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June 11th, 2007: Heah there, well, uh I have discovered the viciously cold beast of and I have a story and song on that site. If you like my crap here (I use the term 'crap' lightly) please, PLEASE check out my stuff on FictionPress and tell me how you like it. You can just look me up under my same old name for it is my name. PLEASE check it out. Hmmph, I must sound like a little whiney brat that begs too much on the internet.

Hello, I am AmarieC, otherwise known as April, or otherwise known as AmarieC. It is rather nice to make your acquaintance and I welcome you to my profile, which is mostly dedicated to my stories and information on them. So please, feel free to browse, thank you for your reviews, and I wish you happy gorging in the fanfiction world.

plot twists, killing off characters, crying scenes, the supernatural, and so forth. I take my writing very seriously and try to make it professional, fresh, entertainingly confusing, and realistic where it applies. I am loyal to my fanfics: most of them are rated T and written in good grammar. I will sometimes include little poetry stanzas in my writing, and often get into the character's thoughts and mix them with the narrative. I actually know what I'm doing when writing, not just starting a story and leaving it, quiting it with or without warning, or writing in a sloppy, indefinite way. I've liked to write when something is going wrong, when I'm upset, mad, or just hurt: so that might come off in my writing, but I don't think so. Writing has always made me forget my problems, since I've been writing steadily since I was thirteen, but have been on this site since I was fifteen, so I got a lot to update. And even though no one takes me seriously, I want to be an author one day. very pessimistic, wordy, shy, and I like to make a joke out of anything. I do not like girly stuff or the fact I am a human, but there isn't much I can do about this for the time being. I'm seventeen, 5.6'', skinny, and I have an oval head (yep, I just realized it). I mean, I'm a peanut head or something like that. I'm kinda freaky looking, at least I think I am, with these dark blue eyes and my one fang (not kidding). I'm very friendly, and I lack pretty much any idea of what polite is, so if I accidently insult you, please pardon me. My mental diseases of antisocial personality disorder, mood swings, paranoia, OCD, manic-depression, and sadomasochism are only slight and are quite managable most of the time. So don't worry, I won't bite (or chew). Wisconsin, U.S.A., Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe. Yes, this will be on my mail. sleeping, drawing, annoying people, weight lifting, spontantiously breaking out into song, writing lyrics, sewing, reading ze Bible and any of Edgar Allan Poe's works, and watching Ed, Edd, n' Eddy and various crime documentaries whenever I'm not doing chores. My favorite band is Jars Of Clay and I like just about every kind of music except rap, pop, or country. AmarieC at; HotCupOfCrap at; Captain Smitty, Irish buckaneer and first mate on the S.S. Riverboat; and an unwanted guest at JCPenny outlet stores (long story, no actually, it is a short one).

Let us live, as if it hurts. Because we all know, where it doesn't work:

to live life like it is our own. Somebody help us out, of this misreble hole.

Were we selfish? Were we fake? Did we hate, or procrastinate?

Did we justify, everything we did? Or did we hold to right, like a little kid?

When the days were hard, did we stop to pray? Or did we numb ourselves, every single day?

Here we stand, about to die. Only remembering, how we lived our lives.

Age Chart

In my stories, the ages of the characters are as disclosed below, HOWEVER, time does elapse from story to story, so you will need to make the neccesary modifications based on the clues I disclose. This chart corresponds to the ages of the characters according to the end of the fourth season and my stories Peach, Ach Creek and The Hole Ed. Note: I do not actually believe I am right with the ages and will accept anyone else's interpretation for their own stories, this is just their ages for mine.

9: Sarah, Jimmy

11: Johnny, May

12: Eddy, Marie

13: Edd, Kevin, Nazz, Veronica

14: Ed, held back a year in school, which is understandable, quote "One plus one equals one on a bun!". Lee, she'll never graduate.

15: Rolf, held back for cultural barrier

26: Plank, yeah, that's a joke.

V.X.K.'s Biography

Veronica Xelie Kanker is much different than the other OCs I've read about, since she has a brain and actually adds something to my main plot instead of BEING the plot. If you still have a problem with it, whatever. I don't make a big deal of my OC, that is what this stupid bio is for, because I don't explain her in every fic. I'm glad for the people who actually understand. Coming from neglectant parents who divorced, she lives with her father and some other guy bordering on the little cul-de-sac of question. Her other siblings live with their mother. She used to go to a school across Peach Creek in a bad neighborhood. The school was so much bordering on hell, that no one cared that she was harrassed, beaten and left for dead by a fellow classmate. Months later (and after the school was burnt down), she came to the Eds' school and became their protectorate against her three destructive cousins, the Kanker sisters. Her full history is in "Peach, Ach Creek". She's extremely rough, cracks jokes till it's annoying, and loves to correct people. She isn't social and has few friends for that reason, not knowing how to act and just being shy. She's mature for her age mentally and physically, practical, and is quite good at solving problems. Being not afraid to get mad at deserving people, she often gets into fights. She is guenuinely nice, even though her manners won't always portray that, and lacks in the department of self control, but always tries to do right. There is quite dark leanings in her, yet she knows how to keep that under wraps. One thing that she brings to the Eds' group dynamics is something they desperately need: common sense. Basically, and detailedy, she has long golden brown hair, dark blue eyes, wears heavy eye liner (until Edd nags her to stop torturing her eyes) and chapstick as her only makeup even though you couldn't tell otherwise. She's skinny, awkwardly clumsy, tough, with pale skin. Her short nails, bruises and occasionally suspicious marks are leaning towards her self-hatred and neglect. She usually wears a dark blue tank iop; dark red, knee length, cargo skirt; light blue legwarmers to cover her scarred legs; and dark blue, short hiking boots. She wears a dark red ribbon tied on her wrist and a silver key necklace. She still has many scars, faint but there. She's got a lower than usual for a girl's voice, yet it is harsh and when she's got a yell, she does. I have drawn pictures, maybe one day I'll get them up on the internet if I can find out how... Besides drawing monsters with Ed, fighting with Eddy, and reading with Edd, she likes to help them make 'honest ventures for money' and try to clean her dusty house. Books, mystery, the odd, inventing things, and writing songs.

If you're headless, they'll close the casket.

If you're burned they'll keep it shut.

But if you recall to smile,

you'll have more air for a little while.

The Hole Ed: This story is a horror without blood. It is an extremely odd tale of how revenge can catch up to you. Oddly, this story is much better than just being a story about a hole (if you could imagine that), in which supernatural events overtake the Eds until they can no longer deny it. Serious twist ending, prepare to be shocked and completely mystified. Rated K, with just peril and extreme danger involved.

Eds in the Closet: Another horror, this time with gore, violence, and an apparent enemy. A mysterious creature has haunted the dreams of four cul-de-sac members, but when signs from the dream start to appear, they start to uncover secrets deliberately buried, and realize how real these dreams could be... Rated T for strong violence, mild sexual content, and gore.

Eds Verses Kankers (As Told By the Veterans): As the Kanker attacks increase and the sisters cross the line in their violence, Eddy resolves to defeat them once and for all. But is luck in his favor, or could the Eds fail as always? It's all out war in this story of action, humorous battle sequences, raised tensions, and secrets to reveal. Rated T for violence, mild gore, and sensuality.

ReturnEd Pain: this is a sad romance between what I thought at the time was one of the most unlikely couples: Eddy and Marie. He has fallen in love with her, but will she be brave enough to resist Lee and give him her love? Rated T, I mean K for suggested behavior and cussing.

Stupid Poem: Eddy writes a poem (did hell freeze over or something?). A follow-up to ReturnEd Pain. Sad poem, surprisingly in-character. Rated K for nothing.

Message in an Ed: tragic mystery in which Eddy goes over the deep end into a world of self-destruction, guilt, and sorrow after Ed and Eddy's brother are in a car crash- in which only the former survives. But as time progresses, Eddy, Edd, and Veronica realize that Ed's behavior has drastically changed- leading them to finding out the truth that no one wants to believe. Full of twists and an ending you won't be able to guess. Rated T for gore, violence, angst, self-inflicted violence, and a kissy-kissy.

Move Over Ed: The Kankers have fight that blows so out of proportion that they move in with the Eds. Sound nausiating? Well, it is, for everyone but Ed, who now finds May a very pleasant person to have around. But Eddy is determined to get them back together and out of his three twicks of hair, and here commences the madness, spontantious stupidity, and humorous (yes slightly twisted) attempts to get rid of the wretched sisters. Rated T for Kanker violence, drug content, kidnap, and sensuality.

An Ed To Face: This is the darling of all of my fics, a tragic story about how the cul-de-sac members must struggled to survive in a world without each other, after a summer that left many dead. Extreme plot twist at the end, deep and sad scenes, insanity, and conflict are some of the features of this story about life, death, and everything that kills you in between. Rated T for moderate gore, adult content, violence, self-inflicted violence, and a massive dose of angst and darkness.

Bless the Blushing: is half poetry, half prose, but entirely angsty. It is the romance of two troubled souls, and after years of lying to themselves and hiding from each other, can they finally come to terms with their love? Rated T for harsh and suggestive dialogue.

Blood Lust: uh... so uh, maybe I should explain myself with this one, since it is very unlike me to write something like this. This story is set in the future, apart from the order I usually maintain in my stories. It is the story about Double D, and how his love for blood originated (yes, he likes blood). This is just a little one shot, and very original I must say. It took a lot of my own thought process and I included lemons (the fruit), thinking it would make funny pun if you know what I mean. The girl in the story will be pretty obvious to those who have read my other stories.

Peach, Ach Creek: This is my LAST, and I mean FINALE version of this story. I have changed so much, got rid of unnecessary crap, added better scenes, rearranged others, kept the main plot, added a moral, made it more realistic, included more of your favorite characters, and overall made it much better. Ah, I love angst! Did I mention longer chapters, more details, more humor, and more tasteful tragedy? It will be seven chapters long and the finale, finale product of my five year wrestling with this beast that will not die. Rated T for violence, sexual violence, moderate gore, moderately offensive words, and slight substance abuse.

One Ed From Reality: Sequel to A Message In an Ed in which painful memories are brought up, screams and fights are dominant, and a little white piece of paper makes its return. One chapter, genres of fantasy and angst.

Vague Ed: What does a bloody footprint, sleepwalking, unrequited love, mysterious bruises, two rabbits, and a missing video tape have in common? They've all the been involved with the poor sleeping habits of the Eds, bringing them to question each other, their neighbors, and themselves. But if they look close enough, they may see that everything they surmise is in the crafting hands of a master plotter. Six chapters, genres mystery/suspense.

WaterEd: Sequel to the episode "Scrambled Eds", being stranded at sea for so long only makes all of the characters crazy, and that provides for some pretty sick (and hilarious) stuff. Four chapters, genres comedy and adventure.

The Last Thing We Need is to Lose Our Heads: the only way to describe this story is complete madness, utter and complete madness. This is to be a hilarious story in which I crack open all of the Ed secrets and explain, or disdain them (these inlcude the ones in my story). Come for a laugh, stay for the insanity! Rated T for suggestive themes, mild violence, mild language, adult content, and complete freakiness. Chapters?, genres of comedy/parody.

The Same Life: The name is pending and I'm still in the process of writing this Shelah-bar. It's the Eds' troubled road to adulthood and the most important decision they could possibly make at the end of this road of death, love, pain, joy, responsibility, and friendship. There is still much about this story that is pending, like the format, chapter length, and even the idea of making this project all one story. 12+ chapters, genres of drama and spiritual.

One Stupid Ed After Another: This is an Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy and Alice in Wonderland parody, comedy, and horror because Alice in Wonderland was a scary movie. I don't know how many chapters the story will have yet, but it will be an insanely wild nightmare with Eddy as my object of torture, Double D as a cheshire cat, and Ed as a rabbit late for a very important date.

(O.o) vv
Copy the bunny to your profile to help him achieve world domination,
and come join the dark side. (We have cookies.) (I always though rabbits were gonna take over the world, even before I heard Johnny 2x4 say it)

You know when you live in 2007 when...

1.) You accidentaly enter your password on a microwave.

2.) You haven't played solitare with real cards for years

3.) The reason for not staying in touch with your friends is they don't have a screenname or Myspace

4.) You'd rather look all over the house for the remote instead of just pushing the buttons on the TV

6.) Your boss doesn't even have the ability to do your job.

7.) As you read this list you keep nodding and smiling.

8.) As you read this list you think about sending it to all your friends...

9.) ...and you were too busy to notice number 5.

10.) You scrolled back up to see if there was a number 5.

Now you are laughing at yourself stupidly. Put this in your profile if you fell for that, and you know you did. (acknowledgement to Batman's Kinky Lover for making laugh at myself)

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