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okaayy, so the name's Elyssa. I'm SIXTEEN years young, and i'll be turning 17 soon. YES! Oh and I'm Filipino. Well I started my fanfiction account with my best friend DANIELLE and we wrote stories together... but we haven't updated in a million years. Now I'm the only one writing fanfics... but I haven't updated Coping With Love in soooooo long. (I am sooo sorry everyone.) Anyways I'm trying to update, so i'm really trying to come up with ideas.

Buuut, anyways I really like Final Fantasy... especially FFX. I'm such a big fan of Yuna and Tidus. Plus, I'm obsessed with Asian dramas. Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Filipino... you name it! hahaha So just message me or something if you have any questions. okaay then.

peaceOUTlate !

My email is so email me if you have questions on my story yah! I know it's been like a million trillion years since I last updated, but hang in there everyone. I'm trying hard to start updating again. School is such a pain and i've been really busy this year so its hard to have time to sit down and write. But, I'll update soon so don't worry!

Thanks for all the reviews you guys!

Hello people and all the little creatures that inhabit it!

I have resurrected from the grave! Though, I don't think you really care. I don't write as much; moreover, I now stray away from my old interests. So, I wouldn't be surprised. No worries. I won't take it personally. ha! My dearest best friend has been the quintessential example of a school-girl-fanfic-writer. Meaning, we have no life anymore. Hey, what can we do?

Until now, we have been the best of friends. Corny, no? But seriously, we are the weirdest set you have ever seen. Oh well. No one will get us. And I don't think anyone will ever will. ;.


Fics in progess

A Unique Love- A Final fantasy X-2 fic with Yuna and Tidus.

Coping With Love- A Final Fantasy X fic.

I am very ecstatic to announce our upcoming one-shot! More news on that later, because we ourselves don't know what it will be about! opps! But. It will be the first time we wrote something together. We've got our thinking caps on, and oh baby--we are back! =D

Couples we like

TifaxCloud (from FF7)

YunaxTidus (from ffx and ffx-2)

SquallxRinoa (ff8)

Hey, what can we say? We are a sucka for original couples!

KairixSora (KH)

SakuraxSasuke (Naruto)

KokixTanpopo (Imadoki)

KyoxTohru (Fruits Basket)

Hanabi and Yasu (Happy Hustle High)

Aya and Toya or Aya and Yuhi! (Ayashi nO cEres)

Zero and Yuuki from Vampire Knight.


Couples we dislike

xX AerisCloud

xX RikuSora (Sometimes its funny, most of the time it is just out of control)

xX YukiTohru (Eh, he looks like a girl... and Kyo is waaayyy hotter XDD)

xX RikuKairi (Like I said, im a sucka for original pairings)

((But then again me, Ely, is kind of ok with Riku and Kairi because i really like Riku haha even though he was kind of pOssessed.))

Note: We do not have any problems with the pairings, we just dislike them. And I know I am going to have many flames with the Aeris and Cloud on XDD... Sorry, I just dislike it peeps!


December 26, 2008

I'm back! so Coping with Love fans... thanks for the patience! I'm going to try and write more!

(Dan: No she's not! Don't get your hopes up! Just kidding... =P. But seriously, she's been too busy. ha! I've been trying to persuade her folks! I say, you sharpen your pitch forks and spam her e-mail! I'm really joking that time. I love you Ely =D. )

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