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:Update InFoRmAtIoN:

Friday, February 25, 2011. 9:14pm

Heeeeey guys! I know, I'm the worst person alive right now for not updating ANYTHING in the past... holy crap it's been two years?! Well now I feel like a TOTAL jerk haha. But let me give you the low down on my life right now and then maybe you can find it in your hearts to forgive me (*wink*). So anyhoo, I am currently in college right now and majoring in English (yay!), but this lovely decision of mine leaves me with very little free time to write what I want. It sucks, but that's just how it is. And also, whenever I DO get time to write for myself I generally jump on the chance to continue developing one of the books I'm writing. Honestly, fanfiction has not left my mind, but for the time being my stories have kind of left my heart. So here are my pitiful updates on what I've been doing lately!

Arrows to the Heart: NOT DISCONTINUING. I promise! However, my characters are totally running away from the original idea I had... and also the whole taiora bit is really not working for me. I guess that's the biggest issue I have right now with this story. I've kind of grown out of my love for Taiora (cuz Sora's a biatch and Taichi deserves better! lol). So I will most likely be re-writing this fic; I will keep basically the same story (because honestly, Prince of Thieves Taichi is hot) but I totally need to get rid of the Taiora bit because it's this giant wall that I can't jump over. So it needs to be demolished. Brick. By. Brick.

Legend of Digitania Rewrite: I have the first chapter completed! YaY! And honestly, I'm liking this new direction that I'm taking. However, I don't want to post it and then change my mind a week later, so I'm going to hold off on submitting it until I have at least a general outline as to what I'm doing. (I never do! lol).

Anything Else: My yamachi fanfic is amazing. Bottom Line. And I'm totally my toughest critic. Once again, though, I only have a vague outline for what's going to happen (In my language: I have the beginning and the end completely planned out, but have no idea how to connect them!) So I'm still playing around with it a little bit, but I might submit a teaser to sate my dying and deprived fanfiction buddies. Look out for So What? I am a Rockstar on computer screens near you!... eventually!

:SoMe Of My FuNnY mOmEnTs At ScHoOl:

Mare: (while talking about her sorority nonsense)I don't do brothers, I only do sisters!

me: (after a 4:30am fire drill woke me up) I swear if someone burnt a piece of freaking toast I'm gonna be SO PISSED.

Lia: (in a high piched voice) Hi I'm on Facebook and I've got lots of problems. Bitch, bitch, bitch bitch bitch. And I'm Lia and I like reading about other people's problems. "Oh I'm so sad cuz my daddy hates me." "Oh yea, well my daddy hates me AND my mommy" "Oh yea well I still win cuz I've only got... one eye."


my sis: (this was completely random, by the way) (insert country accent) Kai, I want you to go to Walmart and pick me out some decent ice cream

Kyrie: (we're all in our pool) No thanks, I can wet myself perfectly fine without your help

my sis: I don't need a man, I got my only love right here (adopts pirate accent) my peg leg.

me and Mare (to our bestest guy buddy ever!!): DERECK!!

Dereck: (giggles) Whoa, you almost knocked me down

me: Ello' my love!! Your hair looks fierce today!!

Dereck: Not as fierce as yours haha

mare: Hey bitch leave my man alone, he's MINE

me: Nuh uh!! Right dereck, you're MINE!!

Dereck: I can be both of yours XD

me and mare: So you're going to be our pimp?

Dereck: (nodds)

me and mare: (shrug) OKAY!!

me: but he's still mine...



Dereck: Whoa...haHA!!

Me: Dad, why didn't you call me back? I thought you forgot about me!!

My Dad: Stop being a drama queen, I just lost my phone

my sis: (gasps) YOU!?

My Dad: Yea... I can't find it anywhere.

Me: Wow, did you try calling it?

My Dad: Yep, I left a message

Me & my sis: ...What?

My dad: I left a message.

me & my sis: You... left a message...

my sis: On your phone...

me: That you lost...

My dad: ...Yea?

(we burst out laughing)

my sis: What did you say!?

me: Hi phone! I'm trying to find you where'd you go!?

My dad: (rolls eyes) No! I asked that if anyone found my phone that they would call me at this number

my sis: Don't you need a password to access your voicemail??

(we burst out laughing again)

Lia: Oh hey Kai, I gotta go, I dropped my potato

My sis: Uuuhh!! My hair's too long! Look how long it's gotten!! Doesn't it look gross!?

Hilari (her friend): You should get it cut and then give ME all the hair!

My sis: Somebody sat on me in Keyboarding (in shockingly convincing Mia Thermopolis voice!!)

Lia: DUDE!! You won't believe what I did on Ash Wednesday a while ago!!

me: Try me

Lia: Well, there was this dude putting the ashes on peoples' foreheads and I wanted to freak him out so when I got up front and he put the ashes on my forehead I started SCREAMING!! IT BURNS!!


me: Uhh...another purse to add to your purse collection?

Steffi: NO!! BETTER!!

me: (gasp) Better than a purse!?

Steffi: A CAR!!

me: Oh lord please help us. Steffi street legal WITH a car. What did we do to deserve this!!

Erin (my lab partner): So Kaila, what did you get on that science test we took?

me (in sing-song voice): I got an AAAAA I got an AAAAA!!

Logan (my other lab partner): Will you quit singing, you're making my ears bleed

me: It's not my fault you've made your ears sensitive to GOOD music with all the crap music you listen to.

Logan: Whatever (goes to sit down)

me: NO!! That's my chair back off!!

Logan: (looks confused)

me: (sits down and starts spinning) It's the only spinny chair in the classroom (yes I checked) and it's MINE!! MUWAHAHAHAHA!!

Erin: (looks at Logan) I find it sad that SHE'S the smartest girl in class

Ivonne: I don't want to go the P.E. How can you like it so much Kay?

Me: (shrug) I donno I just do

Steffi: (pulling on door with all her strength) Guys! This door won't open!

Ivonne walks forward and pushes door. (heehee)

Lia: You guys were completely right about Mrs. Albo

me: Told you she's insane!!

Mare: Yea, we pity you for having to deal with her, at least we never have to see her again.

Lia: Oh yea, she's the dumbest person I've ever met, dumber than Kaila!

Mare: (gasp)

me: That takes REAL stupidity

Lia: Yep. (reinacting a scene from one of her classes) "Mrs. he was smoking pot!" (in a GREAT impression of Mrs. Albo's voice) "How can he smoke a pot?"

me: You guys are gonna hate me!!

Erin and Logan: Why?

me: I just broken our fricking egg!!

Erin: Nuh-uh!

Logan (whines): Kaila!!

me: I know!

Erin: Did you start crying?

me: I want to!

Erin: You should! Ms Q will definately give us an A!!

Logan: That's genius Erin! Start crying Kaila!

me: I can't cry in front of everyone!

Logan: Then I'll cause a distraction! Let loose the waterworks or I'll really give you something to cry about.

me: (hits him) Shut up you asshole!

Logan: Ouch!

me: Oh tough it up! No wonder our football team lost to Coronado with pansies like you on the team (rolls eyes)

Mrs. M Dylan's a smart boy, when he uses his brain

Steffi & Me: Dylan's a boy!

Dylan: You better hope so, you're dating me!


Me & Steffi at the same time: Chocolate ice cream rocks! (look at one another)

Me: Get outta my head!"

Steffi: But it's sooooo roomy in there!

Me: I know, I'm having a roller coaster installed!

Ivonne: Blink Kaila!

Me: Wha-?

Ivonne: You don't blink!

Me: I do too! Just not when you're looking!

Ivonne: And Steffi shoots...and she misses!

Me: Now Steffi's a Hoe

(Ivonne shoots)

Me: And Ivonne's a Whore!

Steffi & Me: No way Ivonne! You look like...Pretty! Why don't you come to school like that everyday!

Me: Adrian! Let me see your picture!

(Adrian walks over and hands us the picture)

Me: look...Awesome!

Steffi: I want one!

Me: Me too!

Adrian: So what you guys think I'm sexy or something

(Me and Steffi look at one another and start laughing, Adrian is laughing too)

Adrian: Forget I said anything, forget I said anything! (he walks away all blushing heehee)

Meghan: Hey Kaila, guess what...

Adrian: Forehead (Meghan's got a HUGE forehead, and we tease her about it)

Meghan: (insert monotone voice) time my brother was walking behind me and he suddenly screamed "Oh my god Meghan you've got an animal on your head"and he grabbed my hair and dragged me across the room.

Mike: Hey Mare, hey Kai

me: Mike don't listen to a word Mare says! I love you WAY more than she does!

mare: Nuh uh! I love him way more!!

me: Back off bitch!

mare: Why don't you make me!

Mike: (to edgar, who was standing next to him) Oh yea being gay is baaad. How many girls have fought over you edgar??

Edgar: ...

Mike: That's what I thought

Me: it jello or is it pudding?

Kyrie: Huh?

Me: Jello it jello or is it pudding?

Kyrie: ...pudding?

Me: Then why would a pudding company name themselves after jello?

Kyrie: Kai...jello is that jiggly stuff that tastes fruity...pudding is gooey and chocolatey

Me: EXACTLY! So why is pudding named after jello

Kyrie: Kai, it's the company name

Me: A pudding company's named jello?

Kyrie: (rolls eyes) No...cuz jello is really jellitan but people started calling it jello

Me:'s jellitan pudding??

Kyrie: (bangs head against the nearest wall she can find) Yes Kai, it's jellitan pudding

Me: hey, i do that when i start thinking!

Kyrie: How did i get stuck with you?!

Me: Just lucky i guess, but it jello or is it pudding?


Steffi So I was readin this fic about an evil teddy bear who killed everyone with a butcher knife and -

Me: Aww...He's not evil! He's just misunderstood!

Steffi: Yea, Anyway -

Me: What was the teddy bear's name!

Steffi: Paco


Steffi: Yea, did you know that Paco means butcher knife in Spanish?

Me: Wow...

Steffi: Hey! We should make our own Spanish Dictionary!

Me: Yea! Paco means butcher knife!

Steffi: Salsa means Paco!

Me: Taco means misunterstood teddy bear!


Steffi Hey Kai, I was just watching Snow White, don't ask, and-

Me: You were watching Snow white?

Steffi: Yea, I told you not to ask. Anyway one of the elves -

Me: They're Dwarves

Steffi: Watever! One of the dwarfs said "Who are you and who are you doing?"

Me: My god dylan has corrupted you

Me He's cute!

Steffi: Oh. My. God. Did you just say that?

Me: Uhh...yea.

Steffi: Kay has FINALLY admitted that she thinks a boy is cute

Me:Girl are you kiddin me, I'm TOTALLY boy crazy.

Steffi: You? No way.

Me: Yep, I rate them

Steffi: really? I'm so proud of you! So what's his name?

Me: Don't know.

Steffi: What grade is he in?

Me: Don't know

Steffi: ooookay...what do you know?

Me: umm...that he makes an 8 on my cuteness scale

TV: Sha la la la la la, my oh my, look like the boy's too shy you wanna kiss the girl...

Megan: Awww...I'd kiss her!

Me: Wha-?!

Megan: Wait. No no no no, i mean if I were Prince Eric stupid!

Me Okay, so we still need to-

Benitho (a guy in another group): What are you staring at! (to another dude)

Jose: People tend to stare at ugly things.

Mrs. Dand: One for you, one for you, yada yada yada. (reaches last two rows, which I happen to be in!) Oh, ran out. Hang on a sec. (walks back to desk and comes back with black pencils)

Benitho: Oooh! Mrs. I WANT ONE!!

Mrs. Dand: You have a pencil.

Benitho: But I want the black one!!

Mrs. Dand: ...

Benitho: Mrs., whatt if I buy it from you!

Mrs. Dand: 50 cents.

Benitho: OKAY! (takes out 50 cents and sits proudly with it)

Alyssa: Mrs. These don't have erasers.

Mrs. Dand: Oh. (walks back to desk and pulls out about ten of the really good kind of erasers!)

Benitho: Oh Oh!! Mrs. I want one of those too!!

Mrs. Dand: These are 1.00

Benitho: Aww.. man I don't have a dollar. Lauren!!

Lauren: (sighs) Fine

Benitho: (Gives Mrs. Dand the dollar) YaY!!

Mrs. Dand: (rolls eyes) Hey, someone's #2 pencil is on the ground.

Benitho: Oh that's mine

Mrs. Dand: Why the hell did you just buy an eraser, with her money, if you've got one on the end of your pencil!?

Benitho: No Mrs, this is her eraser!

Mrs. Dand: ...

Benitho: You see, it's her eraser that I'm using.

Lauren: It's mine but I'm lending it to him.

Benitho: Yea, it's her's

Mrs. Dand: But...why are you using it if you have an eraser?

Benitho: Because it's a cool eraser.

Mrs. Dand: You just proved the sterotype "dumb jock"

Class: OOOOOH!!

Benitho: But Mrs-

Allan: Yea Mrs. he was just saying that it's her eraser that he bought with her money so...

Mrs Dand: Aha!! You see!! Dumb and Dumber!

Benitho: ...can I have my pencil back now?

Class: (Laughs)

Christain: Yea, you two are morons!!

Allan: Look who's talking!

Mrs. Dand: Dumb (points at benitho) Dumb (Allan) and Dumber (Christian)

Allan: But Mrs. that's two dumbs!

Mrs: Alright Dumb (Benitho) Dumber (Christian) Dumbest (Allan). Who wants to be retardo boy?

Steffi: hey Kai.

me: What?

Steffi: You want some popcorn?

me: nahhh

steffi: How bout some...Mexican. Hot Nuts.

me: Mexican. Hot Nuts?

Steffi: (bursts out laughing)

other viewers: SHHH!!

(we look back at movie when this REALLY hot guy comes on)

Steffi: whoa he's HOT. I want some Mexican hot nuts...

me: Wha-?!

Steffi: Not those! Well...yea those too actually

Lia: Hey Kai whaz up ya'llz

me: Hey Lia! Not much, just trying to wake up, mondays suck

Lia: Tell me about it. So where's Mare?

me: I don't know! Do I look like her keeper?

Lia: Yea

me: ...oh...well... i don't know. She discovered the tracking device we put on her so I lost her.

Lia: Wow... Kaila without a Mare is like... an emo without a razor...

me: Yes! Mare is the razor to my emo!!

John: Mrs. you're racist!!

Mrs. Albo: No, I don't run!

Class: Say Wha-?

Mrs. Albo: Racist! I don't run!

Mrs. Albo: Okay, I'm going to give 100 points to all the girls

Guys: WHAT!! Why!!

John: Mrs. that's Sexist!!

Mrs. Albo: I'm not sexy!

John: Well we ALL know that! Mrs. Albo really as dumb as everyone says?

me: (gives her a "Duh" look)

Mare: Yes! This one guy walked into class completely high and she didn't do anything! And when we said "Mrs. He's high!" she looked confused and said "No. No he's low. He's sitting down"

Lia: Wow that's sad

me: Have you seen the wig yet!

Mare and Lea: Wig?

me: YES!! This is my theory about her; She escaped from a mental institution somewhere in mexico (i don't mean that as a raciest comment at all!) Then she came over here to hide from the law, and whenever she has to go back she wears a blonde wig that she keeps under her desk!!

Lia: Woooow, that sound logical

Sandra: Is there really a wig under her desk!!

me: YES!!

Sandra: Geez, I'm glad I'm taking French!

my sis: Hey Kai, you know what I just noticed. One of the nuns was named Sister Margarita.

Lia Hey are you going to Sandra's party?

me: I can't (sighs) I'm going to Ruidoso with my dad and sister

Lea: Ruidoso! Awesomeness! I can't go either, Make sure you hug a bear

me: You know I will!

Lea: Then take a glove, slap da bear across the face and challenge it to a duel!

me: WHOOHOO!! ya got it!! and I'll WIN!!

Lia: but there's one tiny problemo

me: What's that?

Lia: You see, traditional bear dueling rules clearly state that when dueling a bear your only weapons are a rock and a stick

me: Aww man!! And I was hoping to try out my new chainsaw flamethrower hybrid!! WAIT!! Do ya think if I gave him a cookie he'd let me use it!?

Lia: What type of cookie?

me: Chocolate chip o' course! Then I'll invite him to tea and crumpets

Lia: lol. Then when he least expects it, chainsaw the sucka!


Lia: BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!! So r u there yet? Huh huh HUH??

me: Nope, waitin for my dad to get home, and i'm so boreded!!

Lia: BoReDeD Oh my god you poor soul (weeps uncontrollably)

me: I know! (joins weeping)

Lia: I'm so hunger like

me: (gasp) hunger like!! NOOOO!! hey me too...LIA SAVE YOURSELF!!

Lia: I can'thunger too strong!

me: YaY Poptarts!! Get me one!!


me: What?

Lia: I have no poptarts! We're both doomed!

me: NOoooOOOOO!!

Lia: Save (coughs) yourself!

me: (is dead)

Lia: (is dead too) Hey! We're zombies!!

me: YaY Zombies!! BUT WHAT DO WE EAT!!

Lia: Brains

me: sry to tell ya this Lea, but I don't got one

Lia: Then we'll eat...Bran

me: NOOOO!!


me: no way, I'll stick to being a zombie, bran is WAY too healthy

Lia: Good point. OH! Let's eat cookies instead!


Lia: OMG! Did you hear about cookie monster??

me: (mouth filled with cookies) HAPPENED!!

Lia: He (tear) went on a diet

me: (gasps) No...Way...

Lia: We MUST save him!!

me: YES!! I'll get the 18 wheeler truck with the emergency "Cookie Monster went on a Diet" cookie supply!!

Lia: No, we must do more!

me: Like what??

Lia: ...I don't know!!

(and yes, this was all done in text messages, you can imagine my phone bill...two words: Not. Good.)

Kyrie: What are you on??

Megan: (looks confused) A chair??

My sis This face BELONGS on Tv!!

me: (smirks) Would that be a horror movie?


My sis: WHAT?!

Me: (turns to look at her with a wire tied around my nose) Check it out!! I tied my head-phones wire around my nose!!

My sis: ...You're insane


Steffi: What?

me: I can't get the accursed thing off!!

Steffi: Did you try the zipper??

me: Dresses come with zippers??

Steffi: ...

Edgar: Hmmm...can you graph cheesecake??

Steffi: Ohmygod! Kai did you see that guy!

me: Who? The guy in the red?

Steffi: That's Mauve sweetie

me: Fine! Yes I saw Mr. Mauve

Steffi: Ooh! I like that! Come we must give chase!!

me: Mare come on! Steffi wants to stalk another poor defenseless christmas shopper

Steffi: This one's different! He's wearing mauve and he actually looks good in it! Now come on he went up the stairs!!

Mare: Hmmm is this why we never believe her when she claims to not be a stalker?

me: Yes I think so

Steffi: Guys!! You let him get away!!

Ms. E : Okay, next question that will appear on your test: Who were the first Flash Tappers? Put the answer on your notes.

random girl: You said flash tappers, right Ms.?

Ms. E: Yes, Flash as in girls gone wild...WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!? A teacher shouldn't say stuff like that!!

Edgar: I'll be visiting you in your sleep David!

David: (looks confused) You'll be invisioning me in my sleep? Dude, I don't want you to do that anymore. I know French does that and I don't need two guys invisioning me in my sleep.

French: (looks over) What?

David: Yea, we're talking about you French. You and your sick fantasies with Mr. Saucedo--

French: ...

David: -- in a bunny suit --

me: ...

David: -- eating chocolates.

Edgar: ...I can just imagine that!!

me: Say wha-??


Hayden: (is reading a passage from our book in a really good Irish accent) "He made people smile, with his waiflike timidity. I loved his great, dreaming eyes" -- Wait isn't that gay!!

Mike: (knocks my folder to the ground)

me: Pick that up!

Mike: (picks it up) You know what would've been funny! If the folder knocked Stephen to the ground!

me: Oh yea Mike, the folder flies across two rows and still has enough force to knock him out of his chair. You'd have to be the Hulk or something.

Mike: ...MIKE SMASH!!

Mr. Saucedo: Okay, so today we will be discussing Monomials

class: What?

random girl: Mr. this is going to be hard, I can tell, since none of us can even say it.

Mr. S: No, it's actually very easy

David: Yes, go on Mr. with your talk of monominables...or whatever

me: monomials dumbass

David: Yea well, monominables could be the plural form of the word so it actually makes sense...

me: ...

class: ...

Edgar: (wakes up from dazed look) What'd you say about monopoly??


me: Okay, is it just me or does our waiter look like a Hobbit??

my mom: He does!! Hmm...isn't it convenient that we just watched the Lord of the Rings before we came here...

me: Oh. My. God. You know what this place is!!

my sis: What?

me: It's a secret colony of hobbits!!

my mom: Hmm...yes I see it! Look all the waiters are definately hobbit sized! I bet there's a trap door in the kitchen!!

me: For what?

my mom: It takes them back to their world!!

me: GASP!! That's it!!

my mom: (shifty eyes) Yeees. And now that we've stumbled upon their secret they'll want to kll us!

me: OH NO! Quick! Grab the silverware, we must defend ourselves against the hobbits!!

my sis: Use the spoons!!

my mom: Yes, when they come to bring us our food, we'll smack them in the head with the spoons!!


my mom: haha, it sounds like a game show! (in cheesy game show host voice) And our next contestant is...Megan!!

me: (cheers)

my sis: Alright! So what game do I get to play today!!

my mom: Spin the wheel!!

me: Spin, Spin, Spin!!

my sis: (spins imaginary wheel including the sound effects)

my mom: And it looks like you've landed on Smack the Hobbit!! And you will now be playing for a grand prize of...(looks at me) What's the grand prize?

me: Hmmm...A year supply of gardening tools!!

my sis: YAY!! Just what I've always wanted!!


me: Ms. Cook!!

Ms. Cook: (sighs) Yes Kaila?

me: I'm writing on your chalkboard and Mare keeps messing it up!

mare: HEY! It's my reputation on the line!!

Ms. Cook: What exactly are you writing?

me: (rolls eyes) Well obviously I'm broadcasting to the entire school about Mare's intimate encounter with Pocahantus boy!!

Ms. Cook: ...Pocahantus boy?

me: Yes! You see (starts talking REALLY fast) Mare got together with this guy over the break and they started watching Pocahantus and during a freaking DISNEY movie they start making out! Then they go outside while it's SNOWING and make out some more and I feel it's my duty as her best friend to make her life as miserable as possible, but I can't do that if she keeps erasing what I'm writing on your chalkboard!!

Ms. Cook: Well then you should continue with your noble work

me: Thank you!

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Digimon - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 7,840 - Reviews: 91 - Favs: 21 - Follows: 1 - Published: 12/19/2000 - Taichi Y./Tai K., Sora T.
On The Wings OF Destiny by logan reviews
taiora throught one girls life she has had a protector, a figure who would appear from the shadow and save her life... now she discovers her true connection to this
Digimon - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 7,690 - Reviews: 92 - Favs: 15 - Published: 12/10/2000 - Taichi Y./Tai K., Sora T.
Poetry of the Heart by logan reviews
(TAIORA) tai and sora are sneaking around to be with eachouther... sora's mom takes out her hatrid on men on tai... this story has some poetry and some all and all good old fassion fluff... mix of depth and shallowness... lol... most of the poetry in here
Digimon - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,997 - Reviews: 83 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 1 - Published: 9/12/2000 - Sora T., Taichi Y./Tai K.
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Arrows to the Heart reviews
Taiora Mimato Medieval. Their country was ruled by a malicious tyrant. He planned to stop him, while she was being forced to help him. They met by chance and now their paths are intertwined. Will sparks fly or will they fall victim to cupid's arrows?
Digimon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 9 - Words: 139,059 - Reviews: 141 - Favs: 45 - Follows: 40 - Updated: 1/5/2009 - Published: 3/15/2007 - Taichi Y./Tai K., Sora T.
The Legend of Digitania reviews
The Dark Masters have begun their dominance of Digitania, but during this world's darkest hour ten children rise up to challenge this apocolyptic force with the powers of the elements in thier hands. UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Will be reposted someday
Digimon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 14 - Words: 148,257 - Reviews: 109 - Favs: 27 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 2/25/2007 - Published: 9/14/2005 - Taichi Y./Tai K., Sora T.
Heir of Light reviews
One year after the digidestined are called to save the digitalworld, Genni sends for them again to defeat an evil thousands of years old. But what...or who is this new evil searching for? TAIORA! with some Mimato
Digimon - Rated: K - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 7 - Words: 33,251 - Reviews: 65 - Favs: 45 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 9/14/2005 - Published: 8/28/2005 - Taichi Y./Tai K., Sora T. - Complete
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