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Author has written 6 stories for Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Trigger, and Gears of War.

I'm a big fan of manga, anime, japanese cinema, video games, and all sorts of stuff. I live out in San Diego where people from other states believe we're all beatiful people and health nuts. If only it were true. We do have the Comic-Con though, and I try to go every year. My friend encouraged me to put stuff up on here, so here it goes. I hope you enjoy reading it, as it is very fun to write. All reviews are welcome as critcism is always there to teach us a lesson. You can find some original stuff of mine on under The Flesh of JRB.

The Deep End Of An Age is going to be several chapters long. It is a loose mixture of Final Fantasy 8 with some Horror/Lovecraftian stuff mixed in. Sorry for not getting anything new on it for awhile, but there will be more coming soon. Perhaps there hasn't been as much Lovecraftian stuff as I should have put in there, but the story and the world sort of took me for a ride. I'll make an effort to turn it in a more Lovecraftian direction now that the world is fleshed out more.

Turkish Falling Down is a story that I've been working on for a awhile now. It was one of the first fanfics that I started. I don't believe it will be as long as The Deep End of An Age, but I do tend to like longer pieces. Like many people I really like the Turks, and I wanted to do something with them. I am well aware of the new background information coming from Before Crisis, and if what I have in the background conflicts with that, my explanation is that I am writing this fan-fic from the basis of Final Fantasy 7, and not the cell phone game. I may throw in a bit Before Crisis, I don't yet know, and I may just do a Before Crisis fan-fic later on. Update: I have some Before Crisis stuff in the background, but not too much. It is more to do with the orignal game. Any errors or inconsistancies are my fault, or just how it ended up while I was writing it because of the goals of the piece. Of course now there is even more information from the Crisis Core game, but once again when I concieved of this story that game wasn't around. I may add a little bit from it if it works.

The Bridge is a Chrono Trigger fic that I wrote mostly at work. I was thinking about what it was to have a job and responsibility, and how unforgiving it can really be. My choice of details regarding certain characters may vary from most people's assumptions, but that's just how I saw it. Like Zealpropht, I took Flea to be a girl. It's just my choice though, I don't own the rights to the characters.

Seek The Light is a Gears of War fic that has come about just recently. I chose to use original characters, but the story is about how Hoffman got the Light Mass Bomb that he has at the begining of the game.

The Long Patrol is another Gears of War fic that came about rather suddenly. It's a tad experimental at times, but not too weird. I just wanted to focus on one character and an immediate situation rather than worry about some grander storyline.

The workings of Sera: is another Gears of War fic. I wanted to do something with the wife of Howe from Seek The Light. I could've just left her as she is mentioned in the other fic, but I started to believe that there was something interesting with her. Dom comes up briefly, but isn't necessarily integal to the plot, depending upon your interpretation. I thought it was worth posting though. Hope you enjoy.

Some updates: Still striving to move ahead in The Deep End of an Age. I will hopefully get some updates for Turkish Falling Down as well. These were the first on-going works that I put up, so I feel a certain loyalty to them. I've been doing a lot of Gears of War stuff lately. I do like the universe and the characters involved. Mostly it's been OCs, but I do have something in the works with Dom as the main character.

So it's been awhile since I've posted. We're now in the Fall, and it can be a nice time to write. Of course there are other things to write for, but I haven'y forgotten the stories I have here. I just updated Seek The Light, and have some more stuff as well. I need to get back to my Final Fantasy stories especially. I am always very appreciative for all of the nice people who stop by to read my stuff. Your encouragement means a great deal to me. So thank you very much. New stuff is coming.

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