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Author has written 12 stories for Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Anime X-overs, and Kingdom Hearts.

I apologize, but I'm going on a perma-hiatus. I may put up some new stuff now and then, but. . .

I'm really sorry. Devils started to eat my life and I have to take things slow now.

Memorable Quotes:

It's been confirmed by the CIA, the FBI, the National Department of Homeland Security, and myth-busters.-Random User on Neopets while having an argument about whether Miley Cyrus was a man or not.

I just want Satoshi. -FBI Personell, Squiffy.

Wow, that was easy. - Staples Easy Button.

You can't trust someone until you trust them. -Michelle

Your character just passed carbon dioxide to my character. - Christine


GOOOOONS! - Christine and Osha

It's always darkest before dawn. -Unknown

"..." —Squall, on the love connections of Final Fantasy VII, and pretty much everything else. Speak up damn it! (Final Fantasy VII/Romantic Arguments)

Cloud's previous lover, eco-warrior and professional Mr.T impersonator, Barret Wallace. - Final Fantasy VII/Romantic Arguments

Balthier does not believe in Cloti, or Cleris/Clerith. This page just needed to have a character on it that doesn't completely suck. -Final Fantasy VII/Romantic Arguments

"This isn't really my story, it's copyrighted by Squaresoft." —Tidus (Final Fantasy Who is the Best Hero Forum)

Oh, you've got to be kidding me. How is this even a question? Vayne is a badass, Seymour is annoying and has stupid hair. - Mymindislost on the battle of Vayne vs. Seymour

Seymour has the creepy antenna, talks like he's choking on a breadstick and looks like he has a potbelly in all the cutscenes. For me, he felt like a guy who wanted to destroy everything cuz he thought his parents didn't love him. -Maverick King on the battle of Vayne vs. Seymour

but let's face it, Kimahri is a complete prat and would do anything for enemy skills with his cup-dispenser head. -Jonty on the battle of Auron vs. Vincent

phoenix downs revives EVERYTHING. has Little Spot died of old age? USE PHOENIX DOWN! Your microwave broke? USE PHOENIX DOWN! Favorite show get cancelled? USE PHOENIX DOWN! -MK on Peanut Gallery of Auron vs. Vincent

Cloud was born a bastard child in a hick town, was ignored by all the kids, never got half a look from the girl next door - Tifa, when he tried to go on a date with her she wound up getting injured and the whole town blamed him for it because they are hicks, decides to join SOLDIER but can't even do that, gets his town burned down (though they were hicks) and his mother killed, watches Tifa and best friend get almost freakin' ripped in two by Sephiroth, then is thrown into a horrifying experiment which makes his mind infected with the cells of an evil alien and gives him a split-personality disorder along with repeated seizures, then watches his new girlfriend get impaled, and then turns out to be under the control of his arch-nemesis. Yet despite a massive clusterfuck of a life he manages to go on, somehow. And some say Squall had it harder because his sister left him in an orphanage. That's it? - Final Fantasy Who is the Best Hero Forum

Martin Luther King Jr. would be the greatest party member ever- DMC on Narutofan; 'Shadow hearts 4?' forum

I could never get my tongue around 'Fuwalafuwalu', damn i don't even know if i spelt it right.
Imagine trying to yell, 'Fuwalafuwalu, lookout, duck...!'
Damn that guy would be dead before you got to the 'wala' bit. -Arun Nicklen on Suikosource; 'Suikoden with the best and worst names?' forum

Whaa? Paris Hilton is a Suikoden character, that would be a twist. Omg Tom Cruise could have the "Sciencetology Rune" and try to kill her and the main hero, Bruce Willis with his partner Morgan Freeman have to stop him!-Chaco on Suikosource; 'Suikoden with the best and worst names?' forum

It's probably the only RPG with a story of betrayal, loyalty, and power. I kind of think of it as a cartoony version of The Godfather. -Ralphy Leone Tensei on Suikosource; 'Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden V' forum

I kinda want to see the action up close, not from the Goodyear blimp-Pope Blitzkrieg XVI on Suikosource when talking about camera perspective; 'Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden V' forum

I almost forgot. WHY? Oh, why are you still alive Suzaku !? Please just die. Somebody needs draw up a doujin where Suzaku is killed in a variety of ways. Sure it wouldn't be "canon" but I really need to see it anyway. -xtr3m3dude on Baka-Updates Manga; Code Geass Predictions forum

His whole family will die, so all they need now is for Schneizal, Nunnally and Lelouch to kick the bucket.
And then without Lelouch they realize they fucked up by killing him. -rf_sanguinius on Baka-Updates Manga; Fate of Lelouch thread

Interesting thing though, people in Geass seem to die if killed by a normal weapon but tend to survive through huge explosions and such.

Orange - Survives numerous explosions, getting hit by a radiation wave, driven down into the bottom of the ocean and exploding
Suzaku - Survives explosion from lancelot being blown up.
Guilford - Survives Fleija despite us clearly seeing his knightmare being enveloped by it
Nunally - Survives Fleija
Ninja lady - Survives Fleija
Cornelia - Survives getting knightmare blown up and being shot with a sentry gun
Todou - Survives getting blown up
Anya - pretty sure she survived getting blown up too

Euphy - killed with a normal gun
Shirley - stabbed to death
Mao - shot with a pistol
Rolo - died of heart failure...
Lelouch? - stabbed with a sword -archspiritadvent on Baka-Updates Manga 'Fate of Lelouch' Thread (That was ONE epic post, my friend)

Even though his abs are COMPLETELY revolting, I only hate Vaan as much as I do because he was so amazingly irrelevant- JudgeMagisterGabranth on FFWiki; 'Are Tidus and Vaan hated that much?' forum

He managed to save the world without having a clue as to what was going on. Now THAT takes real talent. -FFWiki "Who is the best hero?" forum

He arrived fashionably late, but finally made it into Dissidia, and looks more badass than all the other heroes combined!! Is Zack looking awesome in Dissidia? HA! I think not! -FFWiki "Who is the best hero?" forum

"Vaan is not the hero of FFXII because he sucks. Nobody can break through ironclad reasoning like that" -FFWiki "who is the best hero?" forum

She tried to kill Yuna and Rikku in the Den of Woe. Something, by that point in the game, a lot of people would have wanted to do. -FFWiki "Who is the best hero?" forum

Memorable conversations:

(note: most of them came off of Final Fantasy Wiki)

"Final Fantasy VII is like Micheal Jordan.

Disk 1: Jordan gains fame but his father is murdered.

Disk 2/3: Jordan wins a championship in memory of his father.

AC: Jordan returns for a not so spectacular finish to his career.

Clearly, Final Fantasy VII is like Jordan."

"Oh my god, this means that Aeris is Cloud's father! The story of FFVII all makes sense now, I can't believe I didn't catch that."

"I'd hit that." —Tifa, on Balthier

"So would I." —Aeris, on Balthier

"Sorry ladies, but I actually have decent taste in women." —Balthier, on the previous quotes.

"Oh no he didn't!" —Fran, on Balthier's statement


"How dare you leave her for 4 YEARS?!" —Cloud to Zack

"How dare you rip off my look, personality, clothes, sword, and well... EVERYTHING?! EVEN MY WOMAN?!" —Zack to Cloud

"That's because I embrace my dreams... And protect my SOLDIER honor!" —Cloud

"You're now stealing my line?! That's copyrighted, you know!" —Zack

"Where's the rum gone?" —Reddas

"~Hicks~ What rum?" —Jack Sparrow

"Wha?! Who are you?!" —Reddas

"Why, me?... I'm Captain... Basch fon Ronsenburg of Dalmasca!!" —Jack Sparrow

"Hey! That's my line!" —Vaan

"And thats my name!" —Basch

"AND THAT'S MY RUM!!" —Reddas

"I dreamed I was a moron..." —Squall

"You're not dreaming!!" —Everyone else

As a sidenote, I'd like to dedicate every story to my lovely reviewers. If it weren't for the five or so seconds you take out of your life to better mine, none of this would be possible. I thank you so much for even thinking that my work was good enough to deserve praise. Thank you with all the sincerity I could hope to offer.

~ A great thing it is,

is to dream to dream,

while standing in youth

by the starry stream.

But a greater thing it is,

is to fight life through

and say at the end that the dream...

was true.~

'I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long. If we're in each others dreams, we can be together all the time.'

In the words of a famous actor,

Sit down, shut up, and listen to my story

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