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Author has written 4 stories for Harry Potter, and John Doe.

I'm a Harry Potter fan, devoted H/G, R/H shipper and occasionally I write something, when my muse decides to privilage me with some inspiration. Please review after reading, since my muse is more giving when her ego is all blown up from compliments... ;-) And check out my favorites, they are much better, in my opinion. Maybe if we bombard them all with reviews, they'll post more often?

And remember, in the words of Laurell K. Hamilton in "The Laughing Corpse": "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."

Update! Hello, all, it seems I haven't written anything in...a year an a half! Can it have been so long? I'd like to get back on track, but it seems college is a bit harder than I expected. :-p So, for now, enjoy these little fics of the past. I'll even offer a summary for those skimming through.

I Like You, I Love You, I Hate You: My first (officially posted, not written) fanfiction, actually a series of connected short stories. Silly, fluffy, shippy, and fun. There's an outline floating around somewhere for a very angsty sequel (I was playing with both extremes at the time) but that may never be written, because of its rather complicated set up (I was also playing with dangerous as playing with fire to a new writer).

You Don't Know Me: My second (and probably least favorite, as well as least popular) fanfiction, a stream-of-consciousness writing in a narration style I thought would be cool (but I got a bit carried away...). I thought about unposting it, but what the hey, everyone's got bad fanfictions in the past. At least I can be proud of mine! Anyway, in short, it'sa series of unsent letters Ginny wrote to Harry over the years.

The Dance: This was going to be my longest, epic-est, favorite-est fanfic, that I'd been ploting out for many years before starting to post it. Unfortunately, I hit a snag partway through, and when I stopped for some major rewriting, book 5 came out and crushed all my hopes and dreams. A MWPP/L fic, it would have chronicaled their whole Hogwarts lives and perhaps gone up to that fateful night where it all ended...or started...with lots of shippiness and sub-plots along the way, encompassing as many theories and styles as I could into one synthesis. Maybe, when everything settles down a bit here, I'll post some more of it, just for nostalgia's sake. I have no plans of re-writing it to fit current canon, as that would destroy the story I imagined, anyway.

Theresa: Actually, a fanfic for a short-lived TV show called JOHN DOE, written a few weeks before the last episode (for the fans, roughly between the episodes Shock to the System and Remote Control, taking place slightly before that) in which John Doe, as usual, comes very close to finding out about his past, but fails. I tried hard to write like an actual episode of the series, and I am very proud of how it came out, but the style was so exhausting I gave up all plans to continue JD fanfiction.

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