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Yo. This is mah profile page. Hmm... what to say... I suppose I should talk about me? maybe. My name? -shifty eyes- who wants to know...? eh heh. Well, I suppose for all intents and purposes 'baka'. or 'Gopher' (won't even get into how I got that nickname). I am shortish and blonde and have greenish (hazel, I guess) eyes and I love romantic moonlit dinners and long walks on the beach (haha, just kidding. well, no, not really. I do like the beach). I love music and art and I guess writing. It's an underappreciated hobby of mine. But that's okay. Cause at least all you guys who read my fics appreciate it, right? Well... I guess I shouldn't assume that. Maybe you read my writing and go, 'wow, I really do not appreciate this.' eh heh... that'd be odd, though, wouldn't it? Eh, anyway, I am quite hyper-ish with my writing and tend to (as you have probably noticed) go on long pointless rambles. I do this especially when I should be reviewing. So, eh, yeah. You're probably all bored to death by my writing about me by now, aren't you? Either that or you've stopped reading. In which case it doesn't even matter what I write here, does it? eh heh. Maybe if I make the paragraph look reeeeeaallly long, then people will look at it and go 'whoa, I'm too lazy to read that' and then it won't matter what I write here at all! Yay for being able to write anything! now I don't know what to write... wow, I am just really skilled, aren't I? As soon as I can write anything, I write nothing. Well, maybe if I keep typing random crap then something will spark in my brain and I'll have something to actually write about. ...nope, didn't work. Oh well! Well, I guess it kinda did work cause I wrote a whole sentence. And now another. And hey, there's another! Although those last two might not have been complete sentences... hmmm... is there anything else I can say? Somehow I doubt my empty mind can come up with anything worth writing... but I have to waste time so I don't have to go to bed. Sleep is boring. So... I should write... a story! Okay! Ready? Here goes!

Once upon a time there was a princess whose name was Marissa. Marissa had a pet unicorn named Shelly. One day, Marissa and her unicorn were frolicking in the fields when suddenly Marissa's stomach growled.

"I seem to be hungry," she told Shelly.

"So I hear," Shelly replied, "Uh, I mean, neigh... or whatever unicorns say."

Marissa giggled insanely, "That rhymed!"

"That it did," Shelly commented monotonously, "So what are we going to do about your hunger?"


Marissa stopped for a moment and pondered that question. Finally she raised a finger and a lightbulb appeared above her head.

"I've got it!" she exclaimed, "Let's go to KFC for famous bowls!"

"You mean those delicious-looking bowls? Like on those commercials?" Shelly asked, suddenly becoming extremely excited.

"Aye, matey!" Marissa nodded, sporting a very fashionable eye-patch and peg-leg.

And with that, the two skipped off in the direction of the nearest KFC for famous bowls... and were never heard of again! dun dun duuuuuun. Just kidding. They were actually heard of again about 30 minutes later when they got back.


-giggles insanely- Wasn't it great? uh.. maybe not. Oh well, though! I liked it! And now... I should stop talking. Eh, well, here's what's goin' down...on the streets. Or, ya know, in my stories.

Story status-

Summer Heat- Life with Derek fic. Dasey. -chapter 12 up- -completed! finally!-

Listen- Life with Derek fic. slash-ish. -oneshot-

I Always Wanted Blue Eyes- Green Street Hooligans fic (YAY!) slash. -oneshot-

so, thanks for coming and hopefully you've either read or are going to read meh stories. And if that be the case, I hope you have or will review! Remember, reviews make the world go round!

~la baka~

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