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Author has written 9 stories for Pokémon, Legend of Zelda, Zone of The Enders, Kingdom Hearts, and O'Malley series.

Zora’s Story: Zora is the next thing to royal, locked away in a tight box where she is expected to perform her duties as the Fire Balance. When she was 15, though, Night Bandit had kidnapped her. She'd fallen in love with him, and when she returned to the Elite Stadium, she hadn’t wanted to go back to her old way of life. Hunter was growing tired to sneaking around guards to see her. An epic tale of divided loyalties and love. COMPETE

Ducecice’s Run: Aura, Cole, Barry and Jared are in the middle of enjoying life when war breaks out. Being special unit frame runners, they are on the front lines. Aura must figure out how to stop an operation to control the sun, while Barry and Jared are keeping the enemy away from her, focusing on their destruction. Cole is near death from the initial attack on home base. Death and separation are terrible strains...

Zelda & Link: For a while, Link thought he had a good life; his home village, Epona, a princess that secretly waited for him within Hyrule Castle. But lately, something has felt different and Link feels the winds of change coming on. So, he plans to ‘kidnap’ Princess Zelda. Only one problem—you don’t kidnap a princess without attracting notice, therefore pursuit, danger, hiding, risks...Oh, well. Life was boring anyway. COMPETE

Seth O’Malley: Being a body guard for hire is what Seth does. He’s been shot at, hit over the head, cussed at, yelled at, etc., etc. enough to make anyone hate life. When a wealthy ambassador hires him to protect his daughter from a stalker, Seth finds himself in love. But there are obstacles in the relationship that he may never be able to get over. In addition, he finds out that Whitney knows what he’s up against, and she’s not telling. COMPETE

Riku: Riku just wanted to get away. It was like being Closter phobic. But when he gets turned around and finds a new place he could call home, he fears that the need to get away will return. Will he throw away the chance for happiness, or weather the storm? COMPETE

Riku 2: The Hunt for Love: This story exists simply because many reviewers from Riku asked for a sequel. The Hunt for Love features Riku returning to The Ranch to tell Lucia and Mark that the shadow creature that had been plaguing them was just a teenage boy. But when he gets there, he finds The Ranch in flames. Lucia is gone, so Riku sets out to find her. But these imitation Origination XIII members are more then amateurs...COMPLETE

The Pokemon Huntress: Deme is a huntress notorious for her skills in the trade. She was only recently released from prison and is already at her business again. This time, she’s chosen to go after Mew, and is taking her lover along for the ride. The balance of the world will no doubt be altered, but she doesn’t really mind. However, her lover Tris doesn’t really share the same passion for hunting as she does. Perhaps there are torn loyalties there that would lead to betrayal... betrayal that neither of them see coming.

The Kokiri Warrior: Savannah once lived a peaceful life in the Kokiri Village, before a Zelda-style version of guerilla war broke out. The Gerudos feel they’ve been cheated by the Queen Zelda, and her king, Link, and Savannah is their best tool against the monarch. The once elf-like child is now an undefeatable warrior. But like all warriors forged in hell, she is dangerously close to losing everything simply because of herself. COMPLETE

The Hylian Warrior: Sequel to Kokiri Warrior. Paris let Savannah go back to being Kokiri, because she’d been taken from her home by the Gerudo and turned into an abomination. But it broke him. Looking at him now, one would never guess he was once a beautiful, intelligent solider of Their Highnesses, Zelda and Link, but he was. Savannah aka Wren, on the other hand, finds that the potion didn’t work and now must retrieve her broken lover. COMPLETE

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As far as my writing here, I’ve come to the point where the main point of these stories is for fun and relaxation, though the occasional review really brightens my day. I am also looking specifically for remarks concerning my writing style, good or bad. I would greatly appreciate any comments. Thank you!

Also, I can be found on FictionPress.com under the same penname. Just click here: http://www.fictionpress.com/u/560932/.

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