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She slid the glass door opened and stepped groggily out onto the balcony, cradling what should have been a cup of coffee but was actually a plate of toast. She yawned, rubbed at her eyes and looked out at the world.


The lawn below her was full of people. they clustered around the great house and looked up at her expectantly.

"Uh..." She looked around trying to process this new development.

"Who are you?" called one of the people. She stared blankly at the person for a few seconds before responding. She hadn't had her toast yet, you see.

"Artoveli." she finally said, wrapping her bathrobe tightly around herself. "And you?"

"We'll ask the questions here!" shouted another person. Artoveli jumped.

"Do you write fanfiction?" the person asked.

"...Occasionally, why?"

"And what do you write?"

"Um...I've written some Labyrinth stuff," she scratched her head and shrugged. "I have other ideas for fics too, some for Myst and Edge Chronicles...and maybeee...Phantom of the Opera and Wonka and stuff..." she shrugged again.

"Do you have any special interests?" called someone from the far right of the crowd.

"I'm an artist."

"Do you do fanart?"

"Yeah, a lot of it."

"Where can we see it?"

"At my DeviantArt account. Why are you asking ab--"

"What's the URL?"

She rubbed her eyes again. "For my website? Why are you he--"

"Spell it out!"

"Okay, okay! double-you double-you double-you dot A R T O V E L I dot D E V I A N T A R T dot com."

The people assembled below looked around at each other. Somebody from the far left shouted "Okay, thanks!" and those assembled began to disperse. In moments the grounds were deserted.

Artoveli watched them go, chewing her toast pensively.

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