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Author has written 10 stories for Danger Mouse, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

This account was originally started to archive my Danger Mouse fanfiction. While the stories are still here, I no longer actively work on fanfiction for the show/continuity. I might return to it one day, and I do have a few stories in mind, but at the moment, DM fanfic is currently on indefinite hiatus for me. If anything, I let those related stories serve as a trial and error of mistakes - my original character(s) seem to be a little bit too perfect or have everything fall into their lap it would seem...

However, I am working on a series of fanfiction (both primarily and loosely based) on the game world of Sonic the Hedgehog. I am a very avid Sonic fan who does both fanfiction and art, so I am trying to catch up on the fanfiction part as I have artwork down flat. And for those particularly interested in romance between Sonic characters (a concept that the games generally overlook save the exception of Amy's overall display of affection towards Sonic), I will have a lot of romance between both established game characters, those of my own creation, and a brief mixture of original and established.

Pairings you have to look forward to are as follows:

1. Sonic and Amy (Sonamy): For most of the stories from the general between period of 'Return to Aquatic Ruins' and onward, they will be an established couple in the stories. I also plan on writing a well written, well thought out lemon or so concerning their relationship.

2. Rouge and Knuckles: She's a jewel thief and he's the protector of a all powerful and mighty emerald. What's not to love about a opposites attract pairing? Very, very jokingly I might add, as I think the hints to that relationship in the games has gone south since Heroes/Sonic the Hedgehog '06 (Next Gen).

3. Cream and Tails: I'm a bit iffy about that one, given the present momentum of the storyline. I could see how this would work in theory as they have similiarities with one another (he uses tails to fly, she utilizes her ears), but outside of that, and the fact that they're simply a bit too young for the type of 'relationship' most Sonic fanfic writers lean towards, I'm not even going to bother with that one outside of having somewhat of maybe a brother/sister type relationship or even a kindergarten crush.

4. Shadow and Aozora: This will be a brief relationship. When originally created, I felt Aozora was just right for Shadow. And now, almost 4 years after her initial creation, it's a bit apparent that she's nothing but a Mary Sue type and needs to be removed in as meaningful a way as possible. Deus ex machina style.

And now for a pairing or so that won't be in the main continuity and will most likely be for one shot or multi-chapter romance fics:

1:Sonic and Shadow (Sonadow Shadonic, etc.): I like the idea of rivals in love. So it's worth a shot. This also applies to Knuckles and Sonic.

2. Shadow and Amy (Shadamy): The prospect of such a relationship is interesting. One party wants to love and be loved by someone who doesn't openly want or wish to do the same, while the other either doesn't know about the concept of love or needs to be loved.

The updating period between stories may vary, depending upon my overall mood and how much work I have to do in my regular life. But I definitely hope to have regular updates once again and to keep the reader interested in my stories.

I hope you enjoy them. :3

Future Stories/ Stories in Progress:

1.Secret Affair: Chapter 23 is now up!! Final Chapter & Epilogue in the initial planning stages. Please read and review!.

2. Untitled Secret Affair sequel: The actions of two characters and the ramifications that come with it have adverse effects on the relationships with those they care for most. This is merely in the planning stage, and not a 100% guarantee that it will see the light of day.

2. Any random one shot lemons that come to mind.

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