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Mystyxiii drew me pretty fanart for Coffee. Love forever to her!

HOHO! More fanart! My LJ homie Britchan is my HERO! It'ssopretty :333 This is fanart for the Shattered chapter, "Star."

"...and then Ed fell asleep, silver streaks of moonlight glinting off of golden hair that hung limp around his lax face – and making Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist, look like an angel."

FITCHY! -luffs- She died for a little while. D: BUT NOW SHE'S BACK! ...AND SHE HAS FANART!

It's another one for Coffee, because for some reason people like old crappy stories. :3


My real life friend Noishie drew this picture of Ed for me just because. X3! It's not really fanart, but its like secks on paper, so it's going on my profile.

My sister drew me this pretty little picture for my birthday, and I dunno why I'm just posting this now. My sister is amazing.

And HOLY HELL MUCH LOVE TO NEWMOONFLICKER FOR THIS AMAZING PIECE OF ART for chapter 17 of Shattered! There are seriously no words to express how in love with this picture I am. I get warm fuzzies every time I look at it. X3 Mostly it's because I can see in this art that I put across what I meant to with my writing well enough for it to be transferred into something visual. I think that's what is most satisfying about getting fanart. It was uncanny how perfect his expression is, and how accurately it matches what I always imagined when I picture this scene. I love his eyes, and his kinda nostalgic smile. It makes me incredibly happy.

Can you draw? I'd really love to see more.


Thank you rockpaperscissor, who dedicated a chapter in her amazing story, "Array of Sacrifice" to me.

Thank you to Aemilia Rose who dedicated a chapter in her awesome series of oneshots, "Lessons in Pride in Care" to me.

Thanks to wilderness-writer who dedicated her awesomely angsty oneshot, "Undone" to me.

Holy wow, thanks to Child of a Pineapple who dedicated her super sweet hurt!Ed oneshot "Camaraderie" to me and wooed me with flattery. ;D

Thanks tons to Cruel Angel's Love who dedicated three drabbles in her awesome ongoing series of drabbles, "Their Fate" to me.

Thanks to Dixie Cup of Doom who dedicated a Papa!Roy story entitled "Pet Peeves" to me. -lovetoFitchy-

And WOW. Thank you to Feyrae who took it upon herself to dedicate not just one -- OHNO -- but a whole SERIES of one-shots to me. That series is entitled "Speak" and should be read immediately because the author is just a sweetheart and dishes out compliments like candy. :3 -luffs-

Much love to all of you. I HIGHLY recommend all of these authors, these stories in particular...because...well...they were written for me!Do you really need a better reason than that?



And thank you. I appreciate it so very, very much.

Beta Love

-hugs Aemilia Rose- Go on everyone. Give her hugs. :3 You know you want to.

I'm Also Archived...

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A few kind souls have decided that my writing needs to be inflicted upon the unsuspecting souls of other nationalities!

Thank you to Lieram who took the time to translate one of my older fics, Ill, into Spanish. You can find it in my favorites under Enfermo (which I am assuming means "Ill" or something similar ;D).

And a big thanks to Polly-P who is currently translating the arc of Shattered that I have lovingly dubbed Suicide!Ed Arc (Father, Son, Family) into French. Links will be up later!

Much love to these awesome and talented people! :D

I'm always happy to talk to new people, I'm also willing to beta (or be betaed!). If you have a story you want me to look at, or an idea you want to throw at me, I'm willing to listen. I'm also looking for new places to archive my fanfiction other than If anyone would like to archive me, or knows of somewhere that might accept my work, please don't hesitate to tell me.

And before I forget, a special thanks to all my reviewers. You guys have no idea how much it means to me (me being the review whore that I am) and I'll do my best to return the favor. Thanks again!

Update as of 7/23/08

I know this profile is in need of a serious overhaul which should be happening soon. In the meantime, I've added the translations section to give love to the kind souls who have translated me, as well as the illustrations for Vagabonds to be updated as the chapters are posted, and a NEW POLL which I would love, love, love for everyone familiar with my works to participate in. Excuse the links that don't work, I'll get on those in a bit. X3

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Vagabonds Illustrations - By Ferio Wind


Without warning the doors flew wide open, faster than Ed had ever seen them, faster than Ed had thought hinges as old as time capable of, and several slithering black hands shot out. A thousand horrific memories flashed through his head all at once and Ed moved frantically to step in front of his younger brother when he saw where they were headed, but there was no sense of spatial relations here, in this realm controlled by the Gate.

He could only watch, horrified, as the tiny little hands crept to his brother’s face and, ever-so-gently, caressed his cheek.

Chapter One

Abruptly, he thrust his hand into the open air and found Al’s in the darkness.

He offered it out to the little girl and smiled again, letting it crinkle at the skin under his eyes and lift into his irises. It was a whole-hearted, open smile. A peace offering.

"Wanted men," Ed sputtered.

Chapter Two

And then she wrapped her arms around him – not the sort of comment that merited a hug from anyone else, but Granny was different and Granny was the same, and Ed leaned down to plant his face in her shoulder.

Rose led him to a sofa that he remembered and practically bent his legs at the knees to get him to sit. She never let go of her stranglehold on his arm, even as Ed ran a thoughtful hand over threadbare folds that had seen him struggling against the pain of automail reattachment more times than he cared to count.

He gingerly wrapped his arms around his brother, as if anything more might break him.

Mustang raised an eyebrow and steepled his fingers elegantly in front of him, “Well. That is interesting.”

Chapter Three

Al leaned against the fading white banister of the back porch and eyed the twinkling lights of the town below, noting with a lazy sort of intensity that there hadn’t been that many lights three years ago. Huh. What a funny thing it was to imagine a constant place like Risembool changing. He heard Rose approach from behind on the squeaking of the wooden porch, soft-footed. He glanced over as she took a similar position beside him, but instead let her eyes drift upward toward the stars.

“Yeah, Dad?”


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