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Sup people that for some reason are reading my half-assed writing nice of you to read my stories. Even though the first one is easily open of the worst things I've ever made. Still you're on my profile page and not reading said stories of mine which means that you probably want to know something about the author, though I'm not sure why.

I’m not sure why you would want to know about me but why not as I have nothing better to do so why not put some stuff here. I don’t have a plan for this page so I’m going to improvise this for the time being.

Fun Fact, while people call me KyKyuKai, because that is my username, I actually shorten most names I use for personal preference , for my username I refer to it as 'Yui'. Get it? Because I have three words as my username so I use the last letter of each word to make the Author name that I would prefer to use, but don't actually care enough to say it anywhere but on my profile page because this place is just really here for fun facts about me. I use the last letters because I don't think being called KKK would be that good for my image.

Currently I'm redoing some of this page so that's neat, just thought I would put this here because of reasons.

I don't really know what to put here so I figured I would put my thoughts on my stories that I've written over the years.


I mean this story has only just started to be fair but I've already enjoyed writing the hell out of it which is something. Honestly I'm just really enjoying the change of it all, after all, I'm a bit more use to edgy characters with a predetermined plot line, while this has just flipped everything on it's head in that regard, after all, I'm making basically everything about this story up as I go completely original in ideas, mostly, and the main character is very clearly someone who is like the opposite of me. Openly happy and cheerful for one thing, along with a number of other things which makes writing them a really fun experience. Though I will admit the story and characters aren't as strong for those before mentioned reasons, I don't really mind much because of how much I'm enjoying it right now. Considering I'm only twelve chapters into at the moment i'll more than likely update this at some point but as a first impressions this is it at the moment.

-Damn It Me

This is my favorite story that I've done at the moment, maybe because it's my longest or one of my most recent, hell maybe it's because I'm the one starring in it. But I just really find this story fun to spend time to just sit down and write out a chapter without having to worry about filling any shoes. Because that's what a writer does for the main character, for every character but the main character is the most important, to put myself in that preservative to understand what they would do in that situation, well it's really kind of nice to not have to worry about that, to just say what would I do and the focus on all the fun parts, like the reactions, the word building and side character progression. It just lets me focus on the things that I really enjoy the most about writting.

-I'm not a Sociopath

I really enjoy this story for one main reason really, because it is has the almost opposite version of the me that is in Damn It Me, this one jumps in head first into the not so good parts of myself, my stunted emotions, my lack of being able to hold onto empathy, my manipulative personalty, my enjoyment of violence, etc. Kyu in that story decided that the best way to continue in that world was to rely on those, while the Kyu in Damn It Me didn't have to, he could stay the same, and while it was a bit rough in the beginning he built up a proper family, while this one does practically everything on his own. I think I enjoy it because it gives an interesting view of it all if you look at it like the two sides of a coin. Two varying parts of a person's personality that are being focused on with some clear overlap. I just find it really interesting for some reason.

-Time for a Power Up

Yeah, this story was a train wreck, I did a mildly decent job I think for the time as it was was the first time I ever thought about writing something like this myself, but there's a reason why it's my very first story, I had no real plan, I was just writing whatever came to mind and jumped around the time past like a crazy person ruining any sense of proper pace and there is a reason why the rewrite is more of a hard reset than just rewording. But I still learned a good bit from it, most of it being that I sucked at grammar really.

-Tales of a Gamer

The plot wasn't the best but I wasn't in the best place when I wrote it, it was more of a thing that I used to distract myself from my life for at the time than anything instead of seriously plotting out and planning everything for the story and it suffered for that because of the horribly slow pace I set the plot to move at. Still, I really enjoyed writing it at the time and I'm sure that one day I'll probably, maybe, come back to it, though I have no idea as to when that will be.

-The Elemental's Story

Yeah, this was just me being bored and wrote a short lived power wank story about My Hero Academia. It was just something to keep be busy to be honest, still decent for what it is but nothing incredible in my opinion. I liked the character I made for it, but really the premise if a bit effy in my opinion, as he didn't really need to be a drop in universe character and it practically adds nothing to the story but a plot convenient way to add things he can do into the story. Still fun for the time I wrote it but I doubt it'll be one I look back on with major fondness.

-The Augment Hero

I've had a massive blast writing this story, though I'm not sure how long that will continue to be honest, I run out of motivation for things really quick, which might be the reason why Damn It is my favorite because it's gone on for so long. Still, it's been a lot of fun, the character I've made for the story is really interesting to write as most of my characters from the past stories have very different or just opposite views on life.

My thoughts on SIs.

Personally I like the concept which can be proven by the fact that two of my six stories are Si fics, but I think I like them for another reason than one might think, though I don't really know. I like Si fics because in the end, in my case for example, Kyu, the Si, isn't me, neither of the two I've made are me. We all share the same background thought progressing and personality but none of us are the same person. Because of experiences, say one, From Damn it me, he's no longer human but he has built a family and is basically a loving father even if he also happens to be a bit of a dick to everyone else. While on the flip side, the Kyu from Sociopath is like the title suggests, he goes on to rely on not the nicer side of him but the much more darker side, he is prone to violence has to mask his emotions at all time, and has dealt with more stress than a normal person could. Making the two of them very different people as the stories go on, and even way more different than me, the Author. I'm in between those two as I choose to see them more like the two main sides of my personality, the part that is emotional stunted, highly manipulative, and near fine with doing anything at all for what he needs, and the part that's nicer, much more protective of those he cares about and is in it more for just the experience of it all rather than needing to be the best. Of course there is clear bleed over but I don't think anyone can really block off a full part of their personality just because it's convenient and it shows in both stories of that being the case.

I don't know, I just wanted to write down my thoughts on the matter though I doubt anyone cares about it, I just find the idea of it all just interesting in my opinion.

Reoccurring themes

I really have no idea why I'm writing this at all, especially since it's like three in morning at the moment but insomnia is like that some times, well most of the time really so I might as well do something. Anyway, onto my rant.

I'll start with the biggest one, perspective. All of my persons have some sort of play on it in some way. The biggest one being Sociopath, because the main theme of that story was what no one knew the main character the same as someone else did. Everyone had a differing opinion or view or something. Back to my point, I always play around with it because the reader in my personal opinion should always be the most informed about the main character when the story is being written in first person because the reader is privy to how the MC thinks, how they understand and view the world. Sure the other characters in the story will probably connect with the MC better but no one will understand said MC like the reader does. So I make sure that the MC has some other personality trait that can only really be seen from the readers perspective.

The one above could also just be considered a guideline to how I write characters but this one isn't going to be as heavy handed, I just don't do romance. End of story, I'm not good at writing it, I'm not good at understanding it, and my own experience in the matter isn't exactly something I like remembering to be honest. So I just don't bother with it. Meaning that sexuality and preferences of the main characters and most of the time the entire supporting cast is more just filler information than anything of any real importance to the story.

Another thing I've noticed I've done over time from making different characters is have them all fit a similar fitting physical mold. A bit thin, either average or tall in height, and never very short hair. Sure everything else is up for debate, like skin tone, hair color, eye color, scaring, hell even dominate hand as well. But I always seem to go back to those before mentioned traits and half the time, I think literally actually, they usually are a bit unassuming for a guy, or at least they aren't the most manly looking. That probably comes from the fact that I'm not the most macho guy around, so it's easier to write for a body type that I actually first hand experience with. But still, it's a thing that all my characters seem to share to some degree.

Mental afflictions. Yeah, all my characters have some fucked thing in their mind in some way. Ranging from sycophant tendency, to lack of emotions and sleep problems, or just a pure psychopath trying to not be a psychopath, all my characters have something mentally wrong with them to some minor to major way to give it a bit more interest for the reader to know about them. Something that goes back to the first thing I mentioned about perspective. Why? To give a bit of a fucked answer, it's easier for me to write a character like that since I'm a guy that deals with being emotionally stunted and often at the point of losing it from going days without sleep at a time because of my, can be, cripplingly insomnia. I just have more first hand experience on the matter and being able to express that I feel adds another dimension to a character that might seem a bit plain otherwise.

Intelligence. Ok this might seem a bit egotistical, but I just can't write a MC that is stupid as a brick. I've tried but they always come off as just really dull and not interesting for some reason. Probably because most of the commentary in my stories revolves around heavy handed thinking and observations from the MC. So using a character that is just dumb doesn't work for my writing style as then all the thoughts they would have either become out of character or the dialogue can't be put in the story, limiting the amount of words I can cram into a story to go into plot progress and the like. As something I do to reveal the personality of a character to people is I write out how they think, how they see the world and all that stuff. And I just can't make it as interesting in my opinion if the character has to be told everything or isn't observant enough to put things together. It's a personal writing flaw to be honest as I can do it for side characters because I don't have to deal with explaining how they think things through.

Overpoweredness. I'm not even sure that's a word. Anyway, yeah I have a thing where my characters usually end up a bit broken sooner or later. Most of the time I can work it into the story as a progression thing if it's a central idea in like a battle focused story. Well I can do that nowadays, my earlier stories don't really show that. Anyway, back to the point, if it's not that much of a battle focused story, like it's more focused on the plot or character development and character interactions, then I usually just chuck a normal power at them and just have them use it in a creative enough way that makes it overpowered in a way that makes it's still somewhat interesting.

Anway, that's all I can think of at the moment so there's that I guess.

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