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Ummm well I am 20 years old. I'm in love with wrestling, and I also like reading WWE fics. I am like very infatuated with WWE fics. But I love TNA also, but WWE all the way. So I think I'll be focusing my stories on them =).

Fav. Wrestlers:
John Cena - I don't think there needs to be any explanation on why he is here. He is definitely showing improvement in the ring. I still love my Italian Stallion! Haha. I seriously first fell in love with his attitude and his personality, his looks were just a plus.
Stone Cold Steve Austin - I love his rebellious attitude! Sucks that 'cause of the neck injury that he had gotten in the past, he was sorta forced to retire from the ring. But I'm still happy that he is still with the company. Seriously, everytime he comes out, a smile appears on my face. It never fails! Haha. Come back Stone Cold!
AJ Styles - Love his in-ring work too! A lot of charisma and he's pretty cute too. If I had to rate the top three guys... it would be 1)John Cena, 2)AJ Styles, 3)Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy - I am so friggin' happy that he is back! Aaahh I totally marked out! This guy is just amazing to watch in the ring.
Chris Benoit - Same as what I said about Stone Cold. Everytime he comes out, a smile appears on my face. He's a full-blown awesome wrestler. I loved his segments when he is making fun of making Orlando Jordon tap out at 25.5 seconds. Making a coffee, going to the bathroom... Haha so cute!
Randy Orton - Love his in-ring work! His tattoos are sexy.
Carlito - I think he's cool, in his own way. He is a funny heel. And when he's ranting on, it's hilarious. Reminds me Ricky Ricardo haha.
Team 3D (Formely known as the Dudley Boys) - I really miss them. But I get to see them on TNA! Best tag team ever in the business!
Rob Van Dam - He pushes the limit to the extreme. I LOVE this guy! Come on, the Van Daminator, the Rolling Thunder. He is so funny too. Him and Trish together are a hilarious duo (watch their interview together at the THQ Superstar Challenge '06). I was so happy to see him at the supershow in Anaheim. Marked out completely! Glad he gets to go back to his extreme roots in ECW!
Chris Jericho - He is so hilarious! I miss him already. And his highlight reel haha. I hope he comes back in the near future.
Christian - Hey, I'm a peep! There ain't nothing wrong with being a chain gang and peep at the same time. I'm so glad he's happy in TNA where they can showcase his true talent.
Shelton Benjamin - I love it when he jumps and catches himself on the turnbuckle. Shows true great athleticism and that is what I love about him.
Charlie Haas - He's back! I totally marked out on his first day back. Shelton's face was priceless. He has great athleticism, but he needs some charisma to get people fully behind him.
Eddie Guerrero - He lie, he cheats, he steals. And he is the greatest at it. He can be the most hated and untrustful person, but then you gotta love him! Love it when he brings the low rider out haha... R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero (1967-2005)
Rey Mysterio - Rey Rey! haha. California represent!
The Undertaker - He's a legend! What more can I say?
The Spirit Squad - I LOVE these guys! They might annoy everybody with their gimmick, but I love it! I love to hate them, but I also love to love them. They're so entertaining to me and full of incredible talents. I just love em! Especially Johnny and Kenny! Mikey and Nicky are both seconds and Mitch is last. Mitch hardly does anything but stand at ringside and take the superkick from Shawn Michaels so I can't really rate him on his talent. But yes, I love these guys! I'm sad 'cause I heard a break-up was in plans for them, but as long as I see Johnny and Kenny, I am all good. Oh and did I mention that I love em?
CM Punk - He brings something special to the ring. Very very unique style and I love it. He's very exciting to watch. Him and Maria are like one of those couples you'd never expect to see together, and that is awesome. They're cute together. If you listen to Maria's interview when she talks about him, you can tell she's very happy to be with him and that is cute.
Many others, but too many to name...

Fav. Divas:
Trish Stratus - She is the total package! I love her! Been behind her since she debuted. She's gorgeous and can kick ass when there needs to be kicking. She is the one that holds the women's division high along with Victoria. And plus not many divas can work the mic, but she sure damn hell can! She'll always be my #1 diva, even if she's gone... and I believe we'll see her back inside the ring somewhere in the future, don't know when but I have a feeling this won't be the last time we'll see her. 'Til then, I'll still be writing Trish in my stories no matter what! Just because she's leaving for a certain amount of time doesn't mean I'm gonna forget and give up on her. Soon, the saying, "you don't know what you got 'til it's gone" will eventually hit everyone when she's gone.
Lita - You know, I can't really hate her. Yeah it was kinda messed up what she did, but then again, she's only human! Everyone does some sort of mistake in their lives, not everyone is perfect. But anyways all that aside, she's been in the business as long as Trish and I have too much respect for her to actually hate her. I love her as much as I love Trish (but Trish will always be #1). And plus, she's unique and I love her style. I should thank her for introducing me to the Crest Vanilla Mint toothpaste, it's friggin' awesome! So thanks Amy!
Victoria - How can I not like her? I love her too! Underrated diva, but now we're seeing her more out in the ring. She is long way overdue for a third title run, she needs the belt back on her.
Michelle McCool - There is something special about her. I think she can have a future in this business.
Beth Phoenix - She is one of the best! She is what the women's division needs and I'm so happy to see her finally make it. She can definitely work in the ring. She is gonna go so far in this business. I just hope WWE doesn't screw with what they have.
Mickie James - Come on! She can definitely work in the ring too. She may be a psycho, but she's the type where you just love to hate her!
Torrie Wilson - A gorgeous diva. Hopefully we'll see more of her in the ring getting physical, except just her standing at ringside or doing ring announcements. It's Lilian's job! No other diva can do any better than Lilian. I like Lilian, she's adorable.
Maria - Haha okay at first she annoyed me. But she definitely grew on me. She's really pretty too.
Miss Jackie - She is so adorable. Glad to see her in TNA.
Ashley Massaro - I'm against the Diva Search. I remember I was at the Arrowhead Pond for their supershow and that was when they were introducing the contestant. I think it's so degrading on some of what they make them do. But anyways, she is growing on me.
Melina - I like how she can be a bitch and she knows how to talk. She's pretty tough too. But lately, after hearing about her ego problem, she's on the borderline of the list. You can't treat people like nothing when they helped you get you to where you are!
Talia - One of my favorite female indy wrestler. I think she's friggin' awesome and she's really cute and pretty. Her and Shane Helms are cute together

Dislike Divas:
Practically whoever can't wrestle or just wants to stand there and look pretty. If you don't want to wrestle, then get out of the ring or the business, plain and simple. Why waste airtime when it can be used on someone who cares about wrestling. Also whoever are too afraid to take bumps. I cringe everytime I see someone who doesn't know how to take a simple bump.

Um well, do enjoy my story. And I would love to know what you think

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