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Author has written 7 stories for Danny Phantom, Transformers/Beast Wars, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Assassin's Creed, and Kingdom Hearts.

Heyo. Sup. I'm Elspeth. Els or Elsa if you want, or Shaddie works, too. I'm a junior in college, majoring in English. I will be 21 very shortly. I play video games a lot (currently I am obsessed with Mass Effect, and especially MShenko). I write a lot. I draw a lot, albeit not very well. I have a girlfriend. The relationship is long distance, but we've been together for four years now.

As it turns out, I'm really lousy at finishing longer stories, so this account hasn't really been updated in a while. With Horizon and Sundered, I'm hoping to break that streak. Fingers crossed!


Bring Me That Horizon - Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. This one is also being posted on my blog (, where I am also posting 'behind the scenes' info, for anyone interested.

Sundered - Kingdom Hearts

In the Workshop:

Transformers: Wreckage -- AU, very much so. Based loosely upon the Unicron Trilogy, with many G1 aspects, but ultimately made up entirely. Being completely rewritten after a computer crash caused me to lose the first six chapters. Disheartened, I haven't worked on it much. Only the prologue is done, and the rest is still in the planning stage.

Transformers: Rafters -- AU, even more so. Takes place faithfully after the 2007 movie, then veers off. Borrows from the second movie. It's pretty much constantly in the planning stage.

Halo: The Plantation Project -- this actually requires some back story here. A while ago, I watched The Forgotten Spartans on Youtube, and I liked it. It got me thinking, and I decided, 'well shit, if other people can make stories with oddly named Spartans that are reasonably popular, why can't I?' So I made a gang of OCs and I got typing. Then I ran into a problem. I liked my characters; all of them. I didn't want to hurt them (much). I wanted everything to just get on all hunky-dory. However, it would be far more plausible for things to end badly. But I still didn't want to hurt them. So this one story became a project; I would split it into two trilogies. One trilogy is what would happen if it was happier, one is what would happen if it was angsty. And then a seventh story, to have these two diverging branches meet up for whacky hijinx. Being entirely rewritten, because wow the first version was lousy. Like, holy shit. Also wildly AU. There's a trend here. Game events still happened, there are just still quite a few Spartans (-IIs and -IIIs) left loitering about.

Legend of Zelda: Risen -- maybe vaguely AU? I'm not trying for AU, at any rate. Draws from Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Skyward Sword. Focuses on Link, Sheik, Dark Link, and a couple OCs. The first two chapters are finished, and I'm working on the third.

Discontinued/Extended Hiatus:

Return of Darkness - Danny Phantom

And a final, rather whiny, bitchy note.

Seriously, people. The Darkness Within is a horrible story. The only reason it is still posted is because Return of Darkness is its sequel and is maybe-possibly being worked on. I wrote TDW in MIDDLE SCHOOL. It's full of gaps and plot holes, it makes no sense, it's poorly written, and it's only like five pages long in total. In short, it's utter shit. Stop favoriting it. You are not endearing yourselves to me by telling me that my most horrific piece of shit is my most popular. And also, stop putting it on alert. It's finished. Done. Complete. Nothing new to add. And STOP ASKING FOR A SEQUEL. There's a sequel IN THE WORKS. Asking for one will not hurry the process. It will just make me giggle at your low taste and lack of ability to pay attention to the obvious (like TDW's completion date, and the sequel lounging around).

That is all.

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