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Hide behind a mask... Never let the world see you...

Name: Amber Blossom

About Me: I am 100 filipina, but have lived in America for most of my life. I was born on October 5, meaning I'm a libra, and am born in the year of the Rooster. I love drama and those bumps in the road in a relationship, but I hate seeing my favorite couples kiss other people, meaning that I also read those optimistic stories. I've been writing on fanfiction for a year, and I have other accounts (for a little experiment) and also a joint account with my best friend., click on there to get to it, and HERE are my other accounts, which I'm currently going to try to delete, posted on them are my first works, and they are HORRIBLE, they feature an unnaturally optimistic love that had NO bumps in the road, for that reason they'll be REDONE, and also my best friend/BETA Reader got me addicted to drama and romance with the series, 'Gossip Girl' amongst others.

So here they are,, and Go check on them, but they are horrible, and I'm redoing it all.

Looks: We live in a society today in which everyone is so superficial that they want to know how authors look like. So here it goes... I have silky black hair, that looks like Nadeshiko's. Dark brown eyes that get light each day, now it's eith light brown, hazel, or amber, can't tell because it's circled heavily by black, making it darker.I'm skinny, but everyone who knows me knwos that I pig out on everything that people on diets would loathe.

Hobbies: Writing, drawing, reading, playing, MSN, dancing, singing, (my vocal cords are confusing, one year they're high, the next low, now it's ion the middle, but people say taht I sing well, so that makes me VERY happy_) etc...

Favorite Anime/Manga: Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Inuyasha, Chobits, Ravemaster, Yugioh, Gundam Wing, Digimon, Tsubasa, Fruits Basket, Yu Yu Hakusho, Spirited Away.

Favorite Shows: Charmed, American Idol, America's Next Top Model

Favorite Colors: Pink, Blue, Green, Black, White, Silver

Favorite Books: Harry Potter, Ella Enchanted, Gossip Girl, The 'It' Girl, The A-List, Elsewhere, The Crown Rose, etc. My taste varies, I'm addicted to drama and romance, yet I love to pore over historical fiction books, or maybe historical textbooks like ones where you learn about mythology, or great WOMEN rulers.

Yes, I'm one of those people who believe women helped influence history, and should have a better part in society besides the model, housewife, or person to ogle at.

Favorite Flowers: cherry blossoms, lilies, roses, orchids

Favorite Couples

Sakura-Syaoron (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Tomoyo-Eriol (Carcaptor Sakura)

Harry-Ginny (Harry Potter)

Hermione-Ron (Harry Potter)

Inuyasha-Kagome (Inuyasha)

Sango-Miroku (Inuyasha)

Chihiro-Haku (Spirited Away)

Serena-Darien (Sailor Moon)

Kari-TK (Digimon)


My Happy Ending- When I typed up the editted version of chapter two in Syaoron's view, I decide to redo it in Sakura's view, where she has the amnesia, so the next chapter will be up if school doesn't delay it, which it is.

Emerald Eyes: I don't know whether to include an attack in the next chapter, or a Harry/Ginny fluff. It'll probably be up in a week.

Afflictions of the Heart: One of my newest works that's so easy for me to write, chapter three is currently being editted.

Love is Just a Word: Let's see, the part I'm working on is the journey through the deadly forest, and that seems pretty hard to write.

Break the Ice: After seeing the Olympics, I'm going to delete and repost this fic after being inspired by the slaters.

I'm also being held up in writing because I'm currently busy with reports and essays as the teachers keep on piling up, and also because I'm reading a ton of fanfics and real books, also I'm currently addicted to the anime, Avatar: the Last Airbender. And I'm currently thinking about writing a story about it, yes another story. Either way, I promise to update at least two of the stories within the next week, but to Ella Enchanted readeres, Love is Just a Word won't be updated because of a bad writer's block.


Cardcaptor Sakura


She was popular and pure. She was untouchable. He was given a bet, make Sakura Kinomoto fall in love with him, and break her heart. But when he falls for her everything changes. S+S

Simply Forbidden

For a prince to love a Gypsy, and a Gypsy to love him back would be unheard of. A peasant you could condone, a mere entertainer, never. It would be against your lineage and your people. It was simply forbidden. S+S

Hide Behind A Mask

Sakura Kinomoto, twin of Sakuya Kinomoto, she's a nerd, her sister, popular. What everyone doesn't know though, is that Sakura works for the CIA and has to fake her death. So who's identity does she take? Her abducted sister's, the perfect plan, that is until that Li boy fell in love with her...S+S

Frozen Amber

He was a big businessman, cold and cruel, never letting anyome get through. She was a happy, genki, girl, knowing only kindness. So by coincidence they meet, and she starts to melt his heart...S+S


A true best friend wouldn't fall for his best friend's younger sister, right? That's what Syaoron's thinking when he falls for his best friend, Touya's beautiful and three-years younger emerald eyed sister. S+S

Complications of Love

"Tell me Syaoron Li, why do you love me?" she asked, the question held both their fates. Syaoron answered eventually, "Because your beautiful?" "Wrong." With that she left. Five years later she's back from america, will Syaoron notice her though, especially when she's acting the part of a nerd? S+S

Day and Night

Sakura was nicknamed Day, her twin, Sakuya, was nicknamed Night. Syaoron Li was engaged with Night, but instead, he fell in love with Day. S+S OC+OC T+E

Flawed Perfection

He was looking for perfection, instead he found the closest person to it, Sakura. Except she hates him for something he doesn't know, when they have to work on a project together, he realizes that perfection is only a mere illusion, a mask to hide the painful truth. S+S

Meaning of True Love

At the age of five, Sakura Kinomoto contracted the same disease that claimed her mother, she was dubbed incurable. So she made a vow to herself, never fall in love, what happens when Syaoron Li falls for her? S+S, E+T, some N+F

Weird Places

Fujitaka Kinomoto, a well known business man in the world, lost a bet. It wasn't on money it was on his daughter. Now, his daugther has to marry her enemy: Syaoron Li.

Complicated and Easy

Sakura Kinomoto, a care-free teenager, well not exactly, she still has to capture the Clow Cards, but still, everyone loves her, except for Syaoron Li, her rival. When Sakura decides that she'll be Li's friend, she finds out more about his past, while trying to find out this feeling she gets around him.


They were childhood enemies, until Sakura moved away, when she came back, who does she first see? Her childhood enemy, Syaoron Li, also her new roommate. S+S, E+T

Riariti Yume

Sakrua Kinomoto, a girl hurt by many boyfriends, gives up on love. When she finds a lamp, she rubs it, and out comes the genie, Syaoron. Curious, Sakura wishes for one thing, the perfect guy to love. One thing she never knew, wishes get granted in the least expected way...

Reality's Dream

She wasthe artistic, andinnocent beauty, that often felt like a third wheel.He was a hot, college student that was a certified heartbreaker. The both met unline by a personlity test. Through it they start to email eachother, although they hate+live together.

New Beginnings

Inspired by Wish-Chan's story. The crew is back with a whole new adventure and a whole new adventure. Romance flares in unexpected places when the gangis involved in a feud that began with Clow Reed and his wife, and now goes back to Sakura and Syaoron. S+S, E+T

Ying and Yang

They thought that they found love, instead they have to live a moden-day Romeo and Juliet story. Sakura and Syaoron have to deal with the fact that they're both assassins, assigned to kill the other. Loosely based on 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' S+S, E+T

Heavenly Love

Syaoron Li, an angel, is assigned to protect a lonely, suicidal teenager, Sakura Kinomoto, and give her a reason to live. Instead he breaks a major rule: never fall in love with a human. But as you know, rules are meant to be broken.

Childhood Love

She always felt weird when she looked at his amber every second with him was worth more than years with his best friend, her fiancee...Old emotions resurface as Sakura falls in love with her childhood crush, her fiancee's best friend, Syaoron Li.

Looking for Love

Sakura signed up on the, 'Beauty and the Geek' reality show because of her friends reluctantly, although she's really smart. There she meets Syaoron Li, the nerd she's supposed to help. Now she's falling in love with him, but is he really a nerd. Based on the hit reality show>

Beautiful Tragedy

She was an optimistic journalist, trying to find a story in the midst of war in China,the country Japan's fighting. But when she's captured, and sent to be executed, she finds herself falling for her capture, Li Syaoron.

Angel's Voice

Sakura was the new girl, with an amazing voice, and often overshadowed by her genious. Syaoron is the star football player, that gets easily distracted by his love of music. They meet at a party, and decide to show everyone that they can sing, in the school musical.

Curse of Love

Syaoron, cursed with immortality, cursed by the darkness. He lives in the treacherous woods, alone. Sakura, the japanese princess, promised to a king. One day they meet.

When the Sun Rises

She was the sister of the rebel leader, Touya Kinomoto, against the Fire prince. With her brother about to lose, Sakura decides to assassin the prince himself, masquerading as a guard. What happens when she falls in love?

Second Chances

What if during the Final Judgement with Eriol, Sakura was too late? With Sakura's fail, Clow Reed decided to give her another chance, to start at the very beginning when she opened the Clow Book with knowledge of the future.

Struggle of Life

She was the heiress to the Jade Fozes gang. Taught to be cruel and heartless. He was the son of the Black WOlves, the opposing gang to the Jade Foxes. Taught that women areof no worth. They both know eachother, helping eachother through the struggle of life.

Consuming Love

Sakura was the pretty and onnicent one...Saki the heartless, cold hearted, yet beautiful girl...To bad they share the same body...Syaoron, Sakura's bane of existence, meets Saki...What happens when he loves Saki?

Harry Potter


One day Lily and James Potter wake up from a long coma. But with a war raging, they go undercover as the DADA teacher and Potions Mistress. So what happens when they meet their son? or when they play matchmaker between Harry and your fav. redhead? H+G

Drowning in Emeralds

There are many things I regret, 1. getting Tom Riddle's diary. 2. Falling in love with the BWL. and the last thing... making a bet to get THE Harry Potter to fall in love with me, and to say those special three words to him... H+G

The Potter Legacy

Potters always fall for redheads. It's part of their legacy. So, Lily and James, in all their wisdom, decided that they'll find Harry his own life-mate. So, they get him an arranged marriage with Ginevra Molly Weasley. H+G

Even If

When Inuyasha and the gang stumble upon Harry Halloween Night, they decide to raise him, making the world believe his twinis the BWL and himself dead. That is till Inuyasha+gang+Harry have to teach at Hogwarts. Can Hogwarts take a half-demon, demon slayer, Miko, AND a Pervert Priest?

Harry Potter and the Will to Live

Full-blooded wizards can't get cancer, but Harry can. Now Harry has to go back to Hogwarts, with leukemia. Thing is, he's not telling anyone. Can Harry face this tough fight, especially when he might not have the will to live?

Make a Wish

On his seventeenth birthday, Harry wishes to know what it would be like if his parents were alive. He gets his wish as he and Ginny are swept into a world where his parents are alive, but Voldemort still lurks in the shadows.



He promised that they'd meet eachother again, and if there was one thing to know about Haku, it was that he never broke a promise... HxC

Please do not steal these ideas, or I will turn you in. I know so many ideas, so I'm putting them down here so I don't forget about them.
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xREDELETED AND REUPLOADEDx When Syaoron loses Sakura, his life goes down, but when a girl with no memory or past, Cherry, that looks like his longdead wife appears, Syaoron knows Sakura's back. And this time Syaoron vows he won't lose her a second time.
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7th Year is gonna be James best year. He has great friends, and Lily is being friendly. But when two powerful DADA teachers show up everything changes. What secrets do they hide? Wait, Lily's fallen for the one that looks like him! Time travel,SuperHarry
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 5,877 - Reviews: 88 - Favs: 65 - Follows: 91 - Updated: 11/19/2005 - Published: 10/30/2005
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