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Anti-furries will be shot on spot.

Ah yes, myself. Well, for starters, I have been a member of this fine online community for four years now(my first year here was spent as, "the curious onlooker who came here for a good story.". Not much has changed for myself as a writer. Well, actually quite a lot. I plan on erasing all remenants of my past life here. Get used to seeing me sneaking around here with random stories. As well as driving the lunatic fangirls -over in the Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, and other such large fan bases- insane, with what I really think of their work. Oh yah, and I'm a furry.

And if you're here to flame me about what I wrote to you, good luck with that. There's no way you're talking to me unless it's through the forums.

And of course, life-wise. Okay, I'm not young, but I'm not old either. I live in Los Angeles, but I'm not telling you any specifics.I am an avid reader, writer, and critic. Some-what of an over-perfectionist, am confused often, and I believe that thinking, is something that sets me apart from others. Oh, and if you wonder why I speak in such an odd manner, it's just me. I talk like that. Speaking in random language is only as natural to me, as sarcasm is natural to others. It still amazes me to some extent, sarcasm is really just their second language...blah blah blah (insert rambling here).

Now, if you've been a fan of my other works in the Shaman King and Gorillaz sections, I've deleted them all. Yes, even Battle of the Bands. Probably the fiction that made me well-known in that area, with 12 chapters and 45 reviews. I've deleted it, I've lost interest in it, I wrote that when I was bubbly, and happy, and all that other stuff.

The writer who stands before you today is now an apathetic cynic, who has taken up writing for personal and entertainment purposes.

What are you up to now?

Several projects involving anthrophomorphic animals. We need furries on FF.net, you hear me!?

In the works.

Run Rabbit Run.-A homeage to the might furry artist, David Hopkins. Fan fiction for "Jack".

Currently Unnamed Project-I'm serious, I don't have a name for it. It's the project I talked about in the above post. (reader looks) No, the the third paragraph in the top, yes, the 2999 one.


I had two projects that were finished, but I erased them.

Known Aliases: Linkin Gex, AC23, Yuffie Fanatic, Noodlelover, I.C.Nuthane,Arcton, Ien, Buster Thunderfoot, and Faux Paws.

Occupation: Typical Student.

Current Endeavors: Role-playing, as usual.

Faux Paws is currently looking for a Beta-Reader. If you enjoy the Melancholy novel series and/or don't mind me using talking animals in some of my stories, then..


If not, you can find me on deviantart or Live Journal.

Anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Shaman King, Paranoia Agent, Akira, Eureka 7, Loveless.

Movies: SAW, Robin Hood, The Golden Compass, Rataouille, Bruce Almighty, Beowulf, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Star Wars.

Musicals: Jeklyy and Hyde the Musical, Avenue Q, Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Wicked, Xanadu, Hairspray, This is Hollywood, Romeo and Juliet.

Books: A Tale of Two Cities, War of the Worlds, The Golden Compass, Artemis Fowl, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Philosophy for Dummies, Arabian Nites, The Mystery of Jeklyy and Hyde, The Phantom of the Opera, The Suzumiya Novels.

Shows: Sliders.

If any of you have read a Kingdom Heart's fan fiction entitled "Kingdom Hearts III:The Keyblade War", then I am certain you have heard of the once famous Laredo Tornado. If any of you still have a copy of his story, or know what has become of him, please let me know immediately. Any reasons as to why he delted his epic is beyond me, but that diamond in the rough is one of the best multiserials on site.

Oh, whee.

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