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Sorry!! No, the omake for Wo Futari De is not ready yet. More info in the news section...

Hello, and welcome to the new and hopefully improved profile of Esoteria!

I'm a college student studying Computer Engineering. Among my hobbies, and the one that readers of this profile would be most interested in, is writing fiction. Before 2005, I had never published or seriously considered publishing any of my writings, largely because I never liked them enough when I went back to edit them. I ended up just throwing them away or deleting them.

It was in the fall of '05 that I had a serious urge to write a Full Metal Panic romance. The story was ultimately derived from three scenes that I knew I wanted to write. Once I had come up with a reasonable way to link these three scenes into a short story, Wo Futari De was born. I tackled the writing of it in about two months, editing along the way, and at some fairly early point decided I should post my fan fiction for others to read. I already knew about and had read some stories on the site before. Some stories were impressive to me, but others lacked refinement, and I decided that I wouldn't let Wo Futari De see that flaw. In the end I, at least temporarily, satiated my desire to have Sagara and Chidori in romantically heightened situations.

After a few edits it was time to post it, and in the later part of 2005 I did so. The response was overwhelming. The number of hits and the amount and quality of feedback on the first several chapters was more than I could have hoped for. Newly inspired, I solidified my plans to do two more Full Metal Panic fan fictions: a comedy and an action. Shortly after WFD had been completed, I started working on a new and greater challenge: A Full Metal Panic comedy called Hitosawagase.

I knew beforehand, but it only really sank in after writing drafts of a few chapters: writing comedy is hard. Really hard. The first challenge was wording. Unlike the romance, the comedy took a lot more dialogue, and it seemed to me that each word was a lot more important in keeping the whole thing humorous. The second challenge was that Fumoffu set the bar so high. I knew that if people saw an FMP comedy, their first recollection would be the hilarity that is Fumoffu. While I'm sure the end result pales in comparison to it, I was, in the end, pleased with how Hitosawagase came out.

So were the readers, apparently. My expectations were blown away once again when I posted Hito, and it received a slightly larger number of hits in a given amount of time than Wo Futari De. It also received more reviews. As I realized that many of the people who had read Wo Futari De also read Hitosawagase, a new sense of satisfaction came over me: people actually liked my writing.

With my small fan base in place, I took on the next challenge: Shougeki, an action-themed story set in Sousuke's past. This was the longest of my three stories by a decent margin, and also the one that required the most research. Understanding the intricate details of the Full Metal Panic world was paramount in creating an action story that wouldn't disappoint the hardcore fans. After a few months of work, Shougeki was finished.

During posting, it was less popular than the other two... Possibly because while it was an action, it required more setting, more plot building, and more character development. It was a necessary evil since I'd decided to set the story in a portion of Sousuke's past which was previously unknown to the Full Metal Panic fan. One of the advantages of a fan fiction is that it can be faster paced: back story is already known. Shougeki unfortunately downplayed this advantage in its slightly slower pace. Another possible disadvantage that the story had is that the average reader of is not as interested in action as they are in comedy or romance. This is a simple matter of demographics.

Even though its response was a slight disappointment, I was very happy with the quality and insight of the reviews I got for Shougeki. I got contacted by some of the better writers on this site and also received some constructive criticism from readers.

The writing of the three stories had an ulterior motive: I wanted practice and criticism for my next project: a novel-length fiction called Shell. This story would have to be set in my own world, using only my own characters. It would be a significant step up from a fan fiction, so the basic elements needed to be nailed down fairly well. I needed to know what people liked and didn't like when it came to romance. What makes the female reader bite her lip and what makes her heart rate increase? What situations put the male reader so deep into the story that he inwardly urges the characters to make a move?

I also needed to know what kept people's attention. Something labeled a comedy is the most likely to fail miserably. How do I avoid the dull moments in a humorous conversation? How does the flow of events change when the details are no longer important? And with Shougeki the question was what sort of character can I create that the reader can relate to? What sort of person is interesting enough, but not unrealistic? And what kind of villain can people genuinely hate? Also, when it comes to violence, when can readers really feel like they're in the midst of it? Can descriptions of a hot environment really make the reader feel a different temperature?

These were questions that were to some degree answered in the feedback I received in the three stories. It's safe to say that they've helped prepare me for Shell.

For those of you who have read some of my fan fiction, please review them in some way. You may never know how much it helps and how happy it makes me, although I'll probably try to tell you anyway.

And for those who have enjoyed one or more of the fictions, please look forward to Shell, which will be posted on

Check out the news section if you're interested in my progress on things, and as always, tremendous thanks goes to all of my readers for their support. You guys make this hobby more than worthwhile.


New Whine Column!

Okay, today I'm whining about the advertisement on the profile page. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not against ads. But these adds are seriously encroaching on profile space. If you're going to put an ad somewhere, put it somewhere that's well separated from unrelated things like profiles. Not sitting there as though this ad was supposed to be a face shot of the author, but somebody screwed it up. Whining completed.

Wo Futari De- Well, if you've been keeping up with the Shell blog at fictionpress, you'll be aware that the WFD omake is still a good ways off. My writing has slowed significantly for various reasons. Anyway, it is coming, but as for exactly when I still can't say.
Hitosawagase- Complete, re-edited in late September. Omake posted. Marked complete, but there's a small chance that I'll write a second omake in the distant future.

Side note: Hitosawagase has now surpassed Wo Futari De in hits and in reviews. I actually never anticipated this...

Shougeki- Omake has been posted. Shougeki will not be significantly updated again. (Actually, I'm considering writing a second omake for this and the other stories)
Shell- Current status: Part III in draft stage. Part I completely posted.

Check out a story on called "Moon Release Lever." It's a short comedy written by a friend of mine. The idea sprung from a late-night conversation (one of those conversations where everything is twice as funny as it would be to anyone else). The author's pen name is Andrastos.

As always, comments and questions are always welcome, and appreciated.

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