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If you are a veteran of the Magic Knight Rayearth fanfiction section, you might recognize me by my former username, twin-ascot. I left earlier because it was way too much pressure on my poor nerves, and I had nearly no confidence in my ability as a fanfiction writer. Now, after my long vacation from posting fanfiction, my reign of terror will continue on schedule.

In fact, it has already started. Recently, I have left reviews on various stories, mostly in the Rayearth and Final Fantasy X section, as Anonymous Review of Flan-kind. I tried to use as much constructive criticism as possible.

One reason for my return is not only the serious lack of Asmi fanfiction, but the lack of good fanfiction, period. As bad as my fanfiction can be, I'd have to put in some serious effort to make my fanfiction as horrible as some people here write... -.-' (No names mentioned)

My current plans are to repost some of my old stuff, completely revised and edited to as much perfection as my procrastinating brain can handle. One example is A Summer to Remember, only the title has been changed to something far more creative, and most of the chapters are in the process of being completely redone. Not to mention the entire story is gonna be a lot longer than originally planned, if I ever manage to complete it.

Still pondering over Jedi (If posted, that name will be changed, too). Other ideas being considered include an Asmi based on the OVA (0.0). Yes, it is possible, and I will prove it... Maybe... And it shouldn't be too much to expect a humourous one-shot every so often.

I've got no lack of ideas for fanfiction (especially Asmi fanfiction), nor lack of time, just a lack of willpower and properly functioning memory. A little motivation might help, too. I just have to remember that I must save this site from being overrun by Clemi fanfiction. Yeah... If I don't write good Asmi fanfiction, who will?

A bit about my writing style: In my Rayearth fanfiction, it will NEVER turn out to be a Clemi. In fact, I try to steer away from anything that could be considered remotely Clemi. For instance, in the former A Summer to Remember, I actually made Clef and Presea Umi's mom and dad (it's an AU, of course), and it will be the same way in the revised version. Once you find that out, you'd have to have an extremely sick mind to think it'll end up as a Clemi. twitch

While I'm on the topic, be prepared for plenty of Clef torture. After all, I absolutely despise Clef just as much as I absolutely adore Ascot glomps her snuggly Ascot plushie. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to make the short fictional lavender-haired mage suffer mercilessly.

So, yeah, that's a bit about me. Hopefully you'll see some of my fanfiction in the near future. But no promises, kay?

Profile Update: 9/02/05

I've been playing Final Fantasy VIII for about a week or so, and although I am only somewhere on Disc 2, I have to say my favorite pairing is Selphie/Irvine (Quistis/Seifer in second) and Irvine is probably my favorite character overall. What can I say? The whole perverted-cowboy-with-low-self-esteem-under-pressure image is completely hysterical.

Of course, that isn't the only video game on my resume, nor the only Final Fantasy game, for that matter. I've also played Final Fantasy I, II, VII, X, X-2, and Tactics (though I'm still at the very end of both VII and Tactics). My other fave pairings/characters from those series are:

I. ... What pairings? What characters? My favorite role was the Red Mage, though.
II. No particular favorite pairings for II. As for characters, probably Scott and... Oh, what's the white mage guy's name? They're bishies. Too bad they both had to die... Stupid plot. But one thing I wanna know is how the older brother got a cool name like Scott, while the younger was stuck with 'Gordon.' It's just... Not right.
VII. I'd have to say Vincent/Yuffie. It's just such an interesting possibility... Yuffie's my favorite overall.
X. Rikku/Auron. Another intriguing possibility, isn't it? No particular favorites that I can think of.
X-2. Rikku/Gippal. Also kinda partial to Paine/Nooj, as odd as that sounds. But you know what would make such an unusual yet believable pairing? Leblanc/Brother. Especially if a story has Tidus/Yuna and Paine/Nooj in it. If anybody wants to try that pairing, be my guest. Gippal's an easy favorite for this game.
Tactics. As for pairings, no idea, but favorite character would be... What's her name? Miludia? Milurda? Something like that. Of course, she had to die, too... ~.~'

So, yeah, the random ramblings have concluded for today. Ja.

Profile Update: 9/07/05

I put up Clue: Limited Rayearth Edition, my first fic upon my return. Another possibility in the making is an idea for a Selvine one-shot fic. But remember: NO PROMISES. The only fics that I will allow people to get their hopes up for are ones I've already posted, and the former A Summer to Remember, of which I have every possible intention of rewriting and reposting, albeit under a new mystery title that I am actually quite proud of.

Another no promises possibility of drawing fanart. It'd probably be good practice for my future hush hush manga.

But still, it might not be a good idea to expect anything to be updated within a month. I'm taking an online Driver's Ed course that I would really like to finish sooner rather than later, and although I am homeschooled, there's still marching band and other educational priorities to deal with. Not to mention Final Fantasy VIII.

Profile Update: 9/13/05

The completely revised A Summer to Remember, now known as Just Add Seasoning: Summer I, has been added to the multitude of Rayearth fanfiction. And that was only six days after my last update... Well, I'm just too darn unpredictable, ne?

Speaking of unpredictable, tomorrow, September 14th, is National AD/HD Awareness Day. Yes, I am AD/HD and proud of it! I have to take medication for it, too. I take happy pills, smart pills, allergy pills, and relaxation pills, and boy, do I need them.

Profile Update: 10/03/05

Hey, guess what? I started reading Eldest, the sequel to Eragon, yesterday, and finished today. Chris Paolini is my hero. I mean, come on, he started writing Eragon at fifteen! Since I'm sixteen, I have a lot of catching up to do... JK.

Anyway, the first real chapter for Just Add Seasoning: Summer I is in progress, and probably just a little less than halfway done, although not completely in order. And if all my chapters were going to be as short as the prologue was, then I'd have quite a few chapters up by now... That should relieve any fears of the reviewers that commented it was too short.

Anyway, a little to expect from the upcoming chapter. Very slight foreshadowing, another collie named Vigor, and chances of heavy rain/Chinese food, as well as a moral lesson.

Profile Update: 10/24/05

Just realized it's exactly one month til my seventeenth birthday... What fun.

Anyway, my fics have been coming along slowly, along with what other work I have to do. Sad, ain't it?

I've been reading a bit of Golden Sun fanfiction, and determined that my favorite pairings are, starting with my favorite faves insert drumroll + mallet roll here:


As for Piers (or Picard) and Ivan, NPCs or made up characters suit me just fine. Not exactly a big fan of slash. Also think I like Sheba overall. She's spiff.

Profile Update: 11/17/05

Okay, so, I'm looking through MKR romance ficcies... And I come across a page with atleast 7 Clemi fics, such as A Clef and Umi Love Story, Umi's Relationship Problems, and An Umi and Clef Story, which, considering the die-hard Asmi fan I am, makes me a very angry panda. Why is Asmi so neglected? I can only do so much... sobs hysterically

Like... Kill Clef? grins maniacally Yes, that might work quite well... To the Clue: Limited Rayearth Edition fanfic mobile, Robin! Of course, I couldn't try to kill him in the first real chapter... Not with a title like The Case of the Stolen Staff... But I can make him suffer... And hopefully, the incentive to kill him would make me want to get working on such a chapter... I've found inspiration at last!

Now, let's see when it'll wear off...

Mini Profile Update: 11/18/05

Weird... It seems like in all the Yuffentine fics that go by the game, the authors get right to the part where Aeris dies, and then stop writing for a little while. Freaky coincidences... shudder

Profile Update: 12/01/05

Started playing Final Fantasy V, VI, and IX recently. Haven't played the first two enough to determine favorites, but for Final Fantasy IX, I have determined that my favorites are:

Fave character: Tie between Freya and Vivi
Fave pairings: Beatrix/Steiner, Freya/Amarant

Yeah, one thing you might notice about me is that my fave characters/pairings all almost never the main peoples. I just seem to go for the secondary characters that you don't know as much about...

Profile Update: 12/11/05

Okay, for chapter fanfiction, I have ideas/beginnings for five different MKR plots, 4 of them AU, 2 of them already started on

Titled Fanfics
Just Add Seasoning (AU, on
Clue: Limited Rayearth Edition (AU, on
Final Fantasy Rayearth (AU)

Ideas without Official Titles
An Asmi based on the OVA (Still determining title)
Star Wars/MKR crossover (AU, previously known as Jedi)

Okay, for JAS, I know I will have a separate fanfic for every season of the four high school years, plus one for the Epilogue, meaning 17 fanfics overall, all belonging to the same series (Yes, I plan on making it that long, even the Epilogue will have several chapters, if I ever get that far). C: LRE will only have the one fanfic I started it in. FFR will have two separate fanfics, cause it will have two discs, so to speak. The OVA Asmi will have one fanfic. As for the Star Wars/MKR crossover, I'm not sure whether I should keep it all in one fanfic, or have three separate fanfics, one for each episode. So, when (trying to think positive here) all of those fanfics are completed, that will mean either 22 or 24 fanfics listed under my username, not counting if I decide to try a humorous one-shot every now and then... Thats a heck of a lot compared to the two I have now. But, starts singing "Stay on the sunny side, always on the sunny side, stay on the sunny side of liiiiiii-ife. You'll feel the pain, as we drive you insane, so stay on the sunny side of life..."

Outbursts of random song... Isn't it just lovely?

Profile Update: 1/09/06

The first update of the New Year! Drinks all around! (non-alcoholic, of course. I'm still too young.)

Yeah, anyway, just wanted to let anybody that reads my profile know that I have a website now. For the time being, it shows up best on a 1024x768 screen resolution. That doesn't mean it can't be seen by a 800x600, but it sure looks better on the larger resolution.

It's an Asmi website, of course, titled Storm Watch: Asmi Alert.It has some unfinished chapters for the two fics I have on available for viewing, so you can tell that I have actually been doing some work.

Profile Update: 12/17/06

Not quite a year since my last profile update...

If it's of any consolation, I have not given up on the two fanfics I have

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