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Yes I know I left! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!

With all BS aside, I am resubmitting ONE of my stories! I had too much going on!

So I shall keep this one going until its finished! Don't like? THEN DONT LOOK!

...Okay I need to delete Lusting over Fire! It needs to be revised and rewritten!

So while Edana's story is being fixed, please enjoy Imprisoned Waters! Ik ppl...DONT JUDGE ME!


I have gone through 10 stories...I will FINALLY write one at a time! The new one is The Claiming of Eden. It WILL NOT be ur average

thank you for bearing with me while I try to deal with life...but the story will be good!

Ok I deleted yet again...that makes eleven...>

I WILL write a lengthy story I promise!!!

>.> I'm alive, and you must be thrilled about it! I am putting my stories in a hiatus. I will not delete them; I just have a career to pursue!

WHAT!?!?!??! NO LYNCH MOB!!?!?!? WHOOPY GODDAMN! I MUST be okay with you guys now!