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Hello! This is who I am: I be KidKourage, SI Maniac extraordinaire, writer of crazy stories, artist of wacky pictures, RP-er deluxe, and all-around nutcase. Ahem. My body is currently 20 years, 9 months, and 27 days old, though my mind is alternately much older than that (when I'm behaving in a much more responsible and mature fashion than the other college kids around me), and much younger than that (when I'm daydreaming about being friends with cartoon characters and squeeking my Spooky with glee at the prospect). Whatever age I'm acting, I have long blonde hair, green eyes, cute oval glasses, a beautiful trenchcoat, and...3 split personalities, 23 headvoices, and occasionally a Dragon in my head. Fear me. Grrr.

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And, the link above for 'homepage' is my LiveJournal, which is for headvoice writings. . I love that journal most of's my writing outlet when I can't write.

I apologize for writing fanfiction only sporadically, now, but the truth is that my mind's on other things! A lot of my headvoices have evolved through RP into people very different from who they were in my SI fanfiction universe, and so much has happened that...well, I will write when I have ideas. And even if that's ages from now, or never, I'll always remember it as where I made so many friends. Peace out, my homies and shorties.

~KidK 3/24/04 12:10 PM
'Having strangers read my personal thoughts is a bit creepy. Having strangers read the personal thoughts of the other people in here...peeeeerfectly okay.'
'If you're ever in danger of cheating on your husband, clone yourself!'


My first question is, how was I supposed to know three and more years ago when I was posting on this site, that someday there would be a rule against script format? At the time, I was certainly not aiming to violate any rules, most definitely not. And I sincerely (though perhaps you out there might say arrogantly) don't believe that my little stories are exactly the kind of horror that was meant to be avoided when script form became taboo. They aren't 'chatfics,' they aren't even 'insanityfics.'

My second question is, has everyone forgotten that the format in which the works that I--and I'd say the majority of this site's members--have written fanfiction for were originally created in...was script format? Think about it. TV shows from cartoons to live-action dramas are not written in paragraphs. They are written in scripts. Scripts are not somehow 'easier to write' simply because they don't include the words 'He said' before or after every line of dialogue. What you are saying by creating a wholesale ban on script format is this: 1) The writers of fanfiction in the format of a TV episode or movie, however detailed they may be in their writing, are of a lesser caliber than someone who writes two sentence paragraphs of badly-spelled gibberish without a decent plot, simply because the latter writes in 'paragraph format,' and 2) The writers of the original works for TV and movies are of a lesser caliber than someone who writes nonsensical, barely grammatical drivel, if the latter posts his piece in 'paragraph format.' I can't agree with that. And no, I'm not whining for myself. I've put my works somewhere else, as you'll see below, so while I'm sad that I've lost the ability to come back and see all the kind words that my readers left me in reviews years ago (the fact that someone like me, who wrote in the dreaded script form--oh noez--was actually liked enough to earn as many reviews as I did might tell you something), it's nothing I can't shrug off. I only point this out because when I see that something counterproductive is being done, I like to point it out. I'm opinionated, so sue me. I'm also a lawyer-in-training, and I'd love to meet you in courtroom combat. =

My third question is, of course, who's going to the trouble of reporting me, but I think I probably know the answer to that (I assume it's the same young lady--pun intended--who used to like to copypaste my personal online journal entries into her own journals and call them her own) and in the end it doesn't matter, so let's forget that shall we? We're all friends here.

If you'd like a complete listing of my fanfiction, much of and the best of which has now been removed from this wondrous bastion of literature that prefers hastily-written bordering-on-smut 'romance' to series with an actual plot so long as the former is broken up into paragraphs instead of neat lines of dialogue, please visit . It is now a completed archive of my scribblings, with the addition of little author-note-type annotations for your snarky and self-deprecating reading pleasure. Please visit, especially if you're looking for a story here that isn't here anymore, such as "Quik-E-DOOM" or more importantly "Almighty Spring Break" or "KidK and the Zim."

Peace love and brainfreezies, children. I'd love to see you on my journal site. --KidK

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Oregon Trail by Leftomaniac reviews
THIS IS NOT MY IDEA! RizCirZamMir came up with it, I'm just copying it! Just because it's unoriginal dosen't mean it's not enjoyable:c) I actually think it turned out really funny.
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Zim gets sugar high! by Leftomaniac reviews
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What was I on when I wrote this??? Oh, well, enjoy!
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Behind the scenes of IZ (on halloween) by Kat23a reviews
This is a look behind the scenes of Invader Zim. But, some strange things are happening...could the fact that Halloween is approaching have anything to do with this? IIIIIIIIIT'S FINISHED!!!!
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Music Lessons reviews
A story about one of the best things about life on this planet, and the wonderful things that can happen when it is shared. I am speaking, of course, of music. Finale=The Year-End Concert!
Invader Zim - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 5 - Words: 31,368 - Reviews: 49 - Favs: 3 - Updated: 2/2/2003 - Published: 12/29/2002
Homecoming Dance reviews
Isn't it ironic that the last thing I wrote before returning to skool this semester was about KidK's return home after the previous skool year? Heheh...this one is just pure room-taking-apart, car-packing, Voot-flying, Doom-Song-singing fun. ^.^
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Dib manages to thwart Zim's latest plan of doom, but as a consequence soon finds himself dealing with the horror of...being sick! Watch as KidK gets all upset! Really, watch! It's cute! ^.^ Heheh...dustbuster...O.o Chapter 4 up!
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Mike Annoys the Cast reviews
Almost completely written by Mike-the-Brother one evening when we were left without parental supervision in the vicinity of several pints of ice-cream. For a summary, please see the title. This is Mike's writing debut! ^.^
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I Prefer Au Revoir reviews
I hate to say 'goodbye,' and 'adios' sounds too flip, and 'farewell,' is corny, and I can't pronounce 'aufweidersein' properly...hence the title. Read this if you love me, and I know you all do...^_^
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The most voted-for story of my promised eight is finally here! Three guesses as to what it's about. Gaaaaaze at my word count of doooooom...heh.
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ComicCon (of DOOM) reviews
Against his will, Zim is dragged along on a trip to the amazing (well, not really) PhillyCon! Mike plays tricks on KidK, Gir 'loses' all Zim's money, and 'Nny is the Con's featured artist!
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No Need For KidK! reviews
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Invader Zim - Rated: K+ - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,036 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 1 - Published: 9/21/2001