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Hi, it's sesshomarufreak here! Did you review all of my stories? I NEED REVIEWS! Please review me. Pwetty pwease? Well,I go to Taft Middle School and I'm in the seventh grade. I love fanfiction because it's just cool to see people make up there own stories. Don't you? I know you all do because if you didn't you wouldn't wirte on this website would you? No, I didn't think so! Well, my hobbies are: Drawing anime, watching anime, and listening to anime cds. Anything anime really.

Last week, on March 18, 2006, i won an art contest for my anime maanga meeting. To see this go to . It's the colorful one in the middle. I know I rock.

I have very good friends on fanfiction and I actually got the first two into anime, but all they praticaly like is Inuyasha. My friend Sugar Freak writes The inuyasha raven, Never give a kitsune candy, My band teachers a demon, The Wonderful Season of Testing,Mountain Dew,and The Frosty. And let me tell you, she's really good at writing stories. They are so funny! She's good, she can also draw really good to. She even has her own library of Inuyasha books, She has 5,6,8-24, and she's missing 1,2,3, and 4. See how obsessed she is?

My next friend, who her and I are really close ( In a friend way!), that's InuKa and Siane, she writes InuKa's Tale, Shadow in the Dead of Night, The Yasha gang at my house, Sickness, Just a Photograph, and Random Stuff. She doesn't have a library of Inuyasha books, but she actually has different animes other than Sugar Freak, who only stays with one. But she does read different animes though.

Next, is my sister, who was the one who started me into anime, and she also told me that Sugar Freak and InuKa and Siane might like anime so that's how it started. My sister, LadyRin98790,unfortunetly only writes one story so far and thats A New Beginning, and to all her readers out there she's working on the second chapter write now as a matter of fact...so BE PATIENT! The thing is she writes about six and she doesn't post them, and that's her problem not mine.

I, Sesshomarufreak, writes two fanfics and I'm working on the third right now. Mine are The Death which is a Fruits Basket fanfic, and The Inu-Yasha Gumi in Counseling World- this one's funny you have to read it. It's about Inuyasha and the rest of the gang going to get counseling! You know Sugar Freak I talked about? Well, she helped me come up with the idea of course! We were very hyper that day...we had ice cream cake and Mountian Dew, plus candy to add to that, so I think you can guess how hyper we were. My third fanfic I'm writing is The Nightmare of Testing- it's an Inuyasha fanfic. It's about Kagome and all her classmates get transported to the Fuedal Era and Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango,Miroku,And Shippo have to find all her classmates before Naraku gets to them and kills them. Hope you'll read it when I post it.

The Death: It's sad, but Akito dies. Is that make it so sad? I got reviews frompeople saying that they wouldhave been bouncing off the walls, but this is different. And soon Yuki confesses his feelings for someone...canyou guess who? I'm not telling! ZipppppThere my mouths closed- whatever you do or say isn't going to make me spillthe details.

The Inu-Yasha Gumi in Counseling World: I know it sounds stupid but really it's funny. In the first chapter(which is the only one I have posted right now) Inuyasha gets counseling. He's not in a very good mood though, as you can imagine. And Kagome actually sent him there to let out his feelings, but now he's even more angry then ever. Read to find out what happens!

The Nightmare of Testing: We all know we love the month of March- Testing time! YAY! NOT! Well Kagome feels the same pain as us when she goes to school and just remembers it's testing day. She sulks on the way to school with Inuyasha bugging her very badly- then Hojo comes and Inuyasha says Kagomes his girlfriend to get Hojo away! With more of a shock, after Naraku sends her whole class to the Fuedal Era, Kagome has to find them all before Naraku gets there before her and kills them! Kagome has to hurry before all of her friends die! Read to find out more!

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