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Author has written 11 stories for Harry Potter, Yu-Gi-Oh, Teen Titans, and Beyblade.

Name: Abigail Sharp/Walters (just call me Abbie)

Nicknames: Abbie, Dobby, Winky, Abs, Alien Abby, Frodo, Hobbit, Pikachu (Er...Its not my fault that people call me strange things) and Hikari (OBVIOUSLY)

Age: 14

Lives: er Scotland, I am Scotish but I have an English accent so everyone thinks I'm English, so I suppose you can call me English!

Siblings: I have a step brother, Darren, who lives in England, and a step sister, Claire, who also lives in England, they're both a lot older than me! I also have my Yami, Sectumsempra (she's gonna kill me for using her nickname!), but there will be more about her later!

School: er which one, there are so many, well I wish that I went to Hogwarts and Domino High, but I guess that I go to Rosehall currently, but I've been to 3 nurseries, 4 primary schools and I'm in my 2nd secondary school!

Fave Songs/Artists: All of the Evanesence songs
All of the Greenday songs
All of the Busted songs
The soundtracks to every film imaginable
Kelly Clarkson
Remy Zero
Phantom Planet
Linkin Park
Simple Plan
Three Days Grace
Son Of Dork

Fave Anime:Cardcaptors
Dragonball Z
Dragonball GT
Salior Moon
Yami no Matsuei
Tokyo Underground
Wolfs Rain

Fave T.V. shows: The O.C.
Black Hole High
Teen Titans

Fave Books: Harry Potter
The Alex Rider series
The Charmed Books
Smallville Books

Favourite Pairings (I love theses!):
Kai X Tyson
Max X Ray
Kai X Tala
Kai X Ray

Yugi X Yami
Ryou X Bakura
Marik X Malik
Seto X Joey
Yami X Seto

Li X Sakura

The OC
Ryan X Marissa
Seth X Summer
Seth X Anna
Sandy X Kirsten

Clark X Lana
Clark X Chloe
Clark X Alicia
Martha X Jonathan

Harry Potter
Harry X Ginny
Harry X Hermione
Harry X Draco
Harry X Draco X Luna
Hermione X Ron
Lavendar X Ron

Teen Titans
Beast Boy X Terra
Robin X Starfire
Beast Boy X OC
Robin X Raven
Raven X Beastboy

I'm allways open to other pairings of course!

Fave Quotes (You'll have to work out where I got them from from the names!)

Kaiba: I'm here to chew bubble gum and kick ass... and I'm out of gum

Tristan: Wow, Kaiba’s got such a way with words, he’s so poetic he’s a regular William Shakespeare.
Joey: I’ve got some words for him but there’s a lady present.

Yugi: Tea, will you tell me the story about the bunnies.
Tea: I'm gonna go ahead and pretend thats the concussion talking.

Joey: I'm the grandfather of games, capice.

Joey: Nobody, but nobody calls me a nobody you bunch of nobodys!

Joey: What’s with him? (Tristan and Joey see mummies)
Tristan: Yoinks!

Tristan: I’m fighting the urge to shout ’Bingo’!
Duke: Go ahead, I’ll laugh.

Yugi: Ready or not spirit, this is were you take over. (Yami takes over)
Yami: (shouting at puzzle) Hey! I, Yugi-you can’t! This isn’t a duel! (sees Tea) Hello

Hermione: Well, I'm going to bed before either one of you can come up with another great idea to get us killed, or worse, expelled.
Ron: She needs to sort out her priorities
Harry: Uh huh.

George: (Pushes Percy out of the way) Harry, how absolutely spiffing to see you!
Fred: (Pushes George out of the way) Marvellous! (Shakes Harry’s hand)
Mrs Weasly: Now, that’s enough.
George: Mother! (Takes her hand) How absolutely corking to see you!

Harry: I don't want to rest, I want to find McLaggen and kill him.
M. Pomfrey: I'm afraid that would come under the heading of over extertion!

Ash: Right now I feel more like the frozen one.

Kaiba: Stop saving the world and get a hobby!

Hermione: Ronald told me to tell you that Seamus told him that Lavender told Parvati that Hagrid's looking for you.
Harry: Well, you can tell Ron-what?
(Hermione runs back to Ron who repeats it.)
Hermione: Ron was told by Seamus that- please don't make me say it again. Hagrids looking for you.
Harry: Well you can tell Ron-
Hermione: I'm not an owl!

Links To Awesome Stuff!

- this is a Yu-Gi-Oh! music video for Joey's demise, I recomend it if you need a good cry and understand the series!

- this is an awesome song by Hikaru Utada! Honestly, if you don't love it then the men in white coats are probably looking for you!

-this is an awesome DBZ music video about Trunk's life, has a bit of death (cough Gohan's cough) set to a song by Linkin Park, that I can't for the life of me remember the name of!

- I had never even heard of this anime until I watched this, but the blondes cute, so it earned place on here!

- Beyblade rules, so this earned it's place! If any Kai lovers watch carefully, there are some amazing scenes with Kai using Dranzers power!

-this one is a romantic little one between Li and Sakura in Cardcaptors set to I turn to you by Christina Aguilera. If you like this,there's some more are under the actual video!

's20rain&p=0- I have never watched wolf's rain, but this is an awesome music video, so I let it in!

This is what me and my mates came up with when we were waiting for our head teacher (Brucie-baby) to let us in the school!

LYNDZ: My dad has this t-shirt that has two peices of bacon on it doing what we tell little kids is paeental time, and it says under it 'makin bacon'!


JON: How does he explain that to the little kids?

KIM: Yeah, I think your dad's the one that destroyed my child hood with that thing!

ABBIE: (In a way to happy to be normal voice) I think I know how I'd explain it!

LYNDZ: Is this gonna be rude?

KIM: You know this is Abbie right?

JON: Point!

ABBIE: (In the same un natural voice!) When a mummy bacon, and a daddy bacon love each other very much, they take a trip to the frying pan. In this frying pan things start to sizzle and get very hot and sweaty! After about nine minutes you get...baby-back bacon!


JON: Fucking hell, that's hilarious!

ABBIE: Why is everyone looking at me like that?

And this is something I came up when I was lying in bed feeling sick!

Ron: Harry what are you doin -SMACK-(Ron punches Harry, effectivly knocking Harry out)

(Ron carries harry down to the common room)

Hermione: Oh god Ron, what did you do to him!

Ron: I didn't do anything to him, well I did punch him, oh just help him!

Hermione: Well next time you need to knock him out, use your wand! Why didn't you use it anyway?

Ron: er, it was in my room.

Hermione: Isn't your room Harry's room.

Ron: er, well it was on my bed.

Hermione: Isn't your bed next to Harry's.

Ron: er, well yes! But I was a little preocupied at the time Hermione, oh, just heal him will you, I er, forgot my wand.

Hermione: O.K., but I'm only doing this cause it's Harry and he needs help, but dont ever do it again Ron.

Ron: Do what?

Hermione: PUNCH HARRY!-SMACK-(Ron has yet again punched the unconcious Harry), Ron, you are too dumb for words!

(Several hours later when Hermione has sucessfully healed Harry)(Oh by the way Harry is just waking up)

Ron: Harry, how are you feeling mate, we were afraid we..-SMACK-(Suprise, suprise, Harry has punched Ron)What the hell was that for!

Harry: 1: For saving my life!
2: For punching me!
3: For telling Hermione, and don't tell me you didn't cause I know you did -SMACK-(Ron has yet again punched Harry!)

Uh, ussually here I would let my Yami, Eevee take over, but unfortunatly, she is busy trying to sort out the messes I made, so lucky me, I get to write our profile!
So Eevee will have her profile up at a later date, when she has tied me to a chair!
By the way, a shout out toJoeyWheelersOnlySanFangal cause they are hilarious, Eevee would like to point out that she like them aswell but thinks Neila should be more dark, cause Eevee reckons that she is darker!

So now I leave you with a saying of mine

There is only one way to freedom, squash your Yami
Hay is for horses, and don't interupt Eevee!

Name: Eeveenia Serpectro (call me Eevee or you will suffer a fate worse than death, Abbie will be punished for using my nickname)

Nicknames: Eevee, Sectumsempra (Abbie, I'm gonna get you for that), Serpant,Yami (OBVIOUSLY), The Abbie Handler(yes sad I know), and Supergirl!

Age: About 5000 years old, but whos counting!

Lives: Mostly inside the millenium Orb, or I push my Hikari out of the bed. ABBIE: And I dont appreciate it!

Stuff I like: I enjoy watching DVD'S with my Hikari, although she can get quite annoying I love her like a sister (even though I have tied her to the chair!). I like reading and writing anime and book fics, its really, really interesting. Though I may not be as happy and innocent as my Hikari, I do enjoy some childish things like watching cartoons, er, I shouldn't have said that! (Abbie is breaking free from the chair to kill Eevee!) Oh, stupid, calm it! I like all of the anime that Abbie likes and I like teen titans!

Stuff I dont like: My Hikaris whinning, and believe me she does it a lot, and having to fix her mistakes and problems (like I havn't got enough of my own!). I also hate the tv shows that Frodo watches (HaHa Abbie) except teen titans! I also hate people and I hate it when someone hurts Abbie, shes a squirt, but she is my squirt!

Right, just to clear a few things up, I do not abuse my Hikari, I watch out for her and make sure no one hurts her. Even if she is a stupid midgit, shes my midgit and anyone who picks on her will be sent to the shadow realm, I hope we are clear about that! Cause if we are not you may find yourself on a one way ticket to the shadow realm!
Uh, just so a certain Hikari knows, she will be in big trouble for starting our profile without me, I was busy apologizing to the neighbors because Abbie thought it would be fun to throw shadow magic at their shed!

Dobby is bugging me to leave a saying of mine so I had better do it (stupid midgit).

I'm gonna smack the hell outa you kid!
Please don't
I already told you, its just a saying now bugger off Dobby!

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