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Hey all! I just wanna give you a li’l information on the author you are reading from. Please don’t hesitate to read my stories! I also LOVE reviews, so don’t hesitate to review, either!

Name: Crystal

Eye Color: Light Brown

Hair Color: Light Brown, Dark Brown, and Natural Golden streaks

Under Cover Name: Zephandolf

Code Name: Princess-Korriandre

Occupation: Assassinate for the FBI and United Stated Government

Position: Top Spy Agent

Known As: 007 (Double O Seven' License to Kill)

Favorite Phrase: BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Pointless Laughter)

Favorite Food: Hmm... I guess its... Chow Mein?

Favorite Color: Navy Blue

Martial Arts: Tae Kwan Do and Hap Ki Do. (Also a TINY bit of Karate)

Lover and Supporter of: Nature and all it's contents and creations. (And of course Teen Titans! Duh!)

Believer of: God

Couples SUPPORTED! (Whoot!)

STARxROB (Please... don't get me started. All I will say here is: PEOPLE! IT'S SO OBVIOUS!)

RAExBB (WOW! It's true! Opposites DO attract! lol... I think it is really cute... I seriously think they belong together!)

CYxBEE (Awsome, dude! I like this couple... I dunno, I can't explain it... let's just say it's too good for words. )

CYxJINX (I guess it's cute... I like it is Cyborg likes it!)

Couples considered but NOT SUPPORTED!

TERRAxBB (I WOULD have liked the couple… but Terra had to be a Bee-otch and betray her friends and Beast Boy… Idiot…

REDxSTAR (I like the one-sided thing, whether it is a childish crush, or LOVE! Ooh!)

STARxSPEEDY (I don’t really know why I like the couple… I guess it’s cause Speedy looks like Robin… ATTACK OF THE EBIL TWINS! AHH!

STARxAQUA x RAExAQUA (… Don’t ask…)

RAExCY (I dunno… I don’t like the couple as much, but they don’t look BAD together.


OK… I will just put ALL the explanations here… All these couples are UGLY, they don’t belong together, no signs in the show, or I just hate it for no reason what so ever.









AQUAxJINX (I guess I don’t mind Speedy and Jinx… they don’t look… TOO bad…)

WOW… that’s a lot of couples I hate… lol! I hope you enjoy my stories!

Crystal... girl of MANY faces... (nicknames given to me)

Darth Crystal

Master Sporka



Spork Woman






Crystal (like the champeign)

Trumpet Playin Jedi



crys crys

(these names were given to me by my peers... lol. I guess they wanted to give me nicknames after all the nicknames I geve them. These are the nicknames that I gave to people... and yes, I memorize them all... I think it's fun to name people. It gives them character, and annoys the people you don;t like. It's what makes me... unique?)


Turd Bunneh

T2B2 (Turd Bunneh II) (Get it! R2D2? Mwehahahaha... I'm so clever. . )

T3T3 (Turd Bunneh III)

T4B4 (Turd Bunneh III)









Person (lol... I just happened upon this because I forgot my friend's name slow moment... and I called him person... lol. )

Quotes From Myself

“I have become what I hate to protect that that I love”

“Life is Hell”

“If life gives you lemons, squirt them in your enemy’s eyes”

“Somewhere on this globe, every ten seconds, there is a woman giving birth to a child. She must be found and stopped.”

“Join the army, see the world, meet interesting people, and kill them.”

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