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This is the profile of the crazyDFFgang. We know it’s long, but please take your time to read it!

The history of the crazyDFFgang:

Born in the forum of DFF ( or directly: I guess you can say our first member was a girl names julia who had the idea to start a story for every user to take part in writing it. What first started as something for fun, for fighting against boredom turned soon into a serious project and submitted lines turned to pages and the story developed it’s own shape. Sometimes the plot my be a little weird, because of all those different influences, but on the other hand that’s also what makes this so special.
Another important thing is that the writers come from over the world, from Russia, Brazil, U.K., Germany, Austria, Spain, USA, Norway, Singapore, the Netherlands, Belgium and Canada (till now)!
But as always with huge projects, there are good and bad times. And so it happened that the writers were coming and going, only two of us stayed all the time, not wanting to give up on this, since they put too much of their heart and soul into this to just stop... So those remaining writer do everything they can to keep this going... Currently we are writing on part 13, but we are positive that we will get that one done in time to upload it as soon as we are through with story 12!
Another thing we should probably mention is that problem with the grammar- and spelling-mistakes... well Right now Chrissy.W.x is trying her best to correct the chapters, but since English isn’t her mother tongue there still might be mistakes here and there, and we hope that you will forgive us this.
Also Chrissy.W.x is the one managing this account here, and she tries to upload new chapters usually on Friday around 18.00 (cet) every second week! We hope we're able to keep that frequency...

The current writers:

Belén (Spain)
Hi, This is Belén, a 26-year-old girl from Spain. What can I say about me...? Let's see... I have been and am a student of languages. I have a degree on English language and literature, but I am also learning German, and can speak French; of course, apart from Spanish! Actually I work now as a school teacher of English and French and as a university teacher of English, jobs both which take a lot of time from me! But at least it's about something I like :)
As for things I like... I love many things. Quiet things like reading, watching movies, and writing: emails, letters and... stories!! I have a lot of imagination, some say, although I am kind of blocked lately. But that's the main reason I am writing these stories too with my friends :)
Another thing I love is travelling, and meeting people from all over the world. I have even lived in the USA which was one of the most wonderful and rewarding experiences in my entire life. I'm still in touch with the people I met. I've been there twice before living there, and I have also travelled to: Germany, England, Italy, France, Greece, Portugal and Morocco. About to go to Turkey too!
I love animals, I have a lovely dog... What else?? Well, I am not tall, not so thin, but quite normal, I hope :P I have dark long hair, green eyes... And I am very talkative! XDD Friend of my friends. I live in a small town from Spain, right next to the Portuguese borderline, called Badajoz. And... That's going to be all, I guess :) Nice to see you around!

Chrissy.W.x (Germany)
Hey I’m Chrissy.W.x, I’m 29 and I’m from Berlin, Germany. And I’m really not sure what to write here. ;-)
Well I love writing since I was a kid. My first stories I draw when I was five – according to my mom. Ever since I can remember I was writing on something, through I never wrote anything good enough to bring it to an end or I just came up with another idea (I have always new brains seems to never go to sleep), so there are a lot of unfinished projects in my desk.
About me and THIS story... Well, I’m one of those who never really liked Charmed, actually when I saw some of the first episodes I thought this show is the most crap I’ve ever seen (ducking-to-avoid-flying-objects). But I had a friend who loves it and who made me see some episodes. This way I also saw the final of season 5, with that very interesting character of Chris. And since I love SciFi and time travel I ended up watching the whole 6th season (and only this one) and then I ended up on DFF because Drew Fuller is just the best. And there in the forum had been a girl named Dark Angel who told me about the story and I immediately joined just because I love to write, no matter what. By now I know a lot about Charmed but I’m still no expert.
And joining this project was a good decision since I gained some really great friends (looking-at-Belén-and-Kirianna).
Else there isn’t much to say about me. I’m very busy with work, which currently takes almost 11 hours of my time each day, but I still try to find enough time to be here and update the fiction for you to read it. And the rest of my free time I spend with reading, or watching TV, or meeting friends and doing all the stuff women do...

Kirianna Ledräen (Canada)
Hi, I'm Kirianna, also known as Jen, I’m 30 years old, and I'm a big fan of Charmed. I've been watching it since it premiered in the fall of 1998. I also love writing. So it seemed to me a good idea to combine the two. I met Chrissy and Belén on, and found their little Charmed fanfiction story. Once Chrissy found out I liked to write, she soon asked me if I would join her and Belén in continuing their story. They loved it so much, they didn't want to let it go, she told me. I immediately agreed. Though it did take me some time before I started to write. I had only started reading it from Part 12, and I got very confused at first. So I went back to the beginning. I found myself really liking the story. Even though, being a hard core Charmed fan, I found it difficult not to compare it with the show. But once I got past that, put the show out of my head while I was reading the story, the story became clearer to me, and I finally started to write. Though my first attempt actually ended up being put at the end of Part 12, since it came off more as an epilogue. (The idea for it came to me while staring out my window one wintery day.) I later managed to come up with something else that was added before. And I've been hooked ever since. The story is a delight to write, and a joy to read. And I hope everyone of you will enjoy reading it as much I have writing it.

List of all writers so far:

These are the (nick)names of all the people who worked on this project so far

julia, Cassi, Kaz, Dark Angel, Belén, drewsgirl645, majit, Chrissy.W.x, aKaNe-MiZuKi, charmedfreak, Darklighter, Lidia_ and Kirianna Ledräen
(Since not everyone was writing all the time, we put a list of the writers those concerned, on the end of every chapter!)

Note: There is one person missing in this list... Girl we still need your ok for writing your name down here, so contact us please!

The story itself:

The story starts at some point between episode 10 and 12 of season 6... But from there it will go into a new direction. We completely left those actions from the tv-show and created our own new Charmed-reality for Chris, the sisters, Leo, and all the others!
Every sequel we’ve written is a story on it's own, so you shouldn’t have too much problems to jump in at one point. The only problem may be all the OC's we invented over the time. Therefore we made a character list with some information which you can find below and should be enough to let you follow the story we’re currently uploading. And if you have the time, then go and read all the stories from the start, but you don’t have to.
And another note: Some of us only watched season 6 (or even less than that), some of us are everything else but real fans of the show... And because of that, there might be some things which are a little weird... But we always tried to find an explanation, sooner or later... wink

DISCLAIMER for all out stories:

All the rights on the characters, names, places (except those we invented on our own) are the intellectual property of the WB-network's, Brad Kern and all his staff... We do not obtain any benefit from the use we are making of them, just fun.

Reviews... Yeah please review to our story!wink

Well... for the fact that only one of us is able to upload and edit the chapters here and also only one can use this review-reply-function, but everyone of us likes to answer to the reviews from time to time... we decided to do that with using the reviews, too, so that we are independent with that from the "login-stuff"... So look at the review-page from time to time and you can read our answers (always with the nickname and "crazyDFFgang" in brackets...) Chrissy.W.x will also answer you personally with a reply, just leave us a review.

Over the years we had a lot of readers who gave us wonderful reviews. Some of them disappeared completely from this place as it seems, still we are thankful for the reviews and messages we got. So our thanks go to Natty1000000, Boo26 aka Anna, Sammii1290 and neb92...

And also special thanks to wiccanforever and lizardmomma! Thanks so much for all your support!

Our Halliwell manor:

Readers of our fiction my have noticed that the manor of the family had been enlarged. So that non of you will get lost, Chrissy.W.x made a floor plan which you can find under the following link.

Character-list !WARNING: Spoilers for the first 11 stories of this series involved!

(skip this part, if you wanna start from the beginning of the story)
(We really hope we didn't miss anything important. And this list doesn't include any visitors from the future!)

Chris Perry Halliwell.
As we all know, Chris came to the past to save Wyatt. But he changed too much in the past for his own good. For example he made his father an Elder before he himself was conceived. This fact came right back at him, when the sisters cast as spell on him to give him full whitelighter powers so that he could heal. Instead of getting the casual whitelighter-powers he got those of an Elder. He’s therefore now an Elder-witch, with all the powers of an Elder and his witch-powers. In order to save Wyatt from Gideon (Chris stabbed the evil Elder with his own athame) he somehow managed to separate himself (and also his now-wife) from his own timeline. And because the world he came from doesn’t even exist anymore he stayed in the past with his family, who all welcomed him with open arms. In part 4 he married Bianca and in part 7 his daughter Hope was born. He shares the Elder-job with his father, and he became the new headmaster of magic school. At the end of part 9 the other Elders accepted him completely and guaranteed him immortality, means, when he will die on earth he will not really die, but only go up there to go on with his job as an Elder. In part 10 he made another trip through the time and ended up in the Middle Ages, where he found out that actually he (and later Christopher) is meant to own Excalibur. He’s very close to Cole, Victor, Michael and Steve. And since part 11 he has also developed a kind of friendship to Belthazor, while he hid from the Cleaners in the underworld, after he accidentally exposed magic. In part 12 Julian offered him to take over his grandmother's restaurant, as his manager.

Bianca Halliwell
Like in the show she’s a Phoenix. The events of "Chris crossed" happened. In the future, Chris had left her dying to jump back to the past. But in order to save his brother he realised that he needs her more than he had ever thought. So Chris bend every rule of the Elders to bring her dying form from the future (from the moment he had left her) to him in the past, where he healed her. Because of that Bianca was also separated from her own time and therefore stayed with Chris in the past (but even if not, she would have stayed with him anyway). Knowing full well how important the woman for Chris is, the Halliwells accept her as part of the family. She married Chris in part 4 when she already was pregnant. Their daughter Hope was born with difficulties in part 7.

Hope P. Halliwell
While in her mother’s womb, Hope already had a lot of powers. She could heal, orb, had a forcefield and she could astralproject her 5-year-old-form to any place "outside" the womb. She was existing "out of time" or "in all times at the same time" while she was still in her mother’s womb (that’s really hard to explain). When she was born her power were partly bound and she lost that "time-power". Until now no one knows how much powers are left in her, so far she's just a little cute baby.

Piper Halliwell
One of the Charmed Ones, mother of "three" wonderful children. She has the same powers like in the show. She still runs the club and she still just want to have a normal life. Nevertheless she's helping out as a teacher at magic school a few hours a week.

Leo Wyatt
He’s an Elder, but since they vanquished Gideon, he’s doing that only as part-time job, sharing his position with his "oldest" son. He’s also teaching at magic school more or less full-time. The rest of his life, he spends with his family, being the husband and father he always wanted to be.

Wyatt Matthew Halliwell
He’s about one and half to two years old, when Gideon is vanquished in part 1 of this series. When his little brother is born he’s about two and a half to three years old. (We haven't chosen a date for his birthday yet.) He loves his "older" brother Chris a lot and he already developed a kind of mental link to him. He loves and protects baby-Chris like big brothers should do.

Christopher Perry Halliwell or "Baby-Chris"
While Piper was still pregnant, she had a few premonitions. Chris believes that those had actually been the baby’s. He assumed that while he passed the testing field for witches in part 3 and "earned" that power, it came to his little self instead to him, because baby-Chris is actually the one who really belongs to that time. (Those thoughts were confirmed by a future version of Christopher, who came to the past in part 8!) Else there is not much more to say, because he's still just a baby.

Victor Bennett
As the father of Piper and Phoebe, he made his first appearance in part 4. Shocked at first about Chris’s identity he quickly became very fond of his grandson. And even if they have hardly time to see each other, they are very close. Victor also developed a strong relationship to Cole during the time the "now-witch" had been a simple mortal like him.

Phoebe Halliwell
One of the Charmed Ones, with the same powers like in the show. She still works at the Bay Mirror, but she broke up with Jason as soon as Cole came back to her life. Now they are married – again. They did it spontaneous and secretly without anybody knowing it until it was done (in part 8), to make sure that nothing would spoil it. Phoebe’s also working as part-time-teacher at magic school.

Cole Halliwell
The human part of Cole returned to life (in part 1 of this series of stories) in order to save Chris. During that, he gained his good soul back, which made him an innocent. Soon Phoebe and him got back together again. In part 3 he visited a field for testing future witches (together with Chris). Since then he is a witch too, with the power of premonition. He’s very important for the Halliwell-family, especially for the kids. Since part 8 he and Phoebe are married. He took over her family name because he felt it was much more fitting now. Oh, and he is the Godfather of Hope. Also Cole wants to work as lawyer again, because he feels the need to take care if his family himself.

Paige Matthews
One of the Charmed Ones, with the same powers like in season 6 of the show – means no healing power. She’s working as part-time-teacher at magic school, but she’s much more involved in things there, than her sisters. She is in love with Kyle Turner, and "together with him" since part 9.

Michael Wellington.
He’s just a human, a mortal. He’s around Chris’s age even if he should be 20 years older than him. On his wedding day he and his bride had been kidnapped to another plane, where they spend about 20 years until Chris was brought there, too. In part 5 he and Chris met in this plane, and it was something there between them which let them trust each other from the first second. And so it came that Chris told Michael everything about him, which let their young friendship only grow. Of course they were all freed in the end. The Elders used memory dust on all those mortals who had been in this place, but not on Michael. He was too close to Chris already and they both didn‘t want to miss this friendship even if that meant that Michael had to remember all those horrible years. Now he had returned to a normal life (and finally married his fiancée), but still he manages to get involved in Chris’s magical life all the time. So it also happened that he played a huge part in the events which happened around baby-Chris’s birth in part 6. And he even travelled through the time with Chris in part 10. And in part 11 he even made a trip to the land of the Elders. And he’s the Godfather of Hope. And in story 12 he found out that he's supposed to be Chris' closest knight.

Angela Wellington
She is Michael’s wife. After the events in that other plain, her memories had been erased with memory dust, so she didn’t remember anything of that. She also didn‘t know about all that magic-stuff. For her Chris and Bianca were just friends who saved Michael from a car-accident. But then in part 8, she was kidnapped by a demon who wanted to use her to get to Chris. That demon gave her a potion which let her gain back her memories. This - of course - made her freak out in fear, unsure what she could believe anymore. But finally in part 9 she came to term with all those magical stuff, and in part 11 she’s the reason that she herself, her husband and a group of students from the magic school ends up in the land of the Elders.

Steven Moody
Steve grew up with his mother and stepfather, his whole life thinking that he‘s a casual witch. But he isn’t. He was born from someone good and someone evil, which caused a lot of trouble in part 3. Unfortunately, when he found this out, his mother disappeared (his stepfather is long gone, too), so first he didn‘t really know "what exactly" he is. But in part 9 he found out that his biological father was a demon who once kidnapped and raped his mother - an Elder. Therefore the young man is half Elder, half demon. He can see if someone’s lying (don’t ask how, he just does) and he can create a forcefield, even if he did it only one time, and he once did use those energy flashes of the Elders. He went to magic school with his best friend Tom which whom he shares a special mental connection since their early sandbox-years. He graduated in the year Chris took over the school, he was one of the young witches that helped the family in part 2. Now he’s a teacher at the school and a good friend of the Halliwells. He has a girlfriend called Nicki who was his classmate and also one of those who helped the sisters out in part 2. In part 7 he was used like a doll by a demon, to attack the Halliwells. This traumatized him and in part 8 he nearly killed himself. Chris decided to help him, to talk to him, which let the friendship between the two of them become much closer. In part 9 he finally got over those events. In part 11 through he had to learn that his demonic family hadn’t forgotten about him. In part 12 he asked Nicki to marry him.

Thomas Marsden
Tom was raised by his father who’s a witch. His mother is a Phoenix which makes also him a child of good and evil – same as his friend Steve, who lived next door when they were kids and with who he shares a special mental connection. He has the power to freeze people, literally. He had been some kind of childish during his days in school, but since his graduation he changed a lot, became more mature. He’s also a teacher at the school now, same as his best friends Steve and Nicki. Since school-days he’s madly in love with Veronica (another witch of his age). Since part 6 they are an inseparable couple.

Nicki Nicholous
She’s a witch who went to magic school, together with Steve, Tom and Veronica. Her main power is that she can enter someone else’s mind even over a larger distance (the best it works when that person is sleeping) - but she isn't a telepath in the sense of it. She also has some telekinetical abilities, means she can lift things slowly. She’s teaching at magic school now, too. And she had been among those who helped the family in part 2. She is in love with Steve, who asked her to marry him in part 12.

Veronica(not sure if we mentioned a family name for her)
She appeared in this series of stories for the first time in part 3, but she was mentioned before by Tom. She went to magic school with him, Steve and Nicki, and graduated with them. She can conjure (but doesn't do it very often) and is good in making potions. Sometimes she’s helping out at the school, but she isn’t really working there. Since part 6 she and Tom are finally a couple.

He’s an Elder who was at the beginning very suspicious of Chris. He found out what happened to Gideon and that let him see things in the wrong way at first. But then he understood and he came to trust Chris. Now he’s supporting the Halliwells as much as he can. Odin also is someone, the other Elders listen to, someone with influence. Usually he has the lead in council-meetings, but he isn’t the leader, there isn’t any kind of leader... In part 8 he became a good friend of the Halliwells when they found out that he would be the Godfather of Christopher ("baby-Chris") - who he is by now. He also spend a night with the little Halliwell-kids, which made him see life in a new kind of light (the kids are the future, they are what matters).

Silas was the Elder who was with Gideon the day that Chris vanquished him. First he was shocked about what happened, but when he learned the truth he felt guilty that he hadn’t seen things coming like this. Over the time he became a kind of friend for Chris, they respect each other. He's someone the Halliwells trust. And he's the first one to defend Chris's sometimes weird actions

He's an Elder who was always working against Chris, doubting that he was capable to do his job as an Elder. He feared he could lose his path and become evil, because some of the things he did where more then wrong in his eyes. So he became more a less a leader of those who where against the young Elder-witch. But in part 9 Chris proved that the Elders in fact need someone like him - not only because he saved all there lives. And in part 10/11 it became clear that Jeremiah kind of likes Chris.

She is an Elder and the mother of Steve. When she was pregnant she gave up her life as an Elder and became human to be able to give birth to her son. But when the double demons attacked in part 3 she needed to go back to being an Elder, to help his son to fight the enemy. In part 9 she and her son met again, which was a shock for him, because he didn't know who she really is and thought she was dead.

Darryl Morris (and Sheila Morris)
He is the detective he was in the first half of season 6. He supports the Halliwell family as much as he can. His wife also was mentioned here an there...

Kyle Turner
(No relation to Cole) He’s a police-officer who in part 5 appeared for the first time. In part 6 he saw a few things he better shouldn’t have seen. And in part 7 he learned the truth about magic and the Halliwells. In part 8 he and Paige had a kind of date. He seems to have a major crush on her, while all the magic is still scaring him. In part 9 he visited the manor again (for the first time since he was attacked there, by a demon) - for a family dinner. That evening he and Paige finally came together. In part 11 Kyle even risked his job, to stand by the side of her and the family.

The read demon was send back to life (don’t ask how) to be a counterbalance to Chris, who’s inherit so much powers of good. Belthazor is NOT Cole, he’s a different person. He became the source of all evil, but something changed when he was recombined with Cole for a very short time and he got all his knowledge from him during that moments. From that he learned a lot about Chris and, even if he fought against that, somehow this knowledge and the other things that happened, when he met the Elder witch, infected him. He started helping Chris and the sisters without them knowing that it is him. He only contacts them via e-mails or with his fellow named Julian. But later Chris found out (with future-Wyatt's help when he was in the past in part 6), and since part 9 the whole family and also their friends know about it, too. In part 11 he and Julian gave shelter to Chris who was hiding from the Cleaners. At the end, to thanks him for everything, Chris gave him a medallion which protects him from witch magic as long as his intentions are good.

Julian Marsh
The colored man was born as a witch, can turn himself invisible, can feel if someone is good or evil. He went to magic school long before those days. But now he has also demonic powers. He can shimmer for example, He had been captured by Zankou and used for some freaky experiments from which he gained those powers. He’s neither a real witch anymore, nor is he a demon. He’s good with computers and he helps Belthazor to help the sisters. (He’s NOT involved in any activities Belthazor has as the source!) Somehow he and the red demon become kind of friends. They care a lot for each other, even if neither of them, would admit it. In part 12 he offered Chris to take over his grandmother's restaurant.

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