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Disclaimer: All the stories I write on this site are purely for entertainment purposes. I make no income from them, and give full credit to the people that make the series I write them from. (all my stories will have a reference point on the first chapter for this disclaimer)

Status: Rookie AMV creator.

-I made one AMV it's about a 3/5 star rating. For a first AMV I'm under the impresion that it's pretty good. The anime for it was Elfen Lied and the Song was Vermillian part2.

Writing was something I was into before I became an AMV creator... but I've started to get back into it a little, and I couldn't seem to find a better place to post my stories.

Animes that I like (In no particular order): Elfen Lied, Tsubasa Chronicle, FLCL, Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, Hellsing, Blood, Tenchi Muyo, RahXephon, Samurai X Trust and Betrayal, Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, iGPX, Gundam X, Azumanga Dioh, and .Hack//SIGN

Animes that I don't like (In no particular order): Bleach(Too straight forward), One Piece(I don't particularly care for the characters), Inuyasha(characters again), Ranma 1/2(It didn't go anywhere), Trigun(This is like... comedy? drama? I'm not sure it's half and half), Berserk(Boring...), Card Captor Sakura(I grew out of it, used to like it when I was ten), Yu-Gi-oh(Sorry, can't save the world with cards), Duel Masters(Don't like that it's just a ripoff), and Samurai Champloo(It's got its good points, but I don't like all the extra stuff they put in the story).

What I tend to write: I tend to read and write light hearted comedies. Most of this is just a bit of humor with a loose plot and where some plot holes are even pointed out lol. In addition all of my stories have romance in it, because of the simple fact that I think romance 'completes' anime.

What I tend to avoid: OOC characters with no explanation why, Yaoi (just a preference) and especially stories with like... 20 page chapters. (People who write like this usually run 4 chapters together and make a lot of people bored as they read their work.

Favorite Artists/Songs:


-Center of the Universe

2)Asian Kung-fu Generation

- Kimi to lu Hana



4)Rohland Lohlbach

-One Winged Angel




-One (Always Hardcore)


-The Fifth of March

8)System of a Down

-Chop Suey!

9)System of a Down

-Deer Dance



NOTE: I really enjoy German and Japanese music. All of these songs I would give a 9.6 or higher. Megaherz is German, and Asian Kung-fu generation is Japanese. Rohland Lohlbach is a Russian song writer that helped create Sephiroth's One Winged Angel.

Band's I recommend.

Kamelot, Megaherz, Rammstein, Asian Kung-fu Generation, UVERworld, Dream Theatre, Rohland Lohlbach, Scooter, Masterplan, SR-71, Therion, Guns and Roses, Thirteen Senses, Slipnot, Linkin Park, and Nujabes.

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