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. The Nameless Five . The Adventures of Organization XIII . Sora, Sora . Silver Haired Keybearer . Of Three . Not Just a Princess of Heart . Manipulation's Deceit . Importance Lies in Unimportance . Emotions . Dive into Remembrance .

. enlightenment . / n. the act of giving intellectual or spiritual light to, or imparting knowledge to /

Hello there. This is Scyithe, previously Death's Mercenary, and quite some other pen names. I am easily bored with them, and I can change quite fast whenever I get bored of them. Anyway, I am currently aspiring to be some kind of writer, and if I decide not to be one in the future, then I'll probably just hope to gain the benefits. But for now, will be my entertainment for the day. I will try my best to update most of the time, but I cannot guaruntee it. After all, I'm just barely a teenager. Don't blame me.

LIQUID aqua pours down dried ICE.

Personally, I consider my writing decent. I may gasp and gape at well-written fanfiction that I see and become an instant fan of the writer, but that takes a really good writer to persuade to adore it to that level. When I read, I enjoy fanfiction that makes me feel emotion. I want to feel the horror of a horror story. I want to feel the humor of a humor story. I want to feel the angst going on in an angst story. To sum it up, I want to feel every single freaking emotion in a story. I want to be able to wait with bated breath while reading, feel the suspense when foreshadowing is close.

BLAZES spit out the crisp AIR.

. scyithe? . / suh-ie-thuh /

Why "Scyithe", of all names? Well, first of all, I have this weird obsession with including the grim reaper in some of my stories, even if I don't actually put him/her in. And of course, the grim reaper is always equipped with their handy-dandy scythe, right? So at first, the word "Sithe" came to mind, but that pen name was taken, so I added a letter into "scythe", found that I liked how it looked, and used the word as my name. Simple, isn't it?

DARKNESS battles for eternity with the LIGHT.

Previously, I have taken on quite some many pen names. My very first was Haro-Haro after the cute little pink mascot in the anime/manga series, Gundam Seed. I just kind of liked the name, and thus, I simply put it as my pen name when I first registered. That was the time when I was still writing Gundam Seed fanfiction. However, I no longer do so. I now write a teensy bit of Eragon and Pokemon fanfiction, and most of my stories are comprised of Kingdom Hearts ones, which I will most likely forever love. I do not recall any other previous ones aside for Death's Mercenary, which was my previous one. I liked the word, "mercenary", and "death" just seemed to fit, so that was how I landed with that.


. the stories . / n. a narrative, either true or fictitious, in prose or verse, designed to interest, amuse, or instruct the hearer or reader /

The Nameless Five - Currently abandoned. I no longer have any desire to pursue writing any more Pokemon stories. I have also discovered, that upon re-reading the first two chapters, that they are riddled with mistakes, whether they are with grammer or just writing altogether. Some of the plot does not make sense either.

The Adventures of Organization XIII - Abandoned. Definitely. I apologize to those who have been wanting to read future chapters, but when I re-read it, I found that I absolutely hate all the content. It was written with poorly generated attempts at humor, and I absolutely despise it. End of story. Do not ask me to pursue writing it.

Sora, Sora - Abandoned. I did fairly enjoy myself when reading it again, but it seemed to lack hits and I didn't have any inspiration to write.

Silver Haired Keybearer - Currently pondering whether or not to continue. I like this story almost the most out of all my fanfiction, and of course, that makes me want to continue. But, again, I have no inspiration right now, so I will contemplate whether or not to continue and what to write if I decide with the latter.

Of Three - Pondering whether or not to continue. I did read both Eragon novels, but I find myself lacking a lot of information about the places and people. I do not know if I want to continue because I can't think of anything to write and I don't think I put the characters "in character".

Not Just a Princess of Heart - Currently pondering whether or not to continue. I do like this story, and the plot seems to be good enough right now, but I need some inspiration juice to continue. Maybe I'll find some, maybe I won't. But for now, until I do find some, I'll think of whether or not I will continue.

Manipulation's Deceit - My current project. I intend to continue writing this story, mainly because I have much inspiration and plans for it and so much I want to write about. But with its lack of hits and reviews, I'm beginning to reconsider. However, that will not weigh me down. I shall continue anyway. Hopefully, that is.

Importance Lies in Unimportance - Abandoned. Definitely. I may love the first chapter a LOT, especially the beginning and end of it, but I do not like anything else. The plot is totally messed up, and I seemed to have left a lot of people confused if they have read it, or at least, that's what I think. I may choose to create a new story with this same plot, but for now, there will be no new chapters. None.

Emotions - Abandoned. I found I loved the plot when I first came up with it, but I believe it is much too complicated for me to write out. Yes, I am that much of an idiot. Also, again, I have no inspiration for this story.

Dive into Remembrance - Most likely going to be abandoned. I believe this story has hope though, so... yeah.

EARTH crumbles under the STATIC.

If you want, you may PM me and ask me to read a specific story of yours. I will do so if I have time (which is likely). However, do not ask me to review. I may, or may not. If I like it, I will. If I don't, I won't. Do not come and flame me because of that, because I will merely laugh and chuck it away. If anyone wants me to critique some of the first parts of their story (not the whole thing because it might turn out too long), I will do so if you send me the title. Do not expect the critique to be that good because I am not a good critiquer (sp?). Also, if I write a review that clearly says that I did not like the story, do not flame me about it either. I will do the same thing as above. I am taking time out of my day to create a critique for you so that you may improve your writing. I will not appreciate it if you act immature about it like a pure moron. Excuse my language.

If you find any mistakes or things that confuse you in my stories, feel free to PM me about it too.

Also, please do not leave reviews that spoil possible future chapters. It irks me how many people seem to enjoy doing it. It ruins the story for others, and there is no surprise.

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And the colors COLLIDE.

This is Scyithe, signing off.


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