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I have been a really big fan of DBZ,Sailor Moon,Gundam Wing and other animes since I started watching them.Currently I only have Gundam Wing fics out and it may stay that way.I'm 14 right now,but as I age,I'll change that.^_^ I hope you like my fics and DON'T forget to review.I hope to see any comments,questions or flames you have.I love giving e-mail and getting it back,so don't be surprised if I happen to e-mail you about a review you wrote and NEVER be afraid to e-mail.Don't even hesitate!I babble,though,so,sorry in advance.^_^Okay,I'm adding this,so I hope you pay attention,because if not, your not gonna know what's up. I have part two of Dimensional Travels finished and up to part four on A Stranger's Help,but for some reason this site refuses to let me upload anymore fics. I'm going to try to get them on a different site which has most of my other fics on it. It only has one crossover that wasn't put on that page,but on another, that I wrote. If you ever wanna go there, it's

My fics should be on page 2.^_^I changed my e-mail address.It now reads
I have four parts on A Stranger's Help up on the website I have up above somewhere. If ya liked that,go check it out there!!!!