys have shown me has been really great. I am very fortunate to have good friends and a caring community to help me when I need it!

Thanks again to everyone!




Hey there all, my name is Asrella and my profile is sa work in progress, so bear with it please. I know I've been absent awhile. I have been sucked into the goodness that is role playing haha...

Who Am I:

Just a chick with a thing for hot hot men and their hot hot lovers! WOOT! I also like to write fanfic when I'm not knee deep in rp goodness.

What Have You Written:

I have written three FFNet Stories:


Touched by an Angel

FFNet version of The Rose Line (lemon free)

I also have the following stories over on AFFNet:

The Bet

Hiro Breaks It Down!

The Rose Line (original version with lemons and a very interesting waltz between Eiri, Tatsuha, Hiro and Shuichi >.>)

The Rules of Engagement (AU complementary story to The Rose Line that includes sword play between Hiro and K and umm other stuff hehe...lemonade anyone?)

And one GetBackers Fic:

Just One Minute!

What Are You Working On?

Glad you asked. I AM working on a couple of things that are going a bit slowly but should be available sooner rather than later. A couple of things for FFNet including a story that centers around a rather curious bet about Suguru. Will I ever be done them? Who knows. Will I post them if I DO get them finished? If I like them well enough, yes. Why are you being vague? Cuz when I talk about writing, the stories never end up the way I say they will. Once I start writing, they kinda take on a life of their own and end up being what they are, so I can't really predict much or say much other than what the idea started out as.

What Do You Do When You're Not Writing:

heh, sleeping--(in joke) and watching anime. I recently purchased the Suzaku and Seiryu box of Fushigi Yugi (damn thing is like a Bishounen soap opera. I haven't finished watching it, but I LOVE it.) I also recently got Serial Experiments Lain (haven't finished watching it, but it's damn good so far. Very existential and slow paced, but gripping). I've also watched the first volume of Black Heaven--very good. Very different. I especially like that the hero isn't some angsting pretty boy with wings and a kung fu grip for a change. This guy is a middle aged office drone who used to be a rock star for a very brief minute, and has now found himself shackled to a bossy wife, an estranged kid and a anonymous life that's going nowhere fast. Enter a galactic war and a superweapon that is powered by his guitar playing and you suddenly have a very interesting, very funny and at times, a very touching situation.

Well. that's it for now. I enjoyed all the reviews people were kind enough to leave. Thanks so much for your support!



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