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Hello! Jolteon here!

(I was previously Yogy2404, so I will adapt this profile for the other one)

I'm a fan of Pokemon, as you can imagine. Also I love THG and Shingeki no Kyojin! I'm from Costa Rica, so my first language is actually spanish. Well, that is all for now.

This is the form I will use for my SYOTS


Process: 36 Chapters

Arena: Aztec jungle

Tributes: 1/24 alive

Victor: Fabian Rouvin, District 2

Current Chapter: Epilogue: The Victor's chant


Process: 1 Chapter


Tributes: 24/24 alive


Current Chapter: Prologue


Name of the tribute (something unique):

Age of the tribute (not all have to be 17-18):

Gender of the tribute (any gender):

District of the tribute:
Preferred: -
2nd Choice: -
3rd Choice: -

Backstory (at least, 3 lines. Please detail as much as possible):

Appearance (as detail as possible please):

Reason why it was chosen:

Reaction when chosen (a real reaction):

Family members and friends (name and age at least, if you want to add the background with these ones, I will appreciate it): -

Weapon of choice (not only swords please):

Score with the Gamemakers (be realistic, I will take it into consideration at the moment of writting the chapter):

3 strengths (not only “strong”, “fast”. Try to detail): -

2 weaknesses (again, not only “slow”, “weak”, etc): -

A fear (everyone has fears. Please write down the reason of the fear):

Parade outfit option (try to imagine something, I will take it in consideration at the time of writing the chapter):

Interview point of view (as detailed as possible, I will take it in consideration at the time when I write the chapter):


18th D1M: Sam Enfield, 18 years

21st D1F: Alexandria Enfield, 14 years

Victor D2M: Fabian Rouvin, 16 years

12ve D2F: Faustina Rouvin, 18 years

13th D3M: James Gadge, 12 years

2nd D3F: Lani Gadge, 17 years

14th D4M: Ken Carr, 18 years

5th D4F: Cassie Carr, 15 years

6th D5M: Jake Tech, 17 years

15th D5F: Sarah Tech, 18 years

4th D6M: Cane Zubin, 18 years

11th D6F: Finola "Finn" Zubin, 16 years

16th D7M: Orion Dormisti, 16 years

22nd D7F: Folia Dormisti, 12 years

20th D8M: Bronson Daniels, 16 years

9th D8F: Rashima Daniels, 17 years

3rd D9M: Wolf Willows, 17 years

8th D9F: Wren Willows, 17 years

10th D10M: Barret Walcott, 16 years

17th D10F: Carol Walcott, 15 years

7th D11M: Brock Wellows, 18 years

24th D11F: Amani Wellows, 14 years

19th D12M: Henry Lundry, 15 years

23rd D12F: Catrice Lundry, 12 years




D2M: Antonius Montserrat, 18 years





D4F: Naida Glendover, 15 years






D7F: Wilda Aspen, 17 years




D9F: Gliese Silago, 16 years




D11F: Sierra Hayfields, 17 years




Atlas Geo, 18 years old, District 2 - 24 to Live: 24th Hunger Games, SexyBomBom

Atlas is the Victor that lose the game. His revenge of Zeus' death was fulfilled, however his hearth is now broken for the siblings of District 1. Lavina and Consus will live for ever in his hearth and soul.

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Database by SexyBonBon
5 Games, 120 Tributes, 120 different stories, 2 victors, and counting. All told here.
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