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Jan 17, 2008

It's been a while since I last updated my profile section huh?, well anyways, I'll be posting one of my fics that should be done soon. I'll probably post a chapter or two a day till I get up to where I'm currently at, Chapter 17. It is my Digiranger fic that I finally figured out how to continue.

I also think I'll finally be able to pic Digimon Saviors up again, and work more on it. A new friend of mine, NeodeulGX over at Deviantart, is trying to get me to pic up another idea of mine, that I stopped after one chapter, because I couldn't figure out where to go with it. I might or might not do that, since i have other fic ideas in my head.

So I think that sometime after my finals(January 24 is the last day for 1st semester finals at my school) I should be able to get chapter 12 of Digimon Saviors, which I'll probably change the title,

Nov 9

I am going to put my Digimon Ranger fic on Hiatus, though I doubt I'll get back to it, I had good ideas for it and but after the third chapter I can't really think of how to fit in some of my ideas so until I do I will be removing the fic from the site and if I do come up with more I'll put it back up.

Aug 31

I've finished the third chapter of Digimon Saviors, so it is now up. Two evolutions down, only 3 to go, but what will wind up happening during the groups adventures? Find out later on!

Aug 30

I Finally Finished the Ultimate Precious, not the best ending in my opinion but I couldn't think of anything to happen afterwards. so yeah. I'll be posting the third chapter to my newest digimon fic soon, as soon as I finish it that is, and then I should post the 4th soon afterwards.

Aug 20

I've removed some of my older stories, left my oldest though for some reason. Digimon Saviors, the new version of my former digimon fic, Digimon Transcendance, is now up. Slightly different plot, and only two characters from Transcendance are in it though. Eventually I will be removing Transcendance since it is now to be known as Saviors, after all saviors is its NEW VERSION. And It won't be continued so I will be removing it to halt people form possibly wondering why it isn't being updated.

Aug 5

I've posted the second chapter to The Ultimate Precious. I should have the first chapter of my new digimon story, and I should have another fic up soon as well.

July 29

I am sorry to say that I am discontinuing two of my stories. One of which I've lost all interest in the series, and the other I just don't like how it was turning out. However the later of the two will be redone, I'll be using the same characters but some of the things I came up with made it so I couldn't easily have the fic flow, especially the reliance on someone in another state for the art for some of the upcomming chapters. However due to the fact that she has already gone through the work, I might have them show up in a chapter, but not be storycentric.

The two fics are my current Rockman fic, which I have lost all interest in, with my declining interest in Rockman.EXE series. Though my friend Mugen tried to get me to continue with it, I just cant come up with anymore ideas for it, and I might at one point pick it up again but I don't know when, if ever, that will be. The other fic of course is my Digimon fic, I will like I said before continue it under a slightly different title, and slightly different plot. The evolution lines will be slightly altered, and like I've mentioned I will beremoving something, that I just didn't really like after I started trying to work it into the fic, and once I worked it in I realized I shouldn't of.

I am sincerly sorry to those who read those two fics, but as you probably agree, if ones interest is not in something, then they can't give it there all, and I am not one who likes giving choppy stuff. I also realize it isn't great for my rep, not that I have one anyways, to discontinue a story, but I don't see the point in continuing if it will either be really bad, or confusing. So that is why I am discontinuing those two stories.

And of course I give my greatest appologies to the one who has worked so hard on drawing stuff for my Digimon fic, I am extreamly sorry for doing this to you, I hope you understand Firebunny.


Kram Elbog

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