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Hi there all, thanks for visiting my profile page! Do you know, out of all the stories and stuff, I still find writing bios the hardest! So, I'll try to put in a bit about me without making it sound too much like a list of what I do and don't like, then tell you a bit about my fan fic.

Well I'm a 22 year old girl from England, I like skydiving, martial arts, gymnastics and horseriding. I love films and TV, mostly British ones butmany of the big US ones like 24, Lost and the X Files. As for books, I like Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials, Garth Nix's Abhorsen series, Bridget Jones and Harry Potter. One of my fave book series is Animorphs, which I've loved since I was a kid and they first came out. Just re-read the whole series!

So my fanfic is based on Animorphs! It's a 4 part story and it's not for die-hard canon fans as Jake et al hardly poke their faces in at all! Oooh! Yup, I've made up several new characters in K.A.Applegate's world, whose mission is to find the original Animorphs.

I did this just for fun really, I was on holiday with my family in 2005, and my sister, (who loves Animorphs too) and I, went to a zoo and kept saying to each other how cool it would be for one of the characters to morph a deer, or a leopard, or whatever. So I wanted to write a story partly to introduce brand new cool morphs, new characters of my own (cos I love making characters up!) and to make up a cool storyline. I was a bit obsesive with the morphs, actually, going through all these 'Animals of the British Isles' books and stuff to pick out some interesting ones. Especially for the bird of preys.

So I started inventing a new story in my mind, with new people and new situations - and loads of new morphs, most of which haven't been done in the Animorphs books!

I've put a lot of time and effort into them so I do hope you enjoy them! I'm uploading as I write and trying to update often so check back soon because there might be the next chapter uploaded!

4/09/05 Yay! My first Fan Fic, Animorphs: The Fugitives, is finished! Thanks to all who have read and reviewed so far, I'm really grateful! Only 3 more stories left to go now...

07/09/05 Just started on my next Animorphs fanfic - The Confrontation. The intro is up and running, and ready for you all to read and review! Smiles eagerly

18/09/05 The Confrontation is finished - thats for everyone who reviewed! The intro of story 3 is up - The Assassin

01/10/05 - My first fan art for Samantha is up at Elfwood - check it out at / and you can find one of Ferdie at both are drafts, I'm hoping to do a coloured version sometime.

09/10/05 I am well into The Assassin now - sorry it took a while for me to update, I've been busy going back to uni and everything! Thanks to all who have reviewed so far!

21/10/05 The Assassin is DONE! Oh yeah! It took a while - a lot longer than the other two, cos of uni work and essays and things! But I've finally finished, so I hope you like it! Please read and review! One left...

9/11/05 The Rendezvous is up! The intro and chappie 1 is done, hope you like it, please R and R! Sorry it took ages to upload, I have had loads of essays and stuff over the last few weeks.

29/11/05 The Rendezvous, and the whole series, is finished! All there and ready for your reading enjoyment (I hope!) It took about three months in all and has been hard work, but I've loved writing it and I love all the people who left reviews. I'm planning to write a few more fanfics in the future, so watch this space. Right...I'd better shut up now, before I sound like KAA at the end of book 54!

06/12/05 The Epidemic, my first fic from Jake's POV is up! It follows on from where The Rendezvous left off, and tells the story of the Animorphs and the fugitive's first mission together.

16/12/05 The Epidemic is Finished! Whoo hoo! I'm probably going to have a break from writing over Christmas, but I hope to have the next one up and running soon. It will probably be The Terrorist, but I'm not too sure yet. Thanks to everyone who R+R'd - keep them coming people!

15/01/06 The Terrorist is up! Yay, first fic of 2006! Sorry for the delay, I needed a break over Christmas. Hopefully I'll have regular updates, but i do have a load of uni work due in the next few weeks, and then it's my birthday, so there might be some gaps!

18/01/06 The University Morphing Club is up!

12/02/07 Oh dear, it's been a while since I updated. I'm so sorry for the massive delay! The last 12 months has been so busy, with final exams, disserations, job hunting (somewhat unsuccessful so far) and travelling. I plan to get back onto writing ASAP and want to start writing The Terrorist again. Meanwhile, I've been doing quite a bit of fan art, at - mostly morphs, just like thr front covers. Loads of pictures of Sam etc. morphing their fave animals.

Planned/Upcoming Projects!

I've got a few ideas for future fan fics, which I'll be working on when I finish my lastest fic. I want to keep to my AU where the Fugitives are owkring with the Animorphs, so they'll be appearing in most of my stories. Also, I want to write some stories based on modern day issues in society, such as terrorism, euthanasia and other themes which will arise political awareness in an Animorphs-based context. Let me know what you think if them:)

The Heist

The Yeerks have discovered a disk that contains the blueprints to the morphing technology. But they have no idea how to open it, or even what it contains. Knowing what it is, a renegade technical Sub Visser steals the disk from his superiors, wanting the technology for himself. He hides it in a bank vault where he works, but after becoming suspicious of the Animorphs, he installs Bio-Filters all around the bank, which will alert him to any non-human/Yeerk DNA. The Animorphs have to get that disk back - but they cannot morph! It has to be done in human form only. It’s the ultimate Mission: Impossible!

The Resolution

Nicole, Cassie’s cousin, has become very ill, and lives in constant pain and fear. The doctors are talking about giving her the decision to die, but Cassie knows the morphing power will cure her. Should Cassie risk their secrecy to save her cousin and gain another member, or leave the matters to the hands of the doctors and Nicole?

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