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If anyone still looks at this thing, I'm not even sure if I'm really going to be on this site that much anymore...

I believe in God. The experiences that I've had make me want to live out his ultimate message which is love. He came to love, not to condemn and that is my goal in life, love.

My favorite bands/solo artist (as of now at least) are: Skillet, Red, Thousand Foot Krutch, Everfound, House of Heroes, TobyMac, Brandon Heath, Manafest, Lecrea, Abandon Kansas, Relient K, Family Force 5, Hawk Nelson, SkyHawk Drive, Falling Up, Remedy Drive, Crossbreed, Poema, Pillar, High Flight Society, Disciple, Emery, Sent by Ravens, Group 1 Crew, Sixpence None the Richer, Ivoryline, Since October, Matt Kennon, Carrie Underwood, LIGHTS, Owl City, Jennette McCurdy, Rascal Flatts, Reba McEntire (her newer stuff), Avril Lavigne (her older stuff), Our Live in Motion, Need To Breathe, The Beatles, Journey, David Archuleta, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Antebellum, The Almost, Ryan Narciso, Jordin Sparks, Children 18:3, David Crowder Band, Demi Lovato, EleventySeven, downhere, Decyfer Down, The Letter Black, Chris Tomlin, Swimming With Dolphins, Steven Curtis Chapman

Favorite TV Shows: Boy Meets World, Sister Sister, The Cosby Show, Make it or Break it, Pretty Little Liars, White Collar, Castle, House, Pregnant in Heels, Doctor Who, Drop Dead Diva, Mythbusters, America's Next Top Model, American Idol, The Little Couple, Project Runway, Teen Titans, What I Like About You, Ed Edd N' Eddy, Codename: Kids Next Door, TMNT, The Nanny, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Ace of Cakes, Unwrapped, Doug, As Told By Ginger, Phineas and Ferb, Golden Girls, Forensic Files, Rugrats, Smart Guy, Reba, My Brother and Me, Get Smart (original 1960s TV series), 10 Things I Hate About You, The George Lopez Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Favorite books: I just read a lot and like almost everything I read...

My Friends on :
Innocent-Rebel: I've known her since forever! We've been friends since we started school. She's been my bestie since Kindergarten dude! She was the one who told me about this site in the first place as well. I know she'll be there till the end for me and I will be there till the end for her. Check out her fics if you like TMNT!!

JBCrazyChica: Even though I've only known her since last school year (06-07) she's become one of my best friends! She's one of the nicest people I know and she's there for me! I'm also always there for her as well! She's definatly one of the coolest people I know!!

CaliforniaRockin'101: She's definatly my closest friend that I have not met in "the real world'. I met her when I was reading her fic "Everyone Likes Nick" which I found shortly after becoming a Jonas Brothers fan. We talk quite a bit on IM. She's awesome! Go read her fics now!!

Bella the Vampira: If memory serves me right now, she was one of the first friends that I made here on ! She's been one of my best Internet friends and it's great that we still keep in contact even though I don't really write any fandoms that she reads now (well at least that I know of that she reads). It makes me happy to know that I have friend in her!

Smallvillgirl92: She was one of the first friends that I made when I started writing Hannah Montana fics! She's one of the coolest people that I know here on !! She always has an ecourgaing word to say which I think is absoulty awesome!

MISSING(complete; Teen Titans):Robin and Starfire get married. After the wedding robin goes missing and then years later (6 years to be exact) he runs into a certain red haired girl again and ends up weaving a web of lies to get back into her life and her son's life.

THANK-YOU FOR BEING A TITAN (coming soon to site near you; Teen Titans): The Teen Titans need a Vacation so where do they go? To Florida of cours! They stay at a hotel called the Golden Palace. But littel do they know that Sophia Potrilo has a few tricks up her sleeve. This is a cross over between the Teen Titans and the show the Golden Palace.

LAST YEAR (coming soon to site near you; Teen Titans): The Teen Titans are normal teens attending Jump City Prep (JCP for short). Gar is there on a Scholarship, Raven's mom is remarring, Richard is learning about responsblity, Victor is helping a friend cope with the changes in her life, Kori comes to term with her bitter hatred towards a prep. Can they survive there last year of High School? sorry to all, but this story has been delayed due to technical difficulties.

WHAT A TRADGEY (coming soon; Boy Meets World): Cory and Tapanga have been married for several years and are expecting their first child, a boy to be named Alec, but what happens when a car, ice, and pain, have different plans?

CAN IT BE? (coming soon; Boy Meets World): Everyone thinks Shawn Hunter is dead. that is until he shows up out of the blue one day.

WHAT IS SHE UP TO? (coming hopefully soon; Rugrats: All Grown Up): Kimi puts herself on a crash diet. and now the only hope she has comes from her friends. can they help her? or will kimi be doomed?

THE TROUBLE WITH KIDS (comeing soon; Teenaged Mutan Ninja Turtles): A new villian comes to the lair. He captures Master Splinter and in the process turns the tuterls into kids! they have the mind of a teenager but still they have to find Master Splinter. It would be a lot easier if they weren't 3 feet tall.

MURDERS EXPERATION (co-authored with Innocent-Rebel, coming hopefully soon; Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles): A murder mystry party is planned. but what happens when people actually start to die?

I MISS YOU FATHER (maybe; Teenaged Mutan Ninja Turtles): An accident happens and Master Splinter dies. Mikey looks like he caused the death of his father even though his brothers tell him he didn't do anything. But still mikey believes that his father's gone because of him. Can his brothers save him from his depression and himself.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA BRIDE/PRINCESS TURTLE (co-authoured with Innocent-Reble; name is not sure yet; TMNT) a crossover between TMNT and the princess bride. what will happen when the turtles get sent back to the time of Princess buttercup and farmer boy Weasly?

A NORMAL SCHOOL? (coming soon; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles): AU, the turtles end up in a normal highschool. but they're still turtles to say the least. can raph keep himself from getting expelled? can don keep himself from getting smacked talked by the sci. club? can leo allow some one else be in controll during the group disscussions? and can mikey figuar out how to fit in?

A LOVE PAUSED (complete; Hahna Montan): Jake has asked Miley to marry him, but on the way to the rehersal on a cold dec.night he loses control of his car and crashes. Jake is soon left in a coma.

I WATCHED HER DIE (complete; Hahna Montona): Sequal to A Love Paused, Jake and Miley have been through a lot together. Now that they're married life couldn't be better right? wrong! What will happen when Miley suddenly doesn't come home one night and no one can find her? Can Jake find her before it's to late?

SUFFERINGS (coming soon; Hannah Montana): Sequel to I Watched Her Die, Jake and Miley return to Malibu once Troy was released from the hospital only to find that their house has been ransaced, their basement flooded, a car stolen and then to make matters worse Jake suddenly falls ill and no doctor can dignose what he has. Will they be able to pull everything back together?

SHE'S AN UNDERDOG (inspired by Underdog by the Jonas Brothers,On hold, considering deletion, Hannah Montana): a new girl moves in next door to Miley. She seems normale at first but at school she becomes the outcast. Can Jackson help her with her problems? how will lilly feel about this? and who's heart will be broken?

TEARS WE CRY (complete; Hannah Montana): "I remember that day. It was the last day that no one knew my secret. It was the last day that i was Hannah Montana. It was the last day that i walked."

CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR (complete; Hannah Montana): What if she had never been born? Would the world be a better place? Would her friends be better off? Well let's just say that you better be careful for what you wish for, it may just come true.

A BABYSITTER'S NIGHTMARE (coming soon; Hannah Montana; name may change): Lilly's babysitting a young girl who seems like she has a wonderful home life, that is until Lilly notices some brusies and other injuirs on this child. Can Lilly help her will she fail trying to help?

THINGS CHANGE (complete; Hannah Montana): Graduation. A bittersweet moment in many lives. The four friends, Miley, Lilly, Jake, and Oliver are moving in separte directions. After four years they all come back but some seem diffrent, and not in the good way.

HOLD ON (inspired by the Jonas Brothers song "Hold On"; coming soon; Hannah Montana): A dramatic thing happens in the Stewart household and to make things worse the one person who Miley thought she could talk to seems as if they want nothing to do with her. will she find the strength to hold on?

THAT STRANGE FEELING (complete; Hannah Montana): Miley Stewart thought she was the only one living a double life as a secret pop star that is until a mysteriousl new guy comes onto the stage, Miley see's him at school but she also performs with his other self durning the night. Will she fall for one of him or all of him? Will he fall for one of her or all of her?

MY DOUGHNUT'S MOVING (complete; Hannah Montana): Oliver tells Lilly that he's moving to New York. How will she take it?

A LOVE BROKEN (coming soon; Hannah Montana): Friends can't heal all wounds, but maybe time can... Jake and Miley have a fight leading them to break up. Can Oliver and Lilly heal the wounds of their friends? Or will they have to wait for time to take it's course?

MURDER'S EXPERATION/A PARTY TO DIE FOR (on hold; Hannah Montana): The gang goes off for the weekend to a murder mystery party, but what happens when the murders appear to be real... and Jake becomes the main suspect?

CONFESSIONS OF A SECRET POPSTAR (Moved to ; Hannah Montana): Miley's excited for her upcoming tour. The only thing is she's going on tour with the Jonas Brothers who don't know her secret. Can she keep Hannah a secret, or will they find out and expose it?

FINDING LOVE: THE WEDDING PLANNER'S STORY (coming soon; Hannah Montana): Lilly is a wedding planner. She's working for a bride who has been nicknamed "Bridezilla" Can a certain Jonas Brother help her de-stress a little... and maybe find a love of her own?

OH BABY! (coming soon; Hannah Montana): Lilly and Joe have been married for a year and half when Lilly finds out she's pregnant. Follow Lilly through her pregnancy, through her mood swings, and through her cravings.

THE SKI TRIP (coming soon; Hannah Montana): Lilly's new boyfriend invites the whole gang to go skiing. What will happen up on the mountain with crushes, and secrets going on...and don't forget the rivalries. JoeXLillyXOC

PAST REBELLION (coming soon, American Dragon: Jake Long): a decade and a half has passed when Jake recieves news about a family matter. his father's health is failing. but how can you go home after many mistakes have been made? will he be able to make peace with his father? or will his bitterness from his past hold him back?

BABY SISTER (coming soon, Suit Life of Zach and Cody): what if Mr. Tipton had been married befor he had married London's mom and had a child with her. What will happen when this girl comes looking for London wanting to inhearit the Tipton hotel line?

HE'S BACK (possible fan fic. Reba): Five years have past since Reba's last encounter with Dr. Morgan. What will happen when he returns and wants to re-start his relationship with Reba?

Discontinued fics: A Spookey Halloween, i have many reasons to why i have discontinued this. you see it's dealing with stuff that's very supernatural. now don't get me wrong, i love a good ghost story every now and then, but one of my friends was writing something with that sorta had a super natural feel and her mind started to go to dark places, spirtiually dark that is. now you see I'm a Christian and am darn proud of that and i want to serve and honor my Lord Jesus Christ and i don't want mind go to places it shouldn't be going. I apologise to those who had been patietly waiting an update but i'm sorry to say that one won't be coming any time soon and will never be coming.

The Truth, this has been discontinued because no one was reading it and thus i didn't find any reason to continue to write therefore the series that it was in will probably be discontinued as well.

A Babysitting Nightmare, basically the same as The Truth, no one was reading therefore no reason for me to write thus leading it to it being discontinued.

My Sista the Gang Memba, no one was reading it so i had no motivation to write it.

Things Still Change, after posting the first few chapters of this fic, I came to realize all of the research I would have to do and I just do not have time to do the amount of research that would be required at this point in my life.


"Crying is not a sign of weakness, it's a sign of strength." -Anon.

"You get 1, 2, 3, and a Dog!" -A former Teacher

"It's called a mode, welcome to math!" -Same former teacher from above quote (and no, he wasn't a math teacher)

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"I don't like pain, it hurts me!" -A friend of mine

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(playing the sims 2 for the first time) "Is there a double bed?" -Innocent-Rebel

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"When life gives you lemons, throw them at people and run like hell!" -Anon.

"Don't ever let a guy build you up with his words. Because the higher you are, the harder you fall. And trust me you will always fall." -Anon.

"Scientist say we only use five percent of our brains, but if they only used five percent of their brains to come to that conclusion, then why should be believe them?" -A Starbucks cup.

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"It doesn't matter if the world is pulling you down, with Christ you have everything." -Nick Jonas

"Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia." -E.L. Doctorow

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"We don't dance with the music stand. I know when your nervous you tend to do stupid things... wait, that sounded mean, let me change my adjective, you tend to do unwise things." - A former speech teacher of mine

Group Quotes:

(Between a kid in class and a teacher who use to be a cop)
Kid in class: Have you ever had to shoot anyone?
Teacher: As a cop no, as a teacher yes.

Me: We can IM each other while we suffer!
JBCC: What?
Me: We can IM each other while we suffer.
JBCC: Oh! I thought you said we could AMPUTATE each other while we suffer!

Me: (quoting Boy Meets World) I'm never going to the bathroom again!
Kid in class: That'd be cool!
Me & JBCC: (laughs hysterically)
Kid: Why are you guys laughing at me?
JBCC: No it's not you, it was just one of those...
Kid: Perfect timing things? Yeah i love those!

KT: ...and then I could drive you wherever you wanted!
JBCC: (on cell phone) I'm going to whoop your butt!!
Me: Wow! If you didn't want her to drive you, you could of just said so!
JBCC: What?
KT: ...and then I can drive you wherever you want... I'm going to whoop your butt!
JBCC: Oh... you weren't suppose to hear that part...

So that's all that I feel like writing at the moment... I guess if there's something that you want to know about me, you can always PM me.

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