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Now to my actual profile. Just wanted your attention.

Hi all you people with nothing better to do!

Dude, you are seriously reading my bio.

I have reached a new level in life, someone is reading about me and I don’t have to make them sit through a long talk about all my original characters and stories and such! Then again, 480 something people read this so it's no great accomplishment anymore. Or they opened the page. How many people actually read it is probably far less. And chances are many of those are the same person. Wait ... its 447 people now. ... So my profile is so incredibley not viewed that is got negative hits? Must be wrong.

But you want to know about me, eh?

Well, you’re not going to! Ha!

Well I'll tell you some stuff.

I like the color green! A lot. Oh and I like to animate and draw and write and make clay models (mostly dragons but they always break), oh! And I used to go by Elicadragon (for about three days), but I like FanofDa’EdBoyz better, because this is fan fiction and I want to express what I am a fan of. I just love using the “z” instead of an “s” take that a spell checks! I turned your precious “s” backwards and made it straighter! (Siena, if you are reading this, then I want to tell you that I have a grudge with spell checks since I have spent years with a British spell check AND I'M NOT BRITISH! The spell stuff with 's' when to us it's a 'z' and add extra 'u's.)

I love cartoons. I wanted to rename myself to be Cartoonwannabe or something to express that, but I had already written three storys, and I don't want to lose credit for that. I also thought of Compulsive doodler, which I use for Deviantart which has mostly pictures of the Eds or my original characters, though I do have one of Mario I really like. Making, writing about, drawing, thinking of random adventures that they could have (some of them have me in it) and watching cartoons are some of my favorite past times. I really like Ed, Edd, and Eddy (especially Double D, the adorable little tyke, though my love for him has faded a tad seeing what fangirls do to him in sights like these). I also like pretty much any other cartoon with exceptions (like stuff for babies or so incredibly stupid you are like WTF! Then again, many people consider Ed, Edd n Eddy at that level. ... ...). I also like television that isn't cartoons, but they aren't as fun. I did write a story not about a cartoon for FF! But is got deleted before I could post it so that sucks.

Don't go thinking I'm T.V. obsessed mind you. I am very literate. Books I've recently read that were totally awesome or somewhat awesome... The Godfather, Dragon Bait, Always Running, The End (Series of Unfortunate Events, I think it is a bit too wordy of a series and it doesn't tell you much in the last book.) and The Things They Carried. I would have done some italicsizing or underlining there but this internet bio wouldn't let me. And comics rule! I've been into so much manga I devoured that section in the school library, but I have no objections to reading the newspaper comics. Oh and plays! How could I forget! "Wicked", "Little Shop of Horrors", "Midsummer’s Night Dream", "The Drowsy Chaperone", even "The Importance of Being Ernest", virtually anything! Except "Taking a Stand” which is a cursed original play from my drama class that I loath to the very pits of despair! If there are ever pits of despair... there so should be pits of despair. Oh, and "The Black Rider." I liked the dad, but it was way over my head and sorta boring.

For all those fan of the Fan (which is like two people), I have a story in the making that won’t be posted (IT IS POSTED FINALLY! But it is not done, just testing the masses) until it is done because I make tons of changes on a regular basis to it, it would be confusing for everyone who read it because they would be like “but that didn’t happen!” See, I go back when I get an idea and make it happen. How do you guys like this idea. The Eds (of course it’s and Ed fic) and the rest of the cul-de-sac and trailer park get super powers and then Jimmy gets involved in the crime business. It is so much cooler then it sounds. I’m sure everyone says that and it turns out it isn’t, but this has angst, tragedy, romance, action, murder, and on a very rare occasion, comedy that made my friends who are my proof readers (my grammar and spelling sucks) laugh out loud. I can’t wait to be done and post it! It will rock!

I like to review. I take much pride in my extensively indepth reviews and that very few others have them that long or informative. Yes, I flame, but rarely and when I flame I like to say why. I like constructive criticism saying as a reader what I like and don't. In fact, most of the times I "flame" the storys dramaticlly change for the better because I say WHY. I like to write long reviews. I try to be humorous, but I think I suck at it and it just comes across of being randomly stupid. But do I care? No! I am just going to keep on reviewing long (or some times short) reviews until someone yells at me saying, "Stop writing long and/or stupid reviews or so be it, I'll destroy your soul!" That was some random stupid attempt at humor if you didn't notice. So far no one has said it even though I posted the idea right here for all 480 something people who gazed upon my profile to see. Though I think many of those hits are actually the same people over and over again.

Bye! Read my stories and don't be a lazy reviewer!

I'd just like to add on thing. I am a girl. I already had two people mistaking my gender for male because the word "boy" is in my name. You know who you are, and if you see this, please don't bring it up again. Please! There isn't THAT much of a difference! Can't take the apologises! PAIN!

Oh yes, and if you read the 2nd chapter of Jawbreakers and can't understand a word Rolf is saying even if you do know 1337, that is because some signs don't translate through Html mode so you have to e-mail me for that one if you are so interested. Some stuff he says is funny. Let me test if it works in my profile over the actual fan fic. Okay something 1337 that didn't work before. Okay \003. Dang, yeah you will have to e-mail me.

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