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Yo, if ya don't know me I'm dragonsroar, a newbie to the ff.net family. But I already got a story out called 'The SSBM' a story under Super Smash Brothers, and I'm hoping you get a chance to read it.

Why don't I tell you a little about myself:

My favorite fighting game: Super Smash Brothers Melee (obviously)

My favorite shooting game: Halo and Halo 2. (You can't stop Master Chief)

My favorite adventure game: The Zelda series (Link's unstoppable...even if he wears a tunic (dress) and a weird hat

My favorite cartoon: Teen Titans (What can I say, it totally rocks)

Now some of you may be thinking, why get involved in fanfiction? Easy question...it's fun. I've been reading a few stories around the site, and let me tell you I have seen so stories that completely blew my mind. These authors know how to write. They pulled me into those stories and I couldn't let go until I finish them. And even then I go back to stories I've read and re-read them just for the fun of it. That is just how well most of these authors are. And when you read my stories I hope you can peg me with them as well.

Like anyone I'm a fan of cross-overs. Between TV-shows, or movies, or books, or animes, whatever. I've had a couple of cross-over ideas floating in my mind and was just wondering what other people thinking about them.

Halo/Zelda/Teen Titans

Here's my idea: Because of a strange time flux, a 14 year old Link is thrown into another dimension, and that dimension just happens to be the dimension of the Titans. At the same time Master Chief (17) gets flung into the past because of a strange machine on another Halo Ring. Now the two are temporary members of the Teen Titans while they both adjust to their new home and try to find a way back to their own respective universes.

Why Master Chief and Link. Well one, they are my favorite heros. Link, the kid who goes against everything to save his planet, and Master Chief, the cool headed soldier who unexpectedly became the hero of the galaxy. And two, they're both green, my favorite color. And on that note you see now why I wanted a Teen Titans cross-over. Out of all the characters, BeastBoy is my favorite. His happy-go-luck attitude, mixed with sincerity, and comical mischief makes me really want to watch the show. And because of this I've always wanted to see him, Link, and Master Chief get together and fight along side one another. Just to see how it is. I think it would be so damn cool. But you be the judge of that.

With my fanfics their is the romantic side to things. Now I'm mostly an action-adventure person, but I love me some romance. And I can personally say that their are a few couples out their that need to get together. Those couples are:

Kirby and Jigglypuff: How can they not get together? They're perfect for one another (literally). I've actually got a comic in process involving those two.

Link and Malon: I know, Link gets all the girls, but he's completely clueless to the feminine side. But I strongly think he likes Malon more than Zelda. Zelda's more of a really good friend.

Raven and BeastBoy: This one needs explaining. One, they balance each other out. One is overly happy while the other is repressed. One is goofy and excitable while the other is balanced and calm. They're complete opposites but go so well with one another. They back up the old proverb "Opposites Attract". Two, they both got their hearts broken, badly so they feel alone sometimes. And you know, "Misery Loves Company". Three, out of all the titans those two have go the worst inner demons. Raven with her half blood and BeastBoy with his feral side. They have more incommon than they think. And finally, they just would look so cute together. Sure it would be strange, but still cute. So if anyone's reading this I'm a total Rae/BB shipper.

Now some people would think I'm a die-hard fan of these couples. I am, but I'm also flexible. Link and Zelda are fine by my book, Jiggly and Pikachu are fine as well, so are any other pairs for BeastBoy and Raven. Shoot, BeastBoy could fall in love with a waffle iron for all I care, just as long as the story is really good. I just can't stand how some people say that their pairings are correct. I couldn't care less. Now I am an avid BB/Rae shipper, but I don't mind other ones.

I have a couple of ideas for knew stories, mostly involving the Teen Titans. One in particular I'm thinking about is the Titans are generals aboard intergalatic star destroyers and have to fight evil aliens. But the bugs are still being worked out so don't expect this story to pop up anytime soon. I still have to finish my other stories first before I go into more.

People I'd like to thank:

There have been alot of people viewing my stories and I just would like to thank them all, they really know how to make a guy feel wanted in the ff.net family.

Smash Brothers

niyanna: Thanks for the reviews, and don't worry, Fox and Falco will be making a few new appearances in later chapters. Keep up you writing too. I enjoyed you Smash Brothers story!

foxdude33: You've been a loyal fan of my Smash Brothers story and I'd just like to thank you. Continue with you Star Fox story. It's turning out to be fantastic!

doubledude: You've been a loyal fan too. And don't worry, I haven't left the ff.net community. I've just been on a temporary hiatus.

Ri2: You've come back and forth between my story and thanks for that. You've help me progress so far.

Teen Titans

Evanlicious: You're a good reviewer. And don't worry, the next chapter of my story is coming out soon. I've just had to take some time to think things over.

kurio-tenshi-rin: You've given me great reviews and I have to thank you for that. Keep up the good work!

loaned: thanks for all your reviews. Your a good reviewer and I have to give you your props. Thanks!

What I've Noticed

I have noticed in a lot of fanfiction centering around Super Smash Brothers there are three things that dominate. One is there is a lot of randomness and two there are stories only about a few limited characters.

Now I don't mind randomness. Randomness can be very funny, but when it gets to the point where you are just throwing ideas around without any semblence of an idea that is when it gets boring. If you're going to be random then at least have a reason behind it. Now there are a few stories that have randomness in them that are truly funny but not alot. Be random and funny.

Another thing I have noticed is that most stories center around a few characters. The game is called Super Smash Brothers, meaning you should do a story concerning all of them and not a few. Some stories do have all the characters starring and those stories are very well written and plot driven stories. But I believe more should be about most of the characters.

One more thing I have noticed is that there aren't alot of Adventure/Action stories in the Super Smash Brothers Fanfiction. I don't mind humor but I am a person that enjoys a good adventure from time to time. That's why I'm doing my own story about the Smash Brothers in an Action Adventure theme. The Smashers need to be on as many adventures as they are on humors tales.

For all my fans of "The SSBM" the final chapters of the story are coming, and the epic will be coming to a close soon. Hope you all enjoyed reading and don't worry, another action-packed story is on the way.

Well thanks for reading my profile.

(Alittle Extra)

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11.) Now you are laughing at yourself stupidly.

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