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Author has written 13 stories for Digimon, and W.I.T.C.H..

A bit about me:

Name: Jill

Age: 21

Location: New York, USA

The Digimon Section

Favorite Digimon Characters:

Hikari -- Yamato -- Ken -- Taichi -- Takeru -- Kouji -- Kouichi -- Willis

Couples I support:

Yakari/Yamari/Himato/YamatoxHikari - the ultimate coupling

Kekari/Kenkari/Hiken/KenxHikari - second best coupling

KaiKari/KaiserxHikari - gotta love the drama

Takari/Hikeru/HikarixTakeru - it's over done but I've read some good ones

KouKari/KoujixHikari or KouichixHikari


The W.I.T.C.H. Section

Favorite Characters:

Will -- Caleb -- Phobos -- Irma

Couples I support:



So how about my one-shot 'Crimson Twilight' won second for 'Best Tragedy'! Not bad for being practically nonexistent on the W.I.T.C.H. site

The Finished Fic Section

Shattered: Kenkari. Kari gets kidnapped by the Kaiser after the digidestined lose a battle. But Kari isn't the only victim of the Kaiser, Ken is too. There's some language, violence, and a not too graghic romance scene. T rated. English/Dub names.

-Chapters: 8

Revenge of the Kaiser: This is the sequel to 'Shattered.' Kaikari, Kenkari. The Kaiser is back and wants the one thing he couldn't have: Kari. He kidnaps her and she is infected with a dark spore. The other digidestined are stuck in the Digital World with only their digimons' eggs. Language, violence, a bit of romance. T rated. English/Dub names.

-Chapters: 12

A Lesson in Love: Takari. Hikari is a smart girl-most things she can figure out on her own, but some things are more fun to figure out with Takeru. Oneshot.

Yesterday's Feelings: Pretty bad. Daisuke thinks about Hikari. Kenkari. Oneshot.

Crimson Twilight: WillPhobos. Will finds herself in the arms of the enemy when her companions fall. Oneshot.

Ashen Light: Hikari may have been Light, but Darkness consumed her. Depressed fic. Oneshot.

Yakari Drabbles: Exactly what the title says. Except they're too long to be real drabbles.


The Current Works Section

Too Young: Yakari. Hikari was raped and she is now going to have a baby. She feels derpressed and alone with no one to turn to, but she finds confidence in Yamato. Yamato has to work out his own issues with his brother, father, and Sora, as well as look after Hikari. Who's the father? What happened between Sora and Yamato? Language, sensitive issues, a little fighting. T rated. Japanese names.

-Chapters: 4

Adventures of the Tainted: DISCONTINUED

I will be changing this fic a lot. I know I said that the Yakari was out, but I'd rather have it be a Yamato.Hikari.Takeru triangle. There will be pinches of Daikari, Michi, Mikari (yep, a lil Mimi.Hikari), Kenkari, Kouyako, Kenyako, Daiyako, Takori (one-sided), Sorato, Taiora, Koumi, and more. I'm pretty sure I've worked out how I want this to go. I didn't want to piss off a whole lot of Yakari fans by dropping the coupling. No final couplings are for sure yet. Names will be Japanese rather than dub.

-Chapters: 5

Innocence Lost: Rewrite to Adventures of the Tainted.

-Chapters: 4

Adeliea: Kenkari. Ken (still Kaiser) and Kari are both sent to a new world, where they'll have to work together to stay alive. Their enemies are no longer digital related, but rather demon and human. Ken must try to supress his own dark urges in order to protect Kari. There's some past Yakari and hints of OCkari and OCken. Violence, launguage, romance(?). T rated. English/dub names.

-Chapters: 6

Obsession: Takeru has been in love with Hikari for years now. His love has turned into obsession, and he snaps when he finds out that she likes someone. Takeru resorts to eliminating the competition...but who is the guy she likes? Language, violence, character death. Mostly in Takeru's POV. T rated, possibly M by end. I'm not giving the coupling away, but if you follow my work, you can guess. Japanese names.

-Chapters: 5

Blood Bonds: The current king of the vampires has decided that it is time to emerge from the darkness and take control of the world. The Chosen are called upon to fight for the human race, but are they up to the challenge? Eventual Takari, Taiora, Kenyako. Japanese names.

-Chapters: 2

The Recent Updates Section

Most Recent Updates:

Too Young : Chapter 4 : July 14, 2010 7PM

Blood Bonds : Prologue : July 18, 2010 12:30AM

Blood Bonds : Prologue Part 2 : July 18, 2010 8PM

The Everything Else Section

Couplings I've recently fallen in love with from other shows:

Kagome x Bankotsu (Inuyasha)

Kagome x Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)

I have a lot more ideas for stories, but I'll post more bios when I finish off some. There's about 30 more ideas running around in my head, I just lack the time to write them.

I want to write something beautiful, captivating, witty, and dramatic. I want people to finish the story and just say wow, now that's a good piece of writing. I want people to read my work not because of the coupling, but because it's so well written that the pairing doesn't even matter. I want to write something so good that five years after my name disappears from this site people will still be talking about my fic. Something that people can't wait for an update, where they send threatening e-mails when the postings get a little spread out. One that everyone who reads leaves a review for and marks to keep track of. Maybe someday...

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Peace Keeper Takeru Takaishi by Dragontiger96 reviews
Takeru Takaishi is a genetically engineered soldier of Lunar Corp Industries. He knows nothing of love, hate or regret. A child of war his past is covered by the blood of others, and yet his heart was stolen by the child of a hidden light. Takari
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The Search for Light by Fruitloop Trooper reviews
This is kind of a 'whatif' story. What if 10 years in the future, Myotismon had succeeded in taking over this world and he's still searching for the Eight Child. Matt, Sora, and Kari fled the city right before Myotismon took over.Complete
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Blood Bonds reviews
From the shadows emerges an enemy even the Chosen could not forsee. When the vampires declare war on the human race, will they, having already lost one of their own, be any match for them? Takari, Taiora, Kenyako
Digimon - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,541 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 7/18/2010 - Published: 7/17/2010 - Hikari Y./Kari K., Taichi Y./Tai K.
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[Yakari, Michi, Kenyako] [Revision in process] Hikari's perfect life is ripped apart when she is raped and becomes pregnant at 15. And the attacker is closer than she knows...
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Innocence Lost reviews
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Takeru has loved Hikari for years. His love has finally turned into obsession and he's willing to do just about anything to be with her, even if it means eliminating the competition...but who does she like?
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OFFICIALLY DISCONTINUED See Innocence Lost, the rewrite
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