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Name: Sammari

Nicknames: Tempest, Temp, Blizzy, Blizz, Johnny (Angel), Marine, Blue, Agent Black, Gloves, Sour-puss, Sam Skittles/Sam Cheetos, Yuriy, "Hey Yu", Blue Muffin, Mari, Cyborg, "..." (no, seriously, someone called me that for awhile), and Russian Blood Pop (my personal favourite XD).

Age: 16, yeah

Sex: Female

Location: ... What are you gonna do? Stalk me? D: I'll give you a hint: I'm on land.

Ethnicity: Russian/Polish

Likes: Writing, being me, drawing, doodling, castles, role-playing, archaeological stuff, playing video games, yaio/shounen-ai, yuri/shoujo-ai, SHARKS!, reading, my crazy friends, computers, snow and ice, storms, winter, history, not being cooped up against will, large areas to work or spread out, and quiet places. Library's are very nice... so quiet...and they have manga books... just they usual have random volumes of the manga books... -_-

Dislikes: School, graduation tests/semester exams, tests in general, extremely hot weather, loud noises/people, preps, not having a lot to do, running out of paper (it actually happens quite frequently- you'd be surprised), clowns (EVIL I SAY), roller coasters, racists/sexists/etc, oceans or water I can't see the bottom of, and getting markers all over everything... (It happens more than you'd think.)

Can Speak: English and French, and very small bits of Spanish. Feel free to talk to me in any of them~

Favorite Shows/Games/Etc: Naruto, Hell Girl, Professor Layton series, Elfen Lied, Beyblade, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, Yu-Gi-Oh! (original only), Tales of Symphonia, Tales of the Abyss, Fruits Basket, Franken Fran, Shinzo, Sherlock Holmes series, Parasyte, Yu Yu Hakusho, Ouran High School Host Club.

Favorite Quote of the Moment: "I pull the trigger, the gun goes off. The beach gets bloody and you get dead. "

Supported Couples: Favorites are underlined.

Beyblade: Rei/Mystel, Hitoshi/Brooklyn,Takao/Max, Kiki/Jusuf (Two short, fanged, green-haired midgets? C'mon, feel the love!), Yuriy/Brooklyn (Again with the crack pairing), Kai/Hitoshi or Hitoshi/Kai (why not? Seriously?), Hitoshi/Rei (There's a lot of hints between them in the manga, not so much in the show), Garland/Mystel, Kai/Brooklyn, Garland/Yuriy, and Kai/Tala.

Naruto: Naruto/Sasuke, Sasori/Deidara, Naruto/Gaara, Sasuke/Hinata(the only girl I like with him), Naruto/Hinata, Sasuke/Gaara (my current favourite! x3), Kiba/Gaara (haha, that one has a story behind it, though), Lee/Gaara, Sasori/Gaara (it's extremely unpopular and commonly overlooked, but I think it could have potential), Shino/Hinata, Haku/Sasuke (read it somewhere and I never considered it until now; it's cute!), Pein/Konan.

Shinzo: Saago/Mushra, Mushra/Estee (You don't get too much of this pairing, but you know, it's plausible) and... ... no, that's it. Sad, huh? What much else can you do, though?

Tales of Symphonia: Zelos/Lloyd, Genis/Presea, Kratos/Zelos or Zelos/Kratos (Not my favorite, but it's okay), Mithos/Genis or Genis/Mithos, Zelos/Sheena, Kratos/Anna, and Yuan/Kratos.

Ouran Host Club: Tamaki/Haruhi, Kyouya/Tamaki (it's not bad P: ), Mori/Honey, Hikaru/Kaoru (Twincest FTW! xD), Kyouya/Kaoru ... I'm really fairly open to pairings when it comes to this anime XD

Favorite CROSSOVER/Crack!CROSSOVER pairings: Ed/Tala (Heavy metal!), Itachi/Tala (they're such pretty boys, don't cha think?), Marik/Mystel ("SandyMen"?), Itachi/Mariah, Gaara/Mystel (Li'l desert boys! -giggle-), Brooklyn/Naruto (Depressed Swingers UNITE! ... tomorrow ...), Gaara/Tala, and Kakashi/Jigglypuff... What? ... I'M SERIOUS! ... STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT! o_o;; -waves a wooden sign at you, while backing up-

Non-Supported Couples: Most disliked (read that: disliked, not hated) are underlined.

Beyblade: Takao/Hiromi, Kai/Hiromi (-shudder-), Kai/Takao, Brooklyn/Ming Ming, Kai/Minami, Michael/Emily, and Rei/Mao (I don't care if it happens in the manga, I don't like it... their daughter's adorable though).

Naruto: Sasuke/Sakura, Sasuke/Ino, Kankuro/Shino, Kakashi/Sasuke, Any Akatsuki Member/Hinata (they'd kill the poor girl!), Any Akatsuki Member/Sakura, Iruka/Naruto (... ... this has its stems... ...), Orochimaru/Sasuke, Gaara/Sakura, and Gaara/Matsuri.

Shinzo: Mushra/Binka, Mushrambo/Yakumo, Saago/Yakumo, Mushra/Yakumo (I just really don't like Yakumo, okay?) and anything involving Kutahl just seems ... wrong to me ...

Tales of Symphonia: Lloyd/Colette (I wish Colette did die...), Lloyd/Sheena, Regal/Presea, Raine/Lloyd, Kratos/Lloyd, and Kratos/Raine.

Ouran Host Club: Tamaki/Eclair, Kaoru/Haruhi and Hikaru/Haruhi... and that's it? Well, same applies as last time with pairings. I really don't hate any pairing for this anime, just slightly dislike...

I mean no offense to anyone who likes these pairings. I have my opinion and you have yours. I respect yours, so let's see if you respect mine.

Fav Characters: Favorites are underlined.

Naruto: Gaara, Sasuke (yes, still... somehow), Shino, Dosu, Neji, Madara (different than Tobi, or no? Hmmm), Kabuto, All of the Akatsuki crew (yes, all of them), Haku, Kin, Zaku, Juugo, Suigetsu, Sakon, Ukon, Tayuya (I just really love the sound nins-- can't ya tell? -laughs- ), TenTen (even if she has no character depth), Shikamaru, Hinata, Karin, and Tsunade.

Beyblade: Yuriy, Boris, Hitoshi, Mathilda, Max (wow, the ONLY main character that I don't loathe...), Kain, Mystel, Johnny, Sergei, Mariam, Olivier, Ivan, Kiki, and Jusuf.

Tales of Symphonia: Presea, Zelos, Yuan, Corrine (I was SO sad when he died!) Kratos, Celsius, and Sheena.

Shinzo: Mushra, Binka (she is so cool; yay bazookas! XD), and Saago.

Ouran Host Club: Kaoru, Hikaru, Honey, Mori, Tamaki, Kyouya, Haruhi, Nekozawa, Kirimi, Mei, Renge ... I really don't hate any of them xD They're too hilarious to hate!

Least fav. Characters: Most disliked (read that: disliked, not hated) are underlined.

Naruto: Konohamaru (...),Ino, Moegi, Matsuri(...), Orochimaru, Gai, Yamato, and Mizuki (after that last episode I saw with him in it ... oh my god).

Beyblade: KAI (Yes! You heard me right!), Brooklyn, Hiromi ( I can tolerate her), Ming Ming (I can stand her, too), Gao, and Rei (... Meh, I just hate him).

Tales of Symphonia: Colette, Regal (him and his stupid man-bra), Chocolat (stupid minor characters ...), and Alicia.

Shinzo: Kutahl and Yakumo (You do NOT know how happy I was when she died ... ).

Ouran Host Club: Uhm ... Eclair, I don't like ... Erm, Shiro? I don't like Tamaki's grandmother or Kyouya's father, either ... I think that's it, honestly .. xD; I just can't hate anyone in this!

I mean no offense to anyone who likes these characters. I have my opinion and you have yours. I respect yours, so let's see if you respect mine.

Up Coming Stories to Look Out For:

Beyblade Fics:

(Humor/Parody; T) Ivan, Kai (the firebird), and the Red (Not Gray) Wolf:

Kai was a firebird who kept stealing the Tsar's (golden) apples! Oh noes! Boris, the tsar, is in an outrage! Will Ivan be able to stop the bird with the help of his new-found red-not-gray-wolf friend, or will he cause too much trouble and end up screwing everything up!?

Naruto Fics:

(Various Genres, mainly Angst/Humor; T) What I'm Not... :

All of the Akatsuki members are something. However, that also means all of them aren't something. This is dedicated to what they aren't, but why we love them anyways. Each chapter (there will be nine) will have an individual storyline, so technically it's 9 one-shots in one story. All of the members will have their own individual-isms addressed. Some humorous, others aren't. First Chapter: Is The Leader. I've got the first chapter done, but only god knows when I'll get the other 9 or so finished...

(Humor/Romance; T) He Loves Me, He Loves Me Too:

It's the normal type of high school life, you know? He has girl problems (or rather guy problems to be more specific), trouble with math, a best friend who grudgingly helps him, and normal family issues. What he doesn't need is a love pentagon! New faces show up, confessions are surfaced, and emotions unwind in what Naruto Uzumaki is determined to classify as "anything but an ordinary high school year"! AU, many MANY pairings and one-sided feelings. Main is NaruGaa/GaaNaru, with Sasu/Gaa being prominent for awhile.

(Romance/Humor; T) Hung-over On You:

SEQUEL TO "DRUNK ON YOU." Naruto had woken up that morning, on the floor ... with another boy? WHAT ... wait, no, it's only Sasuke. Yeah, only. Right. Unfortunately, though the Kyuubi seemed to quell a lot of the toxic alcohol the night before, Naruto's woke up with a demonic hang-over (pun intended), and he is NOT happy about it-- and frankly, neither is Sasuke ... considering he has to take care of him, now. SasuNaru.

Ouran Fics:

(Romance/Drama; T) Mirror, Mirror, Staring Back

While one world goes crashing down, the other is soon to follow suit-- after all, when one half dies, so does the other. When the twins get into a heated dispute, neither side faking the anger, things escalate and the fights no longer solely involve Hikaru and Kaoru. When the Host Club is forced to shut down due to the Hitachiin brother's behavior, what will happen then? It was an irredeemable mishap ... and it was that one mistake that Hikaru made, the one thing he said, that caused a domino-effect on not only his relationship with Kaoru, but the entire balance of the Host Club itself. It seems that the mirror between them finally broke. NOT Twincest, sorry-- it's just friendship. Suggestions of Tamaki/Haruhi and Honey/Mori.

Thoughts on Stories (Already Posted):

The Rules of Naruto-

This WAS going along at a nice, smooth pace, though I've been hitting more and more bumps lately. I finally hit my 500 goal, so whoo-hoo! Although I can't seem to get the next hundred up, I'm just having too much trouble. I wouldn't expect anymore out of this, unfortunately :/

Does That Scream Romance to You?-

One of the newer things popped up onto my array of fics. It's been halted, just because I need to think of some good pairings and scenes ... and I'm really not into Naruto much any more, so that's a huge issue to address.Probably halted and discontinued.

Drunk on You-

Also known as D.O.Y! I actually really like this. I thought it was cute, and I personally really like NaruSasu. Either way though, there's not much to this one, but it's a cute little Drunken!Naruto and uke!Sasuke story... not a lemon, sorry -laugh- I was surprised (and still am!) with how well-received this became... It's my most popular story, favorite wise (and CC wise, too). Probably because Naru/Sasu or Sasu/Naru is a popular pairing.

Memorable Quotes:

"Yeah, true... Bryan is very seductive." ~ Marybeth
"...-stares for a minute, looking slightly disturbed-" ~ Me
"... What?" ~ Marybeth
" .. Nox... you DID mean "sadistic" right...?" ~ Me
"... OHSHIT! -covers face- YES! YES! I MEAN SADISTIC!!" ~ Marybeth
"-laughing hard, everyone at the hay-ride line now staring at us-" ~ Me

"I swear! It was on the other ear!" ~ Bri
"Brooklyn does not switch ear piercings!" ~ Me

"You know, you guys need really fancy hoodies with your names on 'em! And they can say "Power Of the Pen...WE WILL ERASE YOU!" ~ My Mum

"My only comment is...'What...the hell...?'" ~ Me

"Lip balm is actually pretty good. I sometimes take my sister's Smackers strawberry lip balm just to lick it!" ~ Petra
"... ? -stare-" ~ Bri, Katie, Me
"Bri, what's lip balm made out of?" ~ Me
"Uhhh, I think it used to be made out of beeswax." ~ Bri
"Oohh... so the old saying 'Mind your own beeswax' is codename for: DON'T EAT MY LIP BALM!"~ Me

"Grass must be rusty. It's so green! It used to be penny-coloured..." ~ Allyson

"The random fact of the week has become the random fact of ... what? 2 years?" ~ Petra

"Yeah, Sam, you're sensey!" ~ Chris


"I am the Popsicle Alchemist!! FUN FROZEN TREATS FOR ALL!! -throws popsicle at people- " ~ Me

"The school clocks are on crack!" ~ Chris

"I am currently deading underground." ~ Me

"It was like the straw that broke the camel's back-- No, wait. It was the straw that you set on the camel that made it turn around and go 'WHAT THE HELL?! I MEAN SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE HELL, MAN!? DO I HONESTLY LOOK LIKE I CAN CARRY ANYMORE SHIT!?' ... but I digress." ~ Me

-while watching an infomercial...-
"Turn your can into a bottle!!" ~ Bri
"It's called putting it into a cup." ~ Me
"Because you can't go get a bottle!!" ~ Bri
" -laughs- Screwie people!" ~ Bri

"... Your panda broke my glasses." ~ I don't remember

"I'm sorry, I just draw the line at you eating my bookmark." ~ Me

In which she signs off -


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