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Hey nice to meet you I'm tephs,

Stuff about me:

I live on a big island, in a big city, in a very small home. Ok I shall give you one huge hint that is synonamous with my country... kangarooo or how bout Steve Erwin. Yeah, i hope you have guessed by now. My dads from here to, he was the son of a Docter dad and a farming mother. But my mom, she was from the land of the free, "New World" America. Well a new world dosnt really count coz we were a new world to. oh and that was oh so lame! Im such a dorkus. How cool is that word! Dorkus, Dorkus Dorkus...

I love most books, anything with pages and words i love, or pictures, their still awesome! Especially Matthew Reily, Clive CusslerBill Brian, Clause WItz, Harper Lee.Right now im liking both Christopher Paolini's Eldest and also Homer's Illiad. I like those horrible girly novels that my mom calls sex and sin. A good book is For The Roses by Julie Garwood. Oh and The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly.

I like old music, Ella FItzgerald, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Johnny O'Keffe. Favorite films are Breakfast At Tiffany's, Gone With The Wind,Casablanca, The Matrix, The Patriot and of course Pirates of the Carribbean. Best Musical would have to be West Side Story. Or Phantom of the Opera (not the film). I L-O-V-E Gilbert and Suillivan. I love going to the ballet or the opera.

I am really random, as some of my friends might tell you.I like random quotes, especially by Virgil, right now im putting a new one at the start of every chapter in ballerina. I usually have time to burn so i write, alot of its just plans for storys and the ending chapter.

I work backwards, I start at the end and work my way forwards, and somehow, i'm completely fathomed why but my chapters all seem to make sence, to some degree atleast. I'm a libra, and it shows sometimes not often but sometimes. If i ever change my penname it will be the "Winged Victory".

Dislikes: people who sware lightly, people who use the word hate on a redular basis, rap, being mean to people who dont deserve it, people who are overly competitive, pesimists, ignorants, people who walk around with their eyes mentaly closed bouncing off the walls(!), not on my side of the rift haha pia, hoebags, people who think a "hot ass bitch" is a compliment. oh yes and harrypotter fanfics with doumbledore in them(cant speel his name) because noone can depict him right cept JKR. And capitol I's. I dont like the way they look on a page.

Yeah and i have a philosophy on reading: If it becomes tedious, give up.

Stuff you really dont need to know butI think is cool. (Random facts on English Language)

The English language is so intertwined with other languages that most of the origins its hard to tell who made them up. Have you ever thought about how when animals on the fields such as Cow, Sheep, Chicken, Goat, they are all English names? BUt once on the table, beef, mutton, veal, ect they have French names? Also the underpaid and lower skilled work, farmer, butcher,builder ect have english names while the higher skilled and higher paid jobs have french names, tailor, lawyer ect ect.

Most words from our law system are also french, Attorney General, Solisitor, Judge, Jury. Attorney general even reflects the french way of wording.

For Hundreds of years the english nobility didnt call themselves English, as most people already know. But even moreoutragously they didnt even speak english, they prefered to use the purer languages, such as french or in King George I's case German. Most of the words we use for the aristocracys titles are french such as Count, Countess, Viscount, Baron, Baroness ect. But surprisingly the words for King and Queen are English. So surprisingly our mothertonuge survived, even though it was a language of pesants and slaves!

Stuff about my work:

Oh and i have a story which i am writing with hottyjessy. the penname is "third class leper". we're alternating chapters, i wrote the intro and hottyjessy wrote the second, and so on and so forth... that is the only story ill ever even ask u to review! ok please, were desperate, coz only her and i have reviewd it. were so sad :)

. (Random facts on English Language)

If your wondering about Love Boat Captain it was just a story for my friend and i dont really like it. Well the first chapter anyway. I dunno if i should keep going with it or not coz its not a very promising start.

Well onto some rather grim buisness(lol)if you had seenwhat i had written before 1/11/05 you may have seen"The Avenger" . I didnt think anyone would miss it much and it wasnt very good. I guess the worlds not ready for Andrew Marshall just yet... BUT if you want to read it email me. Doubt anyone really will but hey its nice to know your options are always open.

Shimmer or to shine is the newy, everyone seemed to like it, in all honesty ijust like writing the intros to storys. I can make people cry if i write them letters, just ask hottyjessy.

The other two storys "Ballerina" and "Fix you" are ok. I personally prefere Ballerina because there isnt much actual ballet or terms or anything but the guys will obsesd with her and so is the prince and she is quite oblivious to it all. haha shes exeptionally smart yet dumb enough not to recognise obsessive love.


Until next time my friends...


The Pearl Walrus

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