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Author has written 11 stories for Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, Neverwinter Nights, and Dragon Age.


Welcome to my own little corner of, a place where you can find a few works of my imagination to enjoy.

About me:

Writing is a hobby that I've come to enjoy quite a bit over the course of my life. It has allowed me to share wonderful tales with wonderful friends and, above all, it has been an excellent outlet to rid myself of sleepless nights.

Unfortunately, I do not nearly update or post as often as I would like. Though I'm trying to be better. I promised my muses I wouldn't neglect them anymore.

General Disclaimer:

Its, therefore a great deal of the characters within my stories I don't own. If you've seen the movies or played the games, you'll know who it is that I've made up and who is the original property of Lucas Arts, Bioware, Obsidian, Disney, etc. I don't own their characters, I simply co-own a poor privateer, a naughty paladin, a paragon of the System's Alliance, a young upstart from Highever, a self-loathing spirit healer, the alter-ego of a Sith Lord and her moody friend's persona. Some of those characters (and their families/crew) are mine (it is quite obvious) so if you ever have the strange notion that you like them and want to use them, just drop me a line and let me know.

Current Projects: *Update as of 6/19/12: Oh god why did I go to law school? Very, very slow progress*

Trovommi Amor - Dragon Age: Origins & Awakenings, a post-game (AU) story featuring the long winded courtship of Loghain and the lovely Grey Warden (though the story by no means stops there). Trovommi Amor spans from 8:99 Blessed to 9:60 Dragon and beyond, and features an ensemble cast of characters from both Ferelden's past (Maric & Rowan), present (Empress Celene I, Fergus Cousland & Teagan Guerrin), and future (The Champion of Kirkwall & Carver Hawke). It travels through the heartland of Ferelden, the decadent city of Val Royeaux, the Grey Warden capital of Weisshaupt, and the shining city of Starkhaven. And it is also, if nothing else, a great way to spend a boring night. ;) The story unfolds, for the most part, in three-part story arcs, which are then broken up by stand-alone interludes. However, while the interludes are often more historic and character-centric, those themes, characters, and information found within them do crop up in later chapters. There's a method to the madness!

Worth - Dragon Age II, focusing on a k!meme prompt about Hero!Sebastian and a Damsel!In!Distress!Hawke. Features an ensemble cast and fits about a decade later into Trovommi Amor's current storyline. If you want to know the important plot details that take place between where Worth begins and Trovommi Amor is now, just PM me!

Future Projects: None

Revisions: None

Completed Projects:Shadows From the Fire, A Step Away: Section 1, Quirks, Similarities and Differences, Discipline, Idyll and Other Works, The Nar'Shaddaa Massacre, Inevitable Grey

Suspended Works: The Truth Behind the Rules (I lost the beloved buzz!); A Step Away (I found all my notes, but due to KotOR: TSL I can't complete the fic even if I wanted to.); Moon Over Shanxi (QQ, got a couple of chapters written, but my Turian fanservice bug just sorta died on me.)

Fan Art and Collaborations

Trovommi Amor

Trovommi Amor Fanmix is here (updated to Chapter 30):

My beta has been Lady Winde ( ) for the last lifetime, and every so often we put our heads together and dream up amazing stories and ideas. She's also the most amazing artist ever, and I always think I'm blessed when she lends her artistic talents to things that I'm working on. Which she did.

- The Warden (Current avatar Image):

- Alternate Interlude IV Ending:

- Loghain Dreaming:

- Tempting Tahirah:

- The Lady and Riordan:

- Her Imperial Highness:

- Vidar of Hossberg:

Warden in Ascentia (Young Aurora - courtesy of my handsome boyfriend):


- "Maker, no!" cried Sebastian:

- Title:

- Chapter 3:

- Chapter 10:

- Chapter 19 A:

- Chapter 19 B:

The Grey Tales

- Cowritten with Gene Dark and Shakespira!

- Link to the story!

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