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Author has written 10 stories for Digimon, Inuyasha, X-Men: Evolution, Final Fantasy X-2, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Dragon Quest Series, and Dragon Ball Z.

Haven't updated this in 7 years. thats a long time. anyways, i'm going to be posting a new story so it only seemed right i say something new. I still love anime, top three shows at this point would be DBZ, Naruto and bleach. I plan to focus on DBZ for now though. I've spent the last year reading through every good DBZ fanfic i could find and i decided i'd give it a shot.

(old info under here)

I love anime, I use most of my time in class making up anime characters but I can't draw so I just Imagine them in my head My three favorite shows are Yuyu Hakusho, Naruto and Yugioh GX and if you want a story idea i'll give it to you with no catch. if I talk to long I begin to repeat myself and begin saying things that make absolutely no sense I might be insane and my best friend thinks he is a demon. The first anime show I ever watched was digimon(actually first was Monster Rancher when i was 2 and below)and even after all these years it's still my favorite. I live in a pretty small town. I am also obsessed over videogames and my favorite is Kingdom Hearts, saved me from suicide. And also nobody can use my characters unless I say so and you can't use their phrase or ideas either. (as I said if I talk to long I begin saying random things such as this "Bananaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa") If i'm bored I'll get even worse( in english if you think this is insane then meet the real me and you'll go insane). Okay time for info about looks and other stuff. I'll start with favorite qoutes and games. My favorite game is Kingdom Hearts I already said that didn't I?

favorite anime qoute: "But that was then and this is now" from T.K. in show digimon second season also known as Zero-2 sometimes (though now it's mistaken for the story name on this site)

second favorite anime qoute: "Don't talk it makes you sound stupid" from Yusuke in show Yuyu Hakusho

favorite Videogame qoute: "Darkness is the heart's true essence" from Ansem in game Kingdom Hearts

second favorite videogameqoute:"Got it memorized?" from Axel in game Kingdom Hearts 2

favorite song: Who i am Hates who i've been by Reliant K

second favorite song: Bleed like me by Trapt

favorite videogame theme song: Sanctuary from Kingdom Hearts 2

second favorite videogame theme song: Simple and Clean from game Kingdom Hearts

favorite qoute i made: Keep starin, i like the stupid look on your face

second favorite qoute i made: Life isn't a livin hell, even hells not this bad

Okay time for info about me, I'm 16... yeah, not much else to being sixteen. I'm in 10th grade and i'm failing because I was too busy playing videogames and karate to do my homework or study. I lived in Oakland till I was 8 then moved to a small mining town known as Sutter Creek which has begun to develop, every time I make a friend they move so currently I only have a few friends. I live for anime and videogames but my mom thinks they're pointless and my dad thinks they're only something I do to pass the time. There's a lot more to say but I don't see a reason to so I'll go on to how I look

I had black short auto perfect hair (I mean if I didn't comb it for a year it would look like i'd just combed it), then I had decently long hair that doesn't stay combed unless I comb it all day without stopping and as I got older it got a hint of red added into it somehow when someone poured tea in my hair and it somehow permanently died it (don't ask me, My lifes weird that way, for a year I had leaves literally growing out of my head, i'm not joking). anyways, i'm back to short hair, but it isn't staying combed anymore. I have brown eyes with a hint of green in them and if the light hits it looks almost identical to Inuyasha's eyes (lucky me) I'm small in everyone elses opinion and I think they're right but when I go to other places I'm usually average height so that means they're just tall.Everyone say's i'm weak and so I'm currently trying to prove them wrong by pushing my body to its limit but its hard because I have a problem of thinking i'm a failure half the time and thinking i'm all powerful the other half current work out schedule is 90 pushups, mile and a half, 130 situps, 25 pullups, and 1 minute of leg lifts with 5 pound weights on... i was serious when i said i'd get stronger. I enjoy imitating voices and for a while I had Yuseke's voice down perfectly but i can't do it anymore. I love the colors black for darkness and red for flames and blood.okay now for ideas.

I think i'm a demon because I have another side of me that goes against my every thought and feeling and when I argue with myself I actually get an answer back from someone that's nothing like me. I made up this whole other life in which me and my best friend are demons that were killed after being caught in a trap and we were reincarnated into human bodies and must live ten human lives before we can return to our real bodies and I'm currently in my second form even though my friend is on his ninth because I took over a power hungry priest and he used my powers to make himself live for an extra thousand years and also we created another idea in which two books were created that are writing down what is happening to us but whenever someone else reads my friends they go insane and the one's who read mine fall into a coma because it tries to show them two lives at once. My human side and my demon side life. (toldja i'm insane) (uses to be like that. now i realize i just hated the world, and the demon was just a way for me to keep it pent up without releasing it or completely losing control... think Shinobu Sensui)

Ok I'm gonna add this in cause my friend got angry at me and stuff for not including her (not my girlfriend) Well, she is insane in her own way, i've known her since I was 7 and she's pretty much the only really good friend I have that hasn't moved. She is athletic and can outrun almost the boys at my school, even some who are on the track team and can outplay most of the people on the boys basketball team(weird huh) she never played a single videogame until seventh grade.

since no one reads this on my stories, i'm still giving out story ideas and I would greatly enjoy someone actually using it,(I have so many ideas i don't know what to do with them)don't worry I'd read your stories to see how yours are then create one that fit's your style so you won't have to work with a completely different story style and i'd only give the intro, you could do everything else, well anyways now for what i want to do. the two things I want to do with my life are either become a writer or a video game designer, I have wanted to be a video game designer for years but I almost gave up on writing due to the fact that my handwriting sucked and I couldn't touch type, after a while I ended up in 7th grade where my teacher had this one thing about creative nonstop writing for five minutes and in that five minutes I started my first story which is currently still continuing, though the first story was taking place with the grandparents the second is with the grandchildren who get caught in an explosion of radioactive stuff which gives them super powers and some other stuff (hard to explain) well by the end of the year I'll try to download it on but first i need to get it off the computer at school, warning for all a school computer is not a good place for you to write a long story. well anyways, toldja i'm insane and I meant it. Okay i have to switch from house too house so every week or so i'll add on to my profile if i can't write my story so I guess now i'll tell about the stories i have and the ones i'm gonna write

The Darkest Digidestined: the story i'm writing now, i'll fuse it into every other story i've written so at some point in time i'll stop to write the other stories, it takes place 50 years after the final peice of digimon which is only shown in the manga and the digital world is under attack, meanwhile the human world has just gotten out of a war but some towns have been completely forgotten by all except as a hideout forgangs and that is the town the new heroes start out in.

Beginning of Destruction: this story takes place somewhere near the middle of the seriescounting that I wrote the first two chapters two years ago and it happens when something awakens a powerful evil that has hidden it's power in the jewel of four souls and must now take it back using his many warriors and the only one who stands in the way is Sho the one who defeated him before, only difference is that the enemy is now after his younger brother.

digimon stories too be written (main worlds of my Mega crossover The Darkest Digidestined)

Spirit of the Chosen: this one is a digimon frontier story in which Bokomon or whatever his name is finds some info on Lucemon and soon after finds that Lucemon was not defeated and in reality all they have done is create a new form, now Lucemon is back with a form more powerful than ever and Bokomon and Neemon must get the Legendary warriors back to their world or all existence will suffer against Lucemon Apocalypse mode.

D-Reaper digidestined: as a surprise to everyone only a few months after defeating the D-Reaper it comes back minimized and at a rookie power but still a partner to a digimon tamer and now the tamers are stuck trying to fight the human partner as the D-Reaper decides to use the human as his puppet and soon they are pulled back into the digiworld for a battle with not only the D-Reaper but Apocalypsemon and his partner and Malomyotismon and partner, they are left to fight the three most powerful known digimon around and what's worse with Calumon missing they can't Biomerge whatsoever, they'll have to beat three incredibly powerful megas with only a handful of ultimates and a single mega, Beelzemon.

Darkness in the Hearts: (ignore the crappy ending shown on show) Ken still has nearly no memories of his past time in the digital world but counting that everyone else except Kari and him have just lost all their memories when a virus hit while they were transfering to the digiworld it seems that even though he barely knows himself he'll have to get through this one without his friends and it seems he'll have to be strong when he finds out just who this virus is.

Digital Dimension Theory: (takes place before season 2) Izzy has just found what looks to be a portal stored inside his digivice and after gathering the others he tells them of his theory but before he can finish his digivice pulls them in and they find an opponent they would never have expected waiting for them.

anime stories too be written

The True Super Saiyan: (what if story) after Goku and Gohan entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to train before fighting Cell the door is destroyed and they are stuck in there, it is years before finally through pure luck Buu manages too open the portal to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber out comes Gohan a full 3 levels beyond Super Saiyan in general but it is a full ten years later and dealing with a Kid Buu that has absorbed Cell, Cooler and Frieza, Super android 17, and Omega Shenron all at the same time isn't easy when the only remaining warriors are Gohan, Goten, Future Trunks and regular Trunks when all except Gohan have barely managed to reach Super Saiyan 2 and to top it all off Broly has just come in and he is at the same level as Gohan.

Battle of the Final Mamodo: Zatch finally made it to the top but now he must fight the current mamodo king but this turns into quite a challenge when Kio gets hit in the back of the head and can't read the spells especially with their final spell appearing.

Zodiac Assasins: the spirit detectives are called together to protect two girls who are the last golden foxes but this becomes a challenge when the girls are attacked by 3 S class demons and with Kuwabara out of the group it becomes quite a challenge but not as much as the one ahead of them, one that involves a full fourteen assasins and a mysterious leader who has trained them all for years this may be a challenge even the spirit detectives can't handle.

Heart of the Cards: A new Duelist has entered a tournament after being influenced from watching Yugi himself duel but he didn't expect that this would determine the fat of the world itself

Megaman Over Ride: Lan has finally defeated all the enemies, not a single virus left in all of Cyberworld but at a cost, it seems that Megaman has fallen under the control of a dark chip when tricked into using what he thought was a Roll chip, now Lan must stop Megaman from attacking or else leave all of Cyberworld to be destroyed.

Naruto's mistake: After many battles Naruto begins to lose it, the Fox inside of him almost comes out and almost destroys Sakura and Saske who are left nearly dead when Naruto figures out what he has done and runs off only for a battle beyond anything he's ever fought when the fox breaks out of him in the form of a dark Naruto and now he must fight himself, only difference is that his key to victory just happens to be his opponent.

Wandering no more: Kenshin has finally been defeated by a masked swordsman but the surprise was that he had been in his Battosai form when it happened and after losing Kenshin awakes to find everyone except Sano and him dead, this is enough to force him to stop wandering and take revenge, Now he shall fight a being that is unbeatable but when he see's who it is he will be shocked beyond anything.

Sonic Zeroes: Sonic and his friends have been defeated but now they have no way to fight back, Dr. Eggman has stolen their powers, speed from, Sonic, Shadow, Amy, and Espion, Strength from Knuckles, Big, Omega and Vector, as well as flying from Cream, Tails, Rogue and Charmy, it looks like this new enemy shall be nearly unbeatable, their only chance now is to outsmart Eggman, only problem there is that Eggman isn't calling the shots,his newest creation is and it has all the powers and more.

Slades Awakening: Slade has just taken things up a notch, after seeing what Raven can do at full power he thinks of what the others can do, he begins to send in his most powerful soldiers to force the titans to their limit and when they get to that level the real surprise will come

side stories (not sure about names)

Zodiac Assasin, Training the Greats: (starts with training of the group and development of skills) just the Zodiac Assasins before they became the Zodiac Assasins and while they were still children.

The True Super Saiyan, battle outside: story of the battle outside the hyperbolic time chamber

D-reaper Digidestined, Dark beginning: story of how the dark digimon became digidestined digimon

The Darkest Digidestined, Digital War: the war that happened while the digidestined were gone and the story of how the new order was formed

End of the Heart: the side story to my Mega crossover, this tells of what happened to their friends and just how this managed to effect them

cartoon stories to be written

American dragon vs Time: Jake had thought he had won but in reality he could never win, not without defeating time itself and that's what he plans to do.

The Phantom in You: Danny's counterpart has returned and is attacking with a power ten times greater than before but this time Danny is stuck fighting someone else, it seems however that this new enemy and his counterpart are now allied and ready to destroy him, the only chance he has is to transfer himself into his other form andd take it over but if he fails then his counterpart will double in power.

Spiderman, Green Goblin and Hob Ock: In this story a little twist begins with Doc Ock somehow being caught in the blast at Oscorp. He was at a distance so it didn't take immediate effest but it was there and now he transforms into a goblin/octopus and teams up with the Green Goblin in an attempt to destroy Spider-Man for good. If Spider-Man could barely beat them one at a time then how about now with a few upgrades added in?

Apocalypse's new world: a new mutant has appeared, claiming to be the true Apocalypse and saying that since his pawn has failed, he has come to put an end to their world, He also says that to do so he must defeat those who are not meant for that world.(in english, mutants aren't supposed to be destroyed) Now theX-men and the rest of the remaining mutants must stop the Apocalypse himself, just one other dilemna, if Apocalypse wins then the next world will be only for mutants, just what the bad guys wanted from the beginning.

stories that are disconnected from mega or at least of OCs in them

X-men evolutionDevilish Mutatation: a 14 year old boy seems to be a freak to everyone that knows him and he knows he is but when he ends up mutating his freakiness grows even more and he's chased away, he didn't lose much, one friend in a friendship that was already falling apart, a home where he was alone every day and a couple of stories on a computer but when someone appears with a power as well and gives him a deal what can he do but say yes and in doing so starting a ear that has been at the edge for the last 2years

As you can see I have a lot of story ideas straight off my head so it could take a while to write them but all of them will fit into my Darkest Digidestined story (except the last one at first)

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What if Raditz had arrived on earth 6 months earlier, putting him there at the same time Goku and Piccolo fought Garlic Jr. It only takes one small change for the butterfly effect. Slight au
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Sadly, only the introduction. I am about 30 pages into this, but the file is missing.
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a 14 year old boy goes through a mutation and is forced to run away from home to escape everyone but when Cerebro picks something up on him he soon finds many people after him with deals that will determine the fate of humanity
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my first stories. Anyways, my computer says they are 50000 words, but says they're only 11000 words, so i'm confused Well it's just being posted because i can There are actually three stories in this if you must know. Each Chapter is the next part
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