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Author has written 28 stories for Kim Possible, Ben 10, W.I.T.C.H., Teen Titans, Danny Phantom, Misc. Cartoons, Winx Club, Totally Spies, Avatar: Last Airbender, and Total Drama series.

Providing fine quality entertainment for over a fiftieth of a century!

The Total Drama Island trilogy is done. The first two tales were M-rated and full of sex jokes (although the second did get a little serious near the end), but the third, TDI: Torture Cruise, is mostly a T-rated horror piece. The tone of that story gets way different at the end, but I think fans of the show will like it.

Distorted Avatar Reality 14: The Fortuneteller is based on Ogro's Distorted Reality Avatar AU, where the Water Empire rules the world and Aang is aided by Azula and Zuko of the beaten down Fire Nation in his quest to save it. The author adapts most of the Avatar episodes, but not all of them, so I thought I'd fill in some of the gaps. I'll say one thing for that series - Azula and Zuko make far more interesting companions for Aang than Katara and Sokka!

Distorted Avatar Reality 17: Southern Air Temple is a distorted version of Avatar's Season 1 episode "The Northern Air Temple". But it's a lot different from the original. It shows what can be done with an AU. By changing a few things around, you can come up with a new story and see the Avatar characters in a different light while still staying true to the original concept.

“What If Zuko Won?” is an original epic adventure starring the casts of both W.I.T.C.H. and Avatar: The Last Airbender. It's got plenty of butt-kicking action, high drama, rollicking comedy, twists n’ turns and cliffhangers.

Based on the story "W.I.T.C.H. in the World of Avatar", “What If Zuko Won?” relates what might have happened if Zuko, horribly confused at the middle of Season 2 of Avatar, had been successful in his quest to forge a new path for himself. It's 14 chapters long, and the later chapters reveal a very different ending for the Avatar TV show, but one that is more satisfying than the original, as it resolves the key conflicts that were ignored by the creators of the Avatar T.V. series and sets up new adventures.

Each chapter is an episode in the saga, with the expanded Zuko-centric chapter (Chapter 6) akin to an extra-length ‘movie’.

Chapter 1 - “A Hasty Decision” - More of a prologue, it sets the story up, and opens with a tragic event that occurs at the midpoint of the tale. Starring the Guardians of the Veil and Prince Zuko, with guest-stars Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph.

Chapter 2 - “Happy Outcomes” - Details the good things that happen on this alternate world as the separated Guardians help Zuko topple the present Fire Lord and rescue Aang's air bison. With appearances by Ozai, Wan Shi Tong, sand benders, Long Feng and the Earth King.

Chapter 3 - “Things Get Worse” - Our heroes discover their improved world still has many challenges, as tensions threaten to spark a new war. Plus, the most-requested W.I.T.C.H. character joins the cast - or does he? With Combustion Man, the Rough Rhinos, King Bumi, the Earth Army and Azula!

Chapter 4 - “Sons and Daughters” - The relationship chapter. Domestic bliss and romantic entanglements take center stage as our heroes make the most of the lull before the next conflict. Zuko and Mai get horizontal! Toph or Suki - who will Sokka pick? Is Cornelia falling for the new Fire Lord?? And Hay Lin gets a makeover. With the young boy called ‘Cal’, Guru Pathik and the sinister spirit, Koh.

Chapter 5 - “Day of Black Son” - The eclipse is here, and so is Aang & Co's invasion of the Fire Nation, featuring a lights-out battle between Cornelia the Earth Guardian and Toph the earth bender! Plus, a special funeral after one of the cast pays the ultimate price! Also, the first appearance of the ancient Avatar. With Huu of the Swamp Tribe, Chief Hakoda, Mayor Tong and the Yu Yan archers.

Chapter 6 - “Repercussions” - Zuko’s conflict-strewn life is explored by jumping through time, while our heroes struggle to recover from the disastrous Day of Black Sun. Experience the Fire Lord's passion and pain (but mostly his pain) and discover the choices he made that led him down his dark path, as well as his mysterious goal. Plus, Cornelia goes through some serious changes! With Ozai, Mai, Ty Lee, Wan Shi Tong, Iroh, the owner of a yaksheep (!) and, even though she only has a few lines, an amazing performance by Azula (she’s so evil!).

Chapter 7 - “The Pre-Invasion Jitters” - Still reeling from all they have endured, the GAang’s personal problems drive them apart just when they should be coming together - right before the full-scale invasion of the Fire Nation by the Earth Kingdom! Meanwhile, Zuko’s spying allows him to prepare a proper…welcome…for our heroes. Uh oh! With Avatar Roku, Hama, Cabbage Man and Zuko's wacky War Council!

Chapter 8 - “The Return” (Invasion Part 1) - Aang, Katara, Toph, Irma and Hay Lin re-enter the Fire Nation to rescue their friends and end the war by defeating the Fire Lord, but first they have to contend with an out of control garden, choking skies, riots, fires, stampedes, the Fire Army, a sand bender, dragons and Long Feng’s plant bending Dai Li! Whew!

Chapter 9 - “The Ballad of Hay Lin” (Invasion Part 2) - The mournful tale of the Air Guardian’s difficult sojourn on the Avatar’s world. You only thought you knew her. With Eric, the villainous Frost, Momo and Princess Azula, who makes a devious return!

Chapter 10 - “Zuko Uber Alles” (Invasion Part 3) - Zuko mops the floor with the GAang and the Guardians. Can ANYONE stop the Candracar-powered Fire Lord? Hmmm. Maybe someone can.

Chapter 11 - “The Dark Avatar” (Finale Part 1) - Zuko starts putting the screws to Aang as his horrific plan is revealed! Who will be the next to die? Find out! Plus - the Guardians, powerless, face off against a mob of fire benders, and the secret of the Dark Avatar is exposed for the first time!

Chapter 12 - "Black Dawn" (Finale Part 2) - Avatar State Aang faces a true challenge when he squares off against the Heart of Candracar-powered Fire Lord Zuko, who has a few surprises in store for the last airbender! It's winner take all, and Zuko doesn't intend to lose! Plus, Koh's evil scheme comes to fruition, threatening the whole world! Meanwhile, the Guardians can't help anybody as the mysterious leader of the conspiracy seeking to control the Fire Nation lines them up in front of a firing squad! Yipes! Who can save us now??

Chapter 13 - "The End of the World" (Finale Part 3) - Sozin's Comet is coming, and no one is safe! How will our heroes survive this planet-wide calamity? It'll take a miracle! With surprise guest stars!

Chapter 14 - "Once More, With Feeling" (Finale Part 4) - It's the battle you demanded - Zuko vs. Ozai! Winner takes everything! Loser cries all the way home. With a surprise shock ending!

The Epilogues - a series of vignettes that illustrate what happened to the cast after The End. Epilogue 1 - The war's over, but there's still one final mission to save the future! Epilogue 2 - Brunch! Epilogue 3 - Will & Zuko. Epilogue 4 - W.I.T.C.H. Epilogue 5 - Hay Lin & Katara. Epilogue 6 - Aang & Roku. Epilogue 7 - Katara & Aang. Epilogue 8 - Zuko & the GAang. Epilogue 9 - Iroh & Zuko. Epilogue 10 - The Reception. Cornelia & Zuko dance, Aang drops a bombshell on Katara & Irma rocks out! Epilogue 11 - Zuko & Mai. Epilogue 12 - Cornelia & Caleb. Epilogue 13 - The Fire Lord and the Avatar. Epilogue 14 - Zuko & Ozai. Epilogue 15 - Fire Lord Shen Ming. Epilogue 16 - Reconstruction/Destruction. Epilogue 17 - Goodbye. More coming soon!

What If Zuko Won? is a What If story based on W.I.T.C.H. in the World of Avatar (it diverges from the original tale near the end of Chapter 26). With all the over the top action, drama, love affairs, characters plotting against each other, surprises and guest stars, it's too bad it's only a prose story!

Though rated ‘T’, written for a slightly older audience than either the TV series or the comic, and even then pushes the envelope of what’s considered appropriate for that age group, dealing as it does with such issues as death, suicidal thoughts, anger management/violence and near-rape, What If Zuko Won? stays true to the core concept of W.I.T.C.H. and its beloved characters Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin, while also featuring Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph and Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender, who are similarly handled with great care and respect.

In this grand adventure, Hay Lin 'goes native' and becomes an Air Nomad! To see what she looks like, go to

Artwork by Darklightsun Available for hire!

Both "What If Zuko Won?" and "W.I.T.C.H. in the World of Avatar" focus on the stars of the two series, and make minimal use of newly-created characters. The idea is to add to the canon by making great new tales featuring the heroes we know and love, instead of altering them beyond recognition. New adventures, not new characters.

One key difference between the two stories is that "What If Zuko Won" is rated Teen, because of on-screen character death and brief use of language and violence. Since it's a 'What If', you can 'break the rules' a bit, although I don't go overboard in any of it. Respect for the original material is maintained.

W.I.T.C.H. in the World of Avatar is a novel-length adventure that explores what could happen if the Guardians of the Veil traveled to the world of Aang the Avatar.

It’s got plenty of action, drama and comedy, plus the character interaction that every fan loves! With cliffhangers, plot twists, you name it!

To see what the W.I.T.C.H. girls look like on the Avatar's world, go to WITCH Avatar Style Irma looks kind of Water Tribey (with a bit of Earth Kingdom flair thrown in for good measure), Cornelia's dressed to the nines (natch!) as if she just stepped out of the Earth King's Palace, Will is attired like the leader she is (of course), Taranee appears a bit Fire Nationy (except nice), and Hay Lin goes all Air Nomad (but different from the other pic), and it's all done by a professional illustrator!

W.I.T.C.H. in the World of Avatar is an example (one, slight example) of what can be done with canon characters without unduly altering them, without the ever-prevalent need to make them ‘mine’. Because they’re not mine. I’m just relating one of their adventures, borrowing them for a time and putting them through their paces, seeing what I can accomplish with their help. When it’s all over, they’ll go their way and I mine. As it should be.

What can be done with canon heroes? Turns out, quite a lot. It’s a fanfiction philosophy not seen often enough on ffdotnet. Here’s hoping I can help change that. Just a bit.

Both W.I.T.C.H. and Avatar: The Last Airbender are fantasy action/adventure animated series that portray young heroes with powers on a more realistic level than previous animated efforts.

Though elemental powers are present in both series, there are major differences between the Guardians and Aang’s group of benders. The story looks at both similarities and differences, while putting our heroes through many trials and predicaments. Along the way, the Guardians meet many of the (more popular/more interesting) denizens of the Avatar’s world. It’s everything you could ever want in a crossover!

This journey of discovery of the Guardians’ is divided into four parts, similar to the development of the Avatar in his series, with one important difference: Mine is based on the physical & emotional growth process we all go through in life (Birth, growth, family, self-actualization, or child/adolescent/adult/post-adult).

Chapters 1-14 are Act I: Fire, because Fire is the element of power. The five Guardians are separated, stranded on a strange, new world and need their power (what there is of it) to survive.

Act I takes place at various locales in the Earth Kingdom.

Will is trapped by the devious Dai Li in Ba Sing Se, Taranee is feared as an evil ‘fire demon’ wherever she flies, Irma is forced to live by her wits on the war-torn streets of the Earth Kingdom, Cornelia is run out of town for being a ‘plant witch’ (and later joins a certain freedom fighter), and Hay Lin is celebrated as the new Avatar in the town formerly known as Chin.

Guest stars include Long Feng, Wan Shi Tong, Jet, Guri Pathik, the Mayor of Chin, Long Shot, Smellerbee, Prince Phobos, Zuko and Iroh, and features special appearances by Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph and the Kyoshi Warriors!

There’s one big battle in this Act, when Taranee takes on the earth benders of Ba Sing Se to rescue her friend.

Chapters 15-21 are Act II: Earth, because Earth is the element of substance and strength. The Guardians are re-united and strong. For the Guardians, being together has always led to success. But here, it's not enough, as their challenges get even greater!

Guest stars include Azula, Mai, Ty Lee, Jet and an even more dangerous Prince Zuko!

The Guardians' major battles happen in this Act. Azula, Mai and Ty Lee vs. the Guardians, and the Guardians vs. someone more powerful than they are!

Act II takes place mainly in Avatar Town.

Chapters 22-33 are Act III: Water, because Water is the element of change, community and healing. The Guardians attempt to team up with Aang and form a family of sorts to stop their common enemy. But who needs to be healed?

Act III takes place in the resort area of Placid Springs, the Guardians’ home of Heatherfield and the Palace of the Fire Lord.

Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph are co-stars, and get as much ‘screentime’ as the Guardians.

Guest stars include Zuko, Iroh, Ozai, Phobos, Azula, Avatar Roku, Yue and a new character, an old friend of Prince Zuko’s.

This Act includes a special 2-parter that tells the story of Aang’s visit to Heatherfield, with appearances by Martin, Uriah, Kurt, Laurent, Alchemy, Drake, Yan Lin, Matt, Julian, Blunk, Nigel, Andrew Hornby and Caleb!

This Act’s finale is a major showdown between Phobos and someone who could be even more powerful than the Meridian sorcerer.

Other fights include the Guardians & Aang’s group vs. a mystically empowered Zuko and 10,000 clay warriors, the combined forces of the Earth Rumble fighters plus the Dai Li vs. Aang’s Avatar State, and Cornelia and Irma on a mission behind enemy lines in the Fire Nation!

Chapters 34-40 are Act IV: Air. Air is the element of freedom. The Guardians will have to free themselves from their fears and prevail over the forces of the Spirit World, or all will be lost.

Act IV takes place mostly in the Spirit World.

Guest stars include Avatar Roku, Yue, Hei Bai, Koh, Wan Shi Tong, Nerissa and Xin Jing, with special appearances by Elyon and Caleb.

This final Act features the secrets of the Spirit World, how the Avatar is related to the Guardians, and Koh's dark secret. Plus, someone dies! (Actually, there's more than one death. You have to read it to see how it works). There are other revelations, about the Guardians, the Oracle, even Avatar Roku, but I'm not giving anything away here! Read the story!

Major battles: Will fights off a bunch of warriors using just her wings (no energy powers), Cornelia takes on the entire Spirit Army, Taranee has a final showdown with her archrival, Princess Azula and the Guardians plus Aang, Katara and Toph wage a desperate battle against the Fire Nation Army!

The Epilogue and Final Chapter reveal the secret behind the Guardians' mission to the Avatar's world and tells why Aang was in that iceberg for 100 years.

The word ‘epic’ gets thrown around a lot, but this tale is epic. You’ll see the Guardians and Aang the Avatar in a whole new light by the time it’s through.

The progression (Fire-Earth-Water-Air) is the opposite of the Avatar's. That's because it mimics human development. Fire is youth and power. Earth is adolescence, strength tempered with learning. Water is adult, family and community. Air is the wisdom that comes with age, self-actualization, achieving one’s potential. (Which is why the Air Nomads are bald. Bald=age=wisdom). Aang, for some reason, travels the opposite path. But the girls have their own road to travel.

Besides character development and action/adventure, humor is also an important part of W.I.T.C.H. in the World of Avatar. Like both W.I.T.C.H. and Avatar, it believes in balance. It's a story that stays true to the source material, while pushing at the boundaries, to tell the best possible, highest quality fantasy tale ever!

Fans of the Guardians will enjoy the continuing, post-TV series adventures of their heroines, and fans of the Avatar will love Act III, when Aang and friends meet the Guardians! For those who prefer the villains, or darker characters, Zuko, Azula, Phobos and Ozai have major roles to play. (Azula has to be my favorite villain. Wait till you read what I do to her!). And just as Zuko is the real star of Avatar, he has a prominent place in my story. Besides the Guardians, he’s the only one to appear in all 4 acts.

Notes on Shipping
W.I.T.C.H. in the World of Avatar is an adventure story with a lot of drama, but doesn’t have much in the way of romance. Mainly because the girls’ boyfriends aren’t there with them. But really because it's not that interesting to me (Will they break up or not? Not that gripping, dramatically speaking) and romance would get in the way of the story (and it’s long enough already!).
What romance W.I.T.C.H. in the World of Avatar does have: Cornelia and Jet get close (but don’t become boyfriend/girlfriend) in Chapter 14. That chapter also has the beginning of Long Shot/Smellerbee. There are Kataang moments in Chapters 23, 26, 31, 38 and 40 (you have to read what happens to Kataang in 40!). There’s also some hinted Zutara, although I don’t really understand that particular ‘ship. It seems wholly invented by overanxious teenage girls. I use Zutara to make the contrast between Zuko/Katara and Zuko/Ozai clearer (Katara actually cares more for Zuko than his own father does). Caleb (fake) is in Chapters 28 & 29. Caleb (real) is in Chapter 34. Matt (Will's dreamself of him, that is) is in Chapter 29.

More W.I.T.C.H. Adventures is a series of sequels to the W.I.T.C.H. Adventures books. What would happen if the antagonists of those books came back? They would be changed, due to having met the W.I.T.C.H. girls. Original stories, with action/adventure, comedy, drama, science fiction, survivalism, a bit o' horror and more with the Guardian girls! It's an original Guardians adventure that's actually ABOUT the Guardians (not some copy of the Guardians, or the Guardians' sons or daughters, or a new character you've never heard of) and I really tried to channel the whole W.I.T.C.H. zeitgeist as I wrote it.

Size Doesn't Matter is a Kim Possible story where Kim shrinks. It's very scifi, and uses real science in a wacky way, but it isn't a science lecture. It's got plenty of action and humor, as I try to make it like a 'real' Kim Possible episode. It's the first of my Season N series (if Kim Possible had a series that didn't air, but existed on paper).

Trial by Furry is a Kim Possible courtroom comedy/drama wherein Kim defends Drakken from a bunch of funny animals. The ending's a lot more serious than it sounds, however. It's the first in a series called The Last Kim Possible Story, which is my version of an end-of-series storyline. When a series lasts for many years, sometimes they have a storyline that wraps up the whole magilla. Most series never get them, but of the ones that do, they’re usually pretty cool, as characters from the past come back, old plotlines are resolved and things happen that fans have been clamoring for for years. My story references a lot of past Kim Possible episodes (there's a lot of continuity). It also uses story structures common to heroic fiction, but I will say no more because I don't want to give anything away. This 'series finale' is going to be a classic story with plenty of KP-style action and humor. If there’s anything I want to prove with this story, it’s that ‘restricting’ yourself to the ‘Disney Rules’ (no sex, death/gore/violence, language, etc.) needn’t restrict one’s creativity or imagination. There are still tons of stories you can do about Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. The possibilities are (almost) endless!

Who Was Drew Lipsky is a continuation of the story begun in Trial By Furry (it's Book 2 in The Last Kim Possible Story). Kim's relentless search for the 'missing' Dr. Drakken leads her to some unexpected places.

I approach Kim Possible unlike most of the other fanfic writers. I try to write original stories about Kim and the other characters as they appear on the show. I don't write stories about characters who happen to have the name Kim Possible or Ron Stoppable, but who otherwise bear little resemblance to the characters on the TV series. I think there's plenty of potential on the series as is. Size Doesn't Matter (part of season N) is an example of a 'regular episode', while The Last Kim Possible Story (Trial by Furry is the first) is an example of how far you can take the concept. In the end, it's really all about telling good stories using the Kim Possible concept.

Real Toons is my mega-cartoon crossover. It stars Will and Cornelia from W.I.T.C.H., Duke and Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe, Dustin the Ninja Storm Yellow Power Ranger (!), Stella from Winx Club, Danny Phantom, Batman and The Joker. Future guest stars include Teen Titans, Kim Possible, Totally Spies, even Billy, Mandy & Grimm! Plus tons more toons! In Real Toons, we take the cartoon characters you see on your TV screen and imagine…What if they learned they weren’t real? How would they act on this knowledge? What would it do to them? That is...What if Toons got real? It reminds me of classic comic book stories, where lots of stuff happens to our heroes, characters meet that you never thought would, with plenty of action, drama, and even comedy, worlds living, worlds dying, the meaning of life and everything!

In the first installment, Real Toons W.I.T.C.H., Will & Cornelia make the fateful decision to leave everyone they know and love in order to save the world! Everything changes for them, and though they vow that their friendship won't change, Cornelia keeps secrets from Will as she falls under the influence of...the Batman! (Bats sure does have a thing for the youngsters, doesn't he? I mean that in only the very best way, of course!)

Real Toons Teen Titans deals with one curious aspect of the cartoon in an interesting way. Read it and see.

Real Toons was created as a reaction to the modern cartoon (don’t ask me about anime; I don’t know too much about that). To wit, that the artistic development of cartoons has been stunted for some time. It hasn’t grown. It’s still considered ‘children’s entertainment’ and has been forced to follow very restrictive rules, rules which practically every other artform has outgrown.
Not that these rules in and of themselves are bad, and there’s certainly a place for children’s entertainment.
But to limit cartoons to children’s entertainment, to the exclusion of all else?
And not just children’s entertainment, but a rather young age group?
Should not older children (and adults) have cartoons geared towards their age ranges? (and not just comedies, either).
What if modern cartoons were allowed to grow a bit, to appeal to an older audience and deal with issues the ‘kiddie toons’ would never touch? Issues like euthanasia, depression, teenage suicide. But, more than issues, have real, meaningful action/adventure (which means someone could die, or some other momentous event could occur). Heck, even do psychological dramas.
So I created Real Toons.
With Real Toons, you could do a story about anything, on any subject. There’s no limits (other than good taste).
It uses comic book sensibilities because I’ve long been a fan, and comic books went through this growth period many years ago. Now everyone lines up to see the latest ‘comic book movie’. Cartoons could have that same success, too, if they were allowed to grow and evolve.
It would have happened, too, if a certain woman and her group hadn’t come along in the 70s. But that’s a rant for another day.

One of the purposes of Real Toons is to put cartoon characters in new, unfamiliar and extreme situations and see how they react.So why is Batman in it? Hasn’t the whole Batman concept been done to death?
Ah, but I never said which version of Batman it is, did I?
I’ll put some clues in later, but I doubt you’ll be able to figure it out anyway.

Real Toons Danny Phantom is backstory. It tells how Danny joined the team. There will be future backstories on the other team members.

My Ben10 story, I Am Woman, is a oneshot joke I did just to prove you can make a story about anything if you try. Though some have asked, I have no plans to continue it. Though I could see a whole "M Series" involving cartoon characters. In the 2nd story - Raven sends Beast Boy to the store to pick up items to fight 'blood demons', but Beast Boy, being clueless, actually tries to find things to fight 'blood demons', runs into other superheroes with blood afflictions, and then brings home the wrong things, with hilarious results (I imagine Raven brains him with a frying pan). Or maybe not

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