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ahhhhhhhh...Writting fanfiction is becoming a little boring lately, sorry for the late updates...


Age: 16

Gender: girl

Location:...why!? Are you a STALKER!? -walks away slowly-

Hobbys: thinking of sad poems and stories(that usually involve one of the characters becoming eventually insane...XP), drawing, Soccer, runninng up and down the stairs, writting, playing the piano, listening to music...etc etc.

What I wanna be when I grow up: psychologist, yep. And auther/mangaka.

Favorite parrings: Sakura/Shaolan(card captor sakura),Jack and Popuri(harvest moon 64) Cliff and Ann(harvest moon 64) Gray and Popuri(harvest moon 64) Colette and Lloyd(tales of symphonia) Nagi and Mashiro...(beeeeeeeeeeeeeeecause, dammit)(mai hime) Genis/mithos(how can't you adore those two?)(tales of symphonia)

Favorite games: harvest moon 64, harvest moon ds, tales of symphonia, Xenosaga, okage: shadow king, FFX...And um...Add more later.

Favorite food: Chinease food is pretty good, spaguetti...I dunno, ketchup, ice cream...Blah...BROWNIES! Sorry...Nervous tick heheheh

Favorite anime: Fullmetal achemist(watch it. now!) Pita ten's good too...So is Bleach and Naruto.

Favorite mangas: tsubasa reservoir chronicle...I'm only reading one at a time at this point...

Personality: Hmmm well...I'm very open minded(of course there are some things that I don't tolerate but...Bof, I'm pretty flexible.) I'm usually cheerful, especially with people I'm comfortable with. When I meet people for the first time I'm shy and don't talk much...Yeah, that's until you get to know me of course...Truth is, I like talking ALOT. I love laughing, and even though I'm a fan of touching/sad stories, I also love humor, I like making people laugh. Either than that though, I'm only human. I'm not going to pretend that I'm an angel, or that I'm super forgiving and nice all the time. Cause I'm not.(frankly, it's not healthy) I'm only me, I get angry, I get sad, I'm happy at times, depressed at other times, I'm not always generous and sometimes I'm just plain harsh. I try to have empathy and understanding for others, but let's face it, no ones perfect. No one has to assume that they HAVE to be perfect, just be you, that's already good.

As for my stories...

Yuki no hana: INCOMPLETE. Sorry guys, I've put into it all I could, now the story just isn't going anywhere anymore. I won't erase though, so feel free to read it.

The symbol of our memory: Still working at it. Slowly, but it'll still get updated eventually.

New story: Haven't decided the title yet. XP It's coming though...Or not.

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