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Hello there! I'm a huge Broadway/Anime/Manga fan. I love Next to Normal, Hair, In the Heights, Jersey Boys, Spring Awakening, Les Miserables, Wicked, Into the Woods, Rent, and a WHOLE lot more Broadway! I act/sing in theatre, as well. My favorite roles were Joanne in Rent (I'm not black though... color-blind casting XD ), Fantine in Les Miserables, Amalia in She Loves Me, and Baker's Wife in Into the Woods. My favorite Anime/Manga are Fullmetal Alchemist, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, Trigun, DNAngel, and Saiyuki. I LOVE Kingdom Hearts, 2 more than 1, and I am quite the slash fan. (AkuDemy!). I am a HUGE Doctor Who fanatic, though I've only just started watching the originals. I feel like I have to though, since I love the modern revival so much (Eccelston, Tennant, and Smith FTW), but I can't call myself an honest fanatic unless I know Baker, Pertwee, Hartnell, Davison, etc. I also love The Tenth Kingdom, General Hospital, One Life to Live, Hana Yori Dango, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lord of the Rings, Mad Men, and Harry Potter. I love My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco, but my favorite will always be The Beatles. I love Pink Floyd as well. Simon and Garfunkel, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Jack Johnson, The Who, Michael Buble... I like a wide range of music. And my guilty pleasure would have to be bandom fics. You can just call me whichever any one of my names: Mollie (real) or Burton (rp).

Age: 19 (as of March 31st 2010)

Grade: College Freshman

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5' 1''

Born: Orlando, FL (yes, by Disney.)

Currently: New York City (Marymount Manhattan College)

Favorite pairings for favorite kinds of fics:







Doctor Who

Honestly, I like a lot of pairings here. But I'm a sucker for Doctor/Rose.

I love crossovers for DW more than anything, especially HPXDW.

Spring Awakening


Harry Potter


Kingdom Hearts


Verbotene Liebe


The Tenth Kingdom


General Hospital



Host Club







I am

the girl kicked out of her home because I confided in my mother that I am a lesbian.
I am the prostitute working the streets because nobody will hire a transsexual woman.
I am the sister who holds her gay brother tight through the painful, tear-filled nights.
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I am the man who died alone in the hospital because they would not let my partner of twenty-seven years into the room.
I am the foster child who wakes up with nightmares of being taken away from the two fathers who are the only loving family I have ever had. I wish they could adopt me.
I am one of the lucky ones, I guess. I survived the attack that left me in a coma for three weeks, and in another year I will probably be able to walk again.
I am not one of the lucky ones. I killed myself just weeks before graduating high school. It was simply too much to bear.
We are the couple who had the realtor hang up on us when she found out we wanted to rent a one-bedroom for two men.
I am the person who never knows which bathroom I should use if I want to avoid getting the management called on me.

I am the mother who is not allowed to even visit the children I bore, nursed, and raised. The court says I am an unfit mother because I now live with another woman.
I am the domestic-violence survivor who found the support system grow suddenly cold and distant when they found out my abusive partner is also a woman.
I am the domestic-violence survivor who has no support system to turn to because I am male.
I am the father who has never hugged his son because I grew up afraid to show affection to other men.
I am the home-economics teacher who always wanted to teach gym until someone told me that only lesbians do that.
I am the man who died when the paramedics stopped treating me as soon as they realized I was transsexual.
I am the person who feels guilty because I think I could be a much better person if I didn’t have to always deal with society hating me.
I am the man who stopped attending church, not because I don't believe, but because they closed their doors to my kind.
I am the person who has to hide what this world needs most, love.

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If you hate stereotypes, put this on your profile. Feel free to BOLD the ones you are.

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