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Joined 08-25-05, id: 885209

First off, I'd like to say that I try not to insult people. But holy crap, I'm good at it. And if I write something that can be taken as both a compliment and a burn, take it as a compliment.

About me (though why you'd want to know is beyond me):

TRFKA is "The reviewer formerly known as" to remind me that other people's grammar mistakes aren't a problem. (Thanks, Nima)

JSou stands for my real name.

RORSOFF stands for Reviewer Of Random Stories On FanFiction.

I love random trivia, I like random things, I watch random shows, (from Lilo and Stitch to It Takes A Thief). I'll say whatever pops into my mind (which isn't always a good thing), I try to be funny, (sometimes I can, sometimes I fail awesomely), I like to read (hence my signing up). I also like fire (unless it's on me) and to make jokes about chainsaws.

I'm slightly immature most of the time.

I like talking about things that blow up or make big fire, like Nitroglycerin or dropping two grams of Cesium in a bathtub filled with water.

I'm good at finding mistakes and I can proofread very well.

I like music. Most rap is NOT music. Classic rock is music. Greenday is music. Tom Petty is music. All techno is music, etc., etc, etc.

The quote that describes me best: "I don't think through things throughly. You think I think? You think wrong if you think I think. I think you should stop thinking."

I like good fight scenes, like this one.

May your swords stay sharp!