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Author has written 9 stories for Jimmy Neutron, Invader Zim, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Finding Neverland, and Sleepy Hollow.

Question: What is your everyday life like?

Answer: A lot of my everyday life is composed of: a.) Working on schoolwork provided by my homeschool program: b.) Spending time with my adorable doggie: and most of all, c.) Reading my brains out.

Q: Do you have more than one pet?

A: Yes, in fact, I do. I have my doggie, Kipper, a pure-bred Beagle who has an excellent sniffer on the end of his schnauz, and a quick mind to boot, as well as an active personality; and I have a fish, Fred, who's a very silly male Betta. He hates my finger. Or anybody's finger, for that matter.

Q: Do you have any friends?

A: A few... I have a dear friend in Montana and a veryclose friend right here in the good ol' state of PA.

Q: What do you do when you have to think of new chapters for your current-running fanfictions?

A: Well, usually I'll begin thinking about it almost immediatley after I post the chapter I've just finished. Of course, a lot of my thinking is done late at night while laying in bed, for that's one of the more peaceful times I get to think. (Laughs)

Q: Is there anything in particular that annoys you?

A: Well, yes, actually, there is. Three things. 1.) Male pregnation stories. I'm sorry, but I really dislike them with a passion. 2.)My little brother insisting on reading my mother and I comics out of, i.e., Calvin and Hobbes, and especially Garfield. 3.) My annoying little brat of a cousin named David, David the Fourth I believe is his full basic name. Most of the time he spends with me isannoying the bloody BLEEP out of me and I can't stand it.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: Reading, mostly. I read way past my age level and am proud of it. BLEEP, I read Stephen King! Another of my favorite hobbies is to write. (Laughs) Writing is something that keeps me busy, keeps my mind active. The only problem with that is that I hardly ever start a fanfiction when another one starts buzzing my mind like a nest of angry hornets.

Q: If you could have one thing in life, what would it be?

A: Well now, that's hard. Okay, so maybe it isn't. I'd probably either wish for an enormous library filled with the most interesting books imaginable in any genre, or I'd wish that taxes didn't exist and everybody in the world had enough to eat and enough money to keep themselves afloat, as well as food and water purity. After all, do we REALLY need to be running around worrying about Mad Cow Disease, Bird Flu, and Herbicides and Pesticides littering our food supply?

Q: What are you favorite types of books?

A: Murder mysteries, plain ol' mysteries, books that are so insane they make me laugh, and fantasy books that may contain any of the following: dragons, griffins, wizards, hobbits, goblins, etc. Anything mystical and awe-inspiring.

Q: What is the most disturbing conversation you've ever had a say in?

A: Well, I can't remember that many, but the most recent one has been concerning Willy Wonka's (Johnny Depp's) lollipops. And no, I don't mean candy. I'm sorry for all the young, innocent people out there who just read that. Please stab me. I'm insane, I like that I'm insane, and I'll probably die being insane. And... my cousin started it. (Eyes the door shiftily)

Q: What's your favorite quote?

A: "A man who treats his cats and dogs like dirt ought to be treated like dirt himself." - Some old wise dead man that I can't remember right at this moment.

Q: What are your favorite TV shows?

A: Well, for the little bit of TV that I DO watch, I'd have to say like Invader ZIM, and Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction? I used to like The Planet's Funniest Animals on Animal Planet, but when they kicked out Matt Gallant I immediatley stopped watching the show. I want Matt back!Of course, a lot of my favorite TV shows from when I was a kid have been canceled. Wah.

Q: Okay, last question. Do you have an obsession with... Johnny Depp? (In response to the above statement concerning 'the most disturbing conversation')

A: Err... no? (Laughs weakly and backs away towards the door.) Not really? A little bit? Yes, a little bit. Not much. Definitley, not much. (Turns and makes a dash for the door.)

Me Quotes:

"I get the most peculiar sensation when staring into a coffee cup. The thought that runs through my mind: 'So this is what being a mouse feels like!'"

"(In a really, really strange singsong voice that sounds like I've got a bubble in my throat) Hi-iiiiiii!"

"SQUEEEE! (Don't ask)"

"And this expression, class, is the one Mario uses when he finds out that ditzy Princess Peach slept with Toad!"

"(Gasp) Poor Dewey Denouement! I LOVED HIM SO MUCH! (Eyes cross) Er... I didn't mean that!"

Me: "And (cousin) wants Willy Wonka's lollipops best of all!"
Cousin: "Yeah, only 'cause you had 'em first."

Me: "Willy Wonka called, (Cousin). He wants his lollipops back. (Dissolves into helpless laughter)"

Cousin: "I'm sorry, but Willy Wonka's lollipops are his own."

"Oooooo. A ba-na-na."

Me: "I love youuuu."
Cousin: "WHAT!"
Me: "I didn't say a thing, dear girl!"


More About Me:

I... love the color blue. It's also the color of my birthstone, aquamarine. My fans can digest that and go insane trying to figure out what my birthdate is. Ha. And ha. I'm very random, and if you try to talk to me for very long you'll often find yourself dissolving into laughter. My astrological sign is an Aries, so there's another clue as to the mystery of my birthdate... it'll narrow down a lot. I often will be stubborn and set in my ways, but I'm not entirely pushy. I know a no. I have an obsession with saying the word 'chickens', often in a sense that displays that I'm angry and exasperated. "Oh, CHICKENS."

I have a unique talent for writing about gore and blood. I also have a unique talent for taking just about anything you say and twisting it around to something much less nice. I like Hank the Cowdog, and nobody can tell me it's stupid. 'Cause it's not. It's funny, even if it is a series ofbooks for third-graders. And I'm thirteen. I don't care. So shut up. Ha. And ha again!

I despise slash fics, even if it's a nicely written one. If it's on the nice and fluffy side, y'know, maybe a bit of hugging here and there or something I might take a peek. But otherwise... not. No, no, nada. Don't try to persuade me. I won't do it.

I like movies, too. A few of my favorite movies are as follows: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Pirates of the Carribean, Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, Jurassic Park III, The Polar Express, Madagascar, Shrek II (don't much care for the original Shrek), National Treasure, Dinotopia, any Scooby-Doo movie, Finding Neverland...

Chickens. Oh, chickens. I live in the country of Chickenaw, and if any of you have snide comments about it, you can just shut the -- up. 'Cause I don't wanna hear 'em. In Chickenaw everyone owns chickens and everyone is insane and completely random. We eat chicken every day, play with our chickens every day, and everyone takes flying lessons. We all have these enormous white-feathered wings attached to our heads. We use sheer brain power to make them flap. You should really visit Chickenaw sometime. It's really beautiful during winter. It chickens, which is when chicken feathers fall from the sky. They cover everything, and when we clean 'em up we use them for crafts and stuff. Our houses are made from chicken bones and covered with dyed chicken feathers. Isn't it wonderful?

I have slightly oddly colored hair. I didn't go wild like other people do, I just simply have some blond and blue and greenish-blueish-blondish hair in the front. It was supposed to go blond-blue-blond, but my cousin messed it up when she did it, so it's all kinda mashed together. I went swimming up at a resevoir directly afterwards and the blue soaked into the blond, creating the interesting greenish color. Otherwise, my hair is a kind of dark brown. Kinda like chocolate.

Anyway... I think that's all you need to know about me, 'cause if I give you anymore, your head is likely to explode like a pumpkin that's just been stomped on. If you want to try to be my friend... go ahead... but I'm not responsible for any exploded heads. If your head explodes, you can... I dunno... dress up all spooky, get a pitch-black horse with red eyes, and imitate the headless horseman, 'till you get a new head. Sound exciting, dunnit?

Oh, one more thing:

I once read somewhere on, I believe in one of the Sleepy Hollow fanfictions' reviews, that guns weren't widely invented until the late 1800's, long after the movie Sleepy Hollow. However, guns were actually developed very early in human history. Gunpowder, or 'blackpowder', was first mentioned around 1267, in the writings of the English monk, Roger Bacon. After that, the earliest firearms in history were canon type guns. Later the canons were refined to small shoulder shooters.

Around the year 1540, ashort, lightweightwheel lock (which is a type ofgun that didn't need a matchlock. Inside the gun was a wheel that, when the trigger was pulled, spun. A spring was forced, and a piece of flint held firm in the clamp was struck against the wheel, creating sparks and lighting the powder in the powder pan, which then set off the charge, or the shot.) was developed in the city of Pistoia, Italy, and thus the pistol was born. This type of weapon was small enough for mounted men to use.

The rifle was believed to first be introduced into Germany during the early days of the wheel lock, probably between around 1515 and 1550.

So there. Need any more proof? -Giggles insanely.- Didn't think so. If you want to know any more on the subject, please personal message me. Though I'm not the expert myself, I do know the origins of guns. Long before the 1800's, mate.

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